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320wde_American-Pie-Hole Keep in mind that Barbara Boxer (D/CA) was the individual who just two weeks ago was rattling the nation in reprimand as to why spending Stimulus money on vanity roadsigns was somehow a righteous act. And John Kerry is the guy who — just one thing here among hundreds of cowardly statements and behaviors he is guilty of — has brayed on in defense of “the most corrupt member of Congress,” John Murtha, while earlier being so nasty as to testify against the U.S. military in the most despicable terms possible. Kerry’s list of wretchedness is extensive, Boxer’s just may be, but least of all, here the two are together having spawned the latest Climate Change legislative proposition.

John Kerry, Barbara Boxer Spawn Climate Bill

The bill, still in it’s embryonic stage was concocted by the duo, at the same time another controversial bill is being debated, Health Care Reform, an initiative that Obama has declared is his baby. Undergoing an uneventful gestation period (healthcare drama kept these two from the public eye), the bill closely resembles HR2454, the House bill debated earlier in the year. One notable departure from that bill is the increase in target decreases of emissions (tongue planted firmly in cheek) from 17% to 20%. The bill, not surprisingly, mirrors the House version in that there is no formula to award the allowances or “credits” we hear so much about.

What really frosts those in this office is the money that will be required to implement the concept, which of course will be paid for by the taxpayer. Who, instead of thinking he is saving the planet, thinks, rather, that he was just subjected to a prison “date”. It is also quite frank in it’s language about job losses; they will be considerable. For what reason? Do these two feel that saving the planet is more important that creating jobs? The two who came together on this bill, will still have their Senate retirements after this demon spawn becomes law and they are immediately voted out. There aren’t many political predictions that this agency will make with certainty, but this is one we will; anyone who votes for Cap and Trade or Obama Care that is up for re-election in 2010, will probably lose their seats. But that doesn’t matter to these two progenitors, they are safe enough to continue with their late night, nine month, sweaty, exhausting wrestling matches over policy.

Most responsible persons will not entrust their children to dubious individuals such as these two, much moreso our nation. I have not the foggiest idea just how these two remain in public office but it certainly is not due to their intelligence. 320wde_QuestionTheBSfromBoxerProbably more than likely, it’s their cunning, which does not require intelligence but which does require dubious intents.

Which has nothing to do, not inherently, with intelligence. Cunning is oftentimes just the ability and intent to apply desire over reason at the expense of ethics, or, by use of dubious ethics (for example, “I want it so it’s OK whatever I do to get it” — there’s an ethic there but it’s a dishonorable ethic).

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