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275wde_ObamaSpeaksAtUNWithOtherDictatorrs Barack Obama stood there at the U.N. podium and denigrated all things exceptional and unique about the United States of America, even our name, the name itself of this nation, which he was notably repulsed by to such an extent, he would not even utter it, our name, the United States of America.

To Barack Obama, the U.S.A. is “(his) country” and our population are “(his) people” but he dare ne’er declare the name of the nation and us the population of it by name. No, from the U.N., Barack Obama insisted on about his, himself (I’ll recap as follows): look at meeee, it’s mine, it’s about meeee, they’re to be taught my lesson, I tell you how much I think ‘my people’ need to be reminded that they are not exceptional and why you need to unexceptionally agree with meeee, mine, it’s about me…

Though I here paraphrase, that was the emotion of the speech, that was the message, that was the shameful travesty: I am here among you, we are here, and they’re the followers, they’re the subjects, don’t inspire them to be exceptional or vere differently beyond the ordinary road to sameness, because we are here and we are special.

Obama too obviously, demonstratively appealed to the dictators in which he shared that moment and message. It was a meeting of mutuals. Ghastly.

Barack Obama is comfortable in his dictator-zone among other dictators and other dictators sure do like Barack Obama, too. In fact, from the U.N., Obama found his newest lower standard and that is, he declared his belief if not insistence that there shall be no honor for anything or anyone else (because the Lowdown Dictators can’t stand exceptionalism. Haven’t you heard? It’s all about themmmm) — the reality is there can be no dictators without that degree of amorality and troubled minds mixed in with grandiose worship of celebrity, individual celebrity, the one exception to the Rule of Nothing Exceptional: Dictators are immune to this Rule. So they expect, no, demand, that the countless, general non-exceptional focus on them and only on them, the Dictators.

Fidel Castro thinks Barack Obama is his sugar cane (for a Black man, that is — Castro is notoriously paranoid about “the Black Man” and if you wonder about that, read more about Castro’s history, his monstrous psychology that includes fears that anyone might steal his worn boxer shorts, so he has them burned daily after they’re worn by him).

Castro’s monstrous psychology also includes condemnation of anyone who may doubt or question him, or, worse, who he perceives is not grateful enough to Castro for the beans and rice, though the rice is frequently rationed. So he admires and lauds Barack Obama because Castro admires himself in Obama. It’s not a big leap to consider that Obama, then, also admires Castro (which he does) because he sees himself in Castro and the Workers Island Paradise of the Unexceptional: everyone’s the same except, of course, the Dictator and the privileged few the Dictator choses to service the Dictator’s dictatorship.

But returning to Castro’s sick-racist intellect, he is known to deem “Blacks” of lower caste than himself (who is “not Black”) — Fidel Castro joins with Jimmy Carter, as with many Leftwingers like Carter, who assign a separate caste system to “darker skinned” human beings, a sort of surprised delight when they “do well” and which they rejoice in and about (because it’s a surprise to their expectations).

In Fidel Castro’s case, his idea of skin color as to human beings long ago assumed a disgusting sick quality because, literally, Castro assumes his own kind is high-above all others and therein lies his disgusting vulnerability, read as “charm” by the hapless-some among our human population.

Barack Obama has acquired (or perhaps was “just made”) with the same bent notions of self-grandiosity that characterizes Fidel Castro: Obama self-amusingly but awfully quite seriously waxed-on this past Friday night (on Letterman’s appeasing broadcast) that he “was actually Black before the election“. Mr. Black man, racializing, Obama putting Americans down by laughing with Letterman’s obviously well planned and pre-packaged ‘question’ about “the racist” aspect present among “America” who — oh, awful — question Barack Obama’s plans and doings (must be racists if they don’t agree with Obama, the Black Man, was Letterman’s wretched implication).

Obama, the racist, responded racially. Obama, the racist, responded by being the nasty racist in the process.

Racist and evil-monger, Louis Farakhan, thinks Obama is “the One,” some savior of some sort for Farakhan’s concept of “the chosen”. Farakhan’s friend, Mr. Crazy Idiot from Africa — Moammar Khadafythinks Obama’s a new best son and Farakhan thinks Khadafy is a new King of Kings (too bad, Mohammad, Daffy Khadafy’s in The House and Khadafy thinks Obama should be “president forever).

Why is Barack Obama well liked among dictators? Because he speaks their language, Obama thinks their thoughts. Obama’s down with dictators because, like the going crowd on our planet at this moment of known dictators, Obama doesn’t respect America’s exceptionalism or believe that such should even exist: iron it flat, remove the name (it’s about him, instead), betray Allies (they just may not be all about him so best to just cut them loose). Obama is working-hardly-working but goalized nonetheless to render this place the rest of us call the United States of America into something ashamed to use it’s own name and stand-up for itself and it’s friends, a place that memorializes and adulates, instead, Barack Obama (who calls the place “his”). And the new name? One guess, but dare not use “the United States of America”.

Obama snubs America’s exceptionalism – by Nancy Thorner

President Obama’s first address to the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, Sept. 23, can only be described as a renunciation of American exceptionalism. Obama essentially gave up his nation in favor of being leader of the world when he told world leaders: “No world order that elevates one nation or groups of people over another will succeed.”

In Obama’s eyes the U.S. is tarnished, stained, immoral, and unjust, with a flawed Constitution, and no better than any other nation. (–Continued).

Mr. Obama speaks about himself, his nation, his people, his, it’s all about him, dare anyone strive to be exceptional when you have Barack Obama’s grandmaster before you.

Sorry, the man’s a whus. The United States of America is not the property of Barack Obama, it’s not owned by him or any President, it’s not his. And we Americans are not “(his) people,” we’re the individual citizens of our nation that are not owned by him or anyone else.

Obama’s ideas of what “(his) people” are is tribal, it’s ownership with him as owner, it’s some sort of cranked primitiveness that is rooted in very creepy limitations for all with exceptional but dishonorable fame — crass egoism — for the one (so Louis Farakhan’s creepy nomenclature is outed yet again as part of that creepy, primitive tribalism).

I’m all for groups and the joy of belonging one individual can experience when embraced by one’s fellows, but Obama perverts that experience. He perverts the United States of America as he has also perverted our Presidency. Long may he be removed from our midst in decades to come.

A man is known by his associates, by the company he keeps — good example of this to consider: the British Delegates present in the U.N. Assembly walked out on the vile Ahmadinejad during his use of the podium there, while Barack Obama snubs the British Prime Minister.

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