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320wde_IchBinEinKultFuhrer I see little to no difference in what occurred decades ago in Germany (and as quoted in what follows) from what is being again attempted today in the United States by a comparable Cult-politic from the Democrats, with Barack Obama as “leader” of that Cult. Note that the word, “leader” in German translates as “fuhrer”.

Barack Obama is being frequently referred to, by the Left, formally and casually, in context of public and private ceremonies as “messiah,” “savior,” “the one”, with numerous graphics included by the Left in public venues presenting Obama in radiant or “glorious” poses pushing similar, associated messages; and, our nation’s youth are often asked by instructors to dedicate themselves to “Barack Obama” and even to sing songs replacing the name of the United States and “Jesus Christ” with “Barack Obama” and other similar, disgusting, outrageous acts.

Note that the German Socialists instructed Germany’s youth to praise Hitler, including referring to him as “Lord” and “Savior” and otherwise, supreme leader. Occultism and occult dedications to the human-leader-as-supreme replaced statements of Christian and Jewish theology. Which is the same thing being done today in the U.S. by the Obama/Democrat-Left.

The Democrats are working feverishly to deny that who they’ve elected — Obama — actually IS a Socialist, that what they are attempting in the United States IS Socialism; yet, there is little to doubt about both of that when the behaviors, statements made (and goals) by the Democrats at present are observed.

One example seen today is the U.S. Department of Education under intense Socialist-Democrat control by way of unions — a clearly Socialist process and organizational structure — indoctrinating our nation’s youth in extremely troublesome methods, shaping their psychology or attempting to in similar methods as to what follows, what occurred in Germany beginning in the 1930’s.

And this is but one area realistically identified that has succumbed to Socialism and the awful demands of the Cult of Personality ascribed to Barack Obama.

What follows is the story of good and decent people who were, in their mid-childhood, grossly and intentionally exploited by a corrupt, disgusting politic and by that, also corrupted into joining as active participants with that wretched politic.

Dot-Black-SML Key portions of five videos — “Hitler’s Children: Seduction, Sequence 1 – 5” — are quoted, as follows:

Dot-Black-SML Sequence 1

The new Germany was to be forged in an organization where boys and girls were to dedicate their lives to Hitler; this movement was the Hitler Youth.

Former member of Hitler Youth testifies from present day:
“We suddenly felt different than before; we were important and had a mission.”

“Even though we were only fourteen, we swore to give our lives to the Fuhrer, the people and the fatherland.”

Even in the kindergarten, they were taught racial theory.

The Hitler Youth Movement charmed Germany’s children and seduced them to it’s cause.

They learned total devotion to Hitler and ultimately would be asked to sacrifice everything for their master.

…throughout the 1920’s, the Hitler Youth were branded as street brawlers and vandals; it was only as the Nazis struggled for electoral success at the end of the decade that they began to develop into a serious force.

Dot-Black-SML Sequence 2

Former member of Hitler Youth testifies from present day:
“We were a new generation, a generation that would one day rule a new Germany.”

“I was looking for comradeship, for friendship, for something to do. Most of all I was looking for recognition and I found it there.”

“We felt more at ease in the group…than we did with our parents.”

“They said of anyone who wasn’t a member, ‘he’s not one of us, he’s an outcast, he doesn’t fit into the greater German Reich’.”

Hitler Youth leaders realized the importance of keeping their young recruits busy; there was a set program every weekend.

But there was a more sinister motive ot the Hitler Youth activities: this was the start of a military training program.

Aggression was encouraged.

(Note: Barack Obama to his followers: “get in their faces” to promote Obama’s candidacy and his politics; note that ACORN/SEIU and other associated political/social groups propping-up Obama – the Obama “helpers” – have been instructed to go door-to-door among American citizens, “knock on their doors” and, among many other awful instructions, to “take their names” and “report them” to…the Obama White House.)

What did Hitler say a German boy must be?

Hitler speaks:
“swift as a greyhound, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel.”

Hitler again speaks:
“We must create a new type of person.”

Background singing while Youth sit together:
“And if you are rebuked by the old, just let them bellow and scold.”

Dot-Black-SML Sequence 3

Propaganda films…encouraged the Cult of Youth.

Former member of Hitler Youth testifies from present day:
“Rebelliousness was exploited by the Hitler Youth and used for the purposes of the Third Reich. We rebelled against the whole world. The whole of the Third Reich was a rebellion, against the civilized, humane world.”

Youth in large group singing:
“We are the fighters of the National Socialist Party…”

Narrator continues:
The number of meetings and activities expanded to fill their free time and allow them no respite from Nazi thinking.”

Speaker leading Youth group at rally:
“The youth will someday break slavery chains that lie within Germany…tonight we renew our oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer and his ideas. Sieg Heil.”

Former member of Hitler Youth testifies from present day:
“I’m sorry to have to admit that I was ashamed of my father because he wanted nothing to do with National Socialism.”

“But in many homes, parents were happy to see their sons become diligent Nazi peoples.”

“The regime ensured that children repeatedly heard a simple yet seductive message: ‘THEY were Germany’s future.’

“The concept of youth was idolized.”

Hitler lectures with noticeable emotion breaking his voice:
“One day you will be Germany’s future because one day you will be Germany. You will be our nation. Rather than being our hope, you must be the fulfillment of all that we hope for.”

Former member comments (about that lecture from Hitler) in present day:
“‘YOU are, the YOUNG are, old people have no idea, they’re past it, they’ve had their day,’ young people love to hear that kind of thing.”

By 1935, the Nazis had charmed 4 million young Germans into joining the Hitler Youth, half the nation’s children. It was now time to forcefully recruit the rest.

Hitler presents himself at “biggest youth rally in the world,” and says:
“Heil Youth.” The crowd of youth erupts in cheers.

Narrator continues:
The rally was an important propaganda tool in the Nazi’s policy of ‘Gleichschaltung‘ — the idea that class should be eradicated from German society; for the Nazi’s, the Hitler Youth was a shining example of ‘Gleichschaltung‘ at work.”

Nazi officer lecturing Youth at rally:
“My comrades. At your command, my Fuhrer, here stands a young generation, a generation which knows no classes and no castes.”

Narrator continues:
This imposition of uniformity meant the disposition [defined] of the German boy and destruction of his individuality.

Dot-Black-SML Sequence 4

Former member comments:
“We thought that now we could determine how society was organized. The other youth organizations were disbanded and incorporated into the Hitler Youth…if you control the streets, you control the people.”

Dot-Black-SML Sequence 5

Former Youth member says about his past from present day:
“When we were marching, we used to ball-out an unbelievably vile song: ‘hang the Jews, line the fatcats up against the wall.’ Probably not one of us stopped to think about what those words meant.”

What the boys learned in meetings was put into practice in the streets.

Former Youth member says from present day:
“Then we started marching. We came to the local bank. There was a glass case in which DER STURMER, the extreme Nazi tabloid, was displayed. Opportune leaders saw the case and roared, ‘death to Juda.’ The cry was taken up by the boys in the front and traveled down the line to me at the back. It was a crises of conscience, I couldn’t join in, I couldn’t, I just mouthed the words.

“Then something clicked. The idea came to me that ‘Juda’ was a country somewhere far away and if I said, ‘death to a country,’ I wasn’t hurting people. I joined in the shouting. It was terrible.”

“Most boys were hardened to the horror…they had learned to trust Hitler completely.”

Former Youth member:
“Faith, unconditional faith that the Fuhrer would do things right. He was represented in those days as God. Well, akin to God, and that’s how we saw him.”

Hitler Youth singing:
“Heavenly grace gave us the Fuhrer, we promise Hitler loyalty to the grave.”

Former Youth member says about Hitler:
“He was our idol. He was a demigod. I tell you quite honestly that if someone had tried to shoot Hitler, I’d have lept forward and died for him. Nowadays, I know it is madness.”

(Significance of propaganda films is emphasized here and shown how it was used to manipulate the emotions of youth.)

Former Youth member says about Hitler:
“We admired him. The shiver used to run down our spines.”

Former Youth member says about his past:
“You’re nothing, your life is worthless. You must be ready to sacrifice yourself for the flag. It was an appeal to the young that sentenced them to death. Can there be a greater crime than that? It was an appeal made to twelve and thirteen year old boys.”

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Recall here that email address created by Barack Obama by which he asked his supporters to “report” others they suspected (of various violations of what Obama deems supports his goals): “FLAG…” It was “flag AT whitehouse gov”.

Substitute proper nouns, publication titles and organization names and there is, horribly, little remaining that separates this past, dreadful psychology of political indoctrination by the Left of youth from the present by today’s Left.

We are witnessing this awful history repeated and once again, an awful Cult of Personality being recreated: but the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Addendum:

The old Sunday School children’s chorus of “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow black and white, they are precious in His sight…”

has been changed by the Obama-Left, in public schools and elsewhere, to:

‘Barack Hussein Obama – He said red, yellow, black or white, all are equal in his sight.’

Obama is not God. He should not be praised as such, nor should a song that praises Jesus be changed to praise Obama (or anyone else, particularly as to political candidates, in-office or out of them).

Obama Youth Brigade March in Formation

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded In German Socialist dominated Germany, here.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded In the U.S.A. as under Barack Obama’s dismal repetition of hideous indoctrination of the publc:

The public school in which one of these deplorable indoctrination events was captured on video (“mmm, mmm, mmm, Obama is…”), has had the video of that awful event removed from YouTube but there’s another event that’s available to view, here (update, now also removed once light’s been shown on the scum).

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