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320wde_Bear-HiAndBye Where can **I** get several hundred thousand dollars from the federal government — some of that “free money” now that no one is acknowledging the U.S. taxpayers, particularly in D.C. — for “studying” Drunken Mongolian Women? Or maybe it’s to support them, I don’t know, the Stimulus funding is a little bit fuzzy: fund them, study them, entertain them, not sure; in fact, they may not be Drunken at all or even Mongolian (or Women). It seems that the money was and is the goal by way of whatever interesting, unique request could be made, not how the money was spent once it was received or “awarded”.

A vast understatement is this:

The stimulus does include oversight and reporting requirements.

There’s this portion sent to Colorado, though it’s not stated whether or not the Drunken Mongolian Women are located there (or are to be located there) — as “allocated by the National Endowment for the Arts”:

The money is a portion of the $568,040 being distributed to 47 Colorado arts organizations in 15 counties.

But, you know, I just might’ve seen several Drunken Mongolian Women the other day. Drunken Mongolian Women, I mean, it’s a national emergency! Maybe they could use some bike helmets — might be experiencing tipping over and falling — since the free Stimulus spending paid for those, too. In fact, the troupe of Drunken Mongolian Women who I think I saw may have been wearing new bike helmets while on a nearby road admiring several of the vanity road signs plastered up on roadways, the signs that proclaim the wonders and grandeur of the Stimulus spending with help from the Department of Transportation. Wow, that Free Stimulus Money sure does work wonders, doesn’t it?

Understatement of the century:

The certification onus should be on recipients, he said. In addition, OMB should perform its own quality assessments and corrections, including matching recipient reports with Treasury Department account data. “Agencies are providing weekly reports on money obligated and paid out; recipients are reporting on what they spent,” Jennings said. “The only true verification is the Treasury figures, as they write the checks.”

A three-step check on the data should sharpen the accuracy of the spending data, including recipient certification, a lengthy review by agencies and verification with Treasury records by OMB, he added.

Officials with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, which oversees the stimulus spending, said it is critical that agencies carry out thorough quality reviews…

American taxpayers are paying for “Drunken Mongolian Women” and more bike helmets, among many other irregular if not bizarre expenditures, with nary an examination of the credibility or legitimacy of these so-called “studies” or “shovel ready jobs”. I guess it’s hard work, with shovels, studying Drunken Mongolian Women wearing bike helmets looking at vanity road signs on highways.

Thus concludes my attempt at wan humor. I didn’t enjoy it.

And if Harvard University is going to use their portion of the billions (repeating that, BILLIONS of dollars that is being doled out by the Obama Administration) to formulate more minds as badly affected as those that can be seen among “the Obama Czars” from Harvard — Cass Sunstein and John Holdren just for starters (as also Harold Koh, now lead attorney for the U.S. State Dept., who is a proponent of globalism, “international law” in application to the U.S. and Shari’a Law in the U.S., among other compromised ideas, and Koh’s a former dean of Harvard Law if one can imagine that) — well, it’s not only wasted money, it’s a wasted nation that’s paying for this.

I’m all for science, scientific research, medical research, higher learning, but, Harvard University has been shown to be vastly disappointing if not downright untoward regarding sanity and reason lately, if Obama’s Czars are average samplings from that environment. Worse, I expect that they are.

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