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The new code words of the new insurrectionista-mentally-and-spiritually-sick: “Report Health Care Dissenters” (to Barack Obama).

08-06-2009, 02:30 PM

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Re: Crack down on dissenters. Report anyone who doesn’t support Health Care here!

Quote: “Who says what behavior is dissenting or not?

Hotep responds:

Anyone who opposes President Obama’s Healthcare Plan is considered to have dissenting behavior.

And, since we know that 99% of the people who oppose our Great Black President do it just because he’s Black, we can also say it’s racist to oppose the President’s Healthcare Plan.

Therefore, if you oppose the President’s Healthcare Plan, then you are a racist and a threat to this country.

You will be dealt with accordingly!

And Hotep plasters this, his signature line, on his comments:

Support Black Nationalism
“Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary.” – Malcolm X

Let there be no shock and surprise, not any longer, when Dictators such as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Ahmadinejad, Kim Ill and the Nutty Khadafi-Daffy welcome into their fold the newer among them, Barack Obama.

But let there be much shock and horror that this nation, the United States of America, is festering and fostering such hideous illness — mentally and spiritually — that is ascribing to the intensely disturbed mentality that is evidenced in that quote above.

Report mental illness to Barack Obama. Maybe he’ll take note and get some help. For himself.

Barack Obama might begin to address the racial hatred, racial animosities and racialist reasoning that he displays as he is also aggressively inspiring if not requiring among his “followers” — but like all racists, I strongly doubt that Obama (nor “Hotep” [above]) will ever seek treatment for such.

Because Obama (as also, “Hotep,” above and others like him) preserve their social-resentments, racial generalities and negative stereotypes as blaming targets, such as “America” and “Whites” and Obama’s abandoning mother and over-indulging, profane if not, likely, perverse grandparents, those “White people” he deems to be so pejoratively “typical”: they put little Obama in the hands of the monster, the perverse, the communist, Frank Marshall Davis, and they left him there. Abandonment, anger at being abandoned, delusions of grandeur ensued.

Obama’s history begs the question, is he going about seeking relief from all that long-held infancy and childhood turmoil and betrayal? Because he sure seems to be illustrating a classic example of “a cry for help”. On hyperdrive. With desperation. With extreme anguish and emotional demands. Call that what it is: extreme emotional and/or psychological disturbance.

And among those developmental strange turns, “a cry for help” very often assumes the characteristics of that (or he or she or it) which is held blame for the trauma experienced; one so affected becomes the victimizer when one has not exorcised and fully vented the victim experience, including self-forgiveness and acceptance for having been victimized.

I think it’s very reliably stated today that Barack Obama has fully assumed the role of victimizer and is so stuck in denial of his own victimization experiences that he’s dedicated now to pursuing all those boogey men, which, in his case, he’s identified as the U.S.A., “Americans,” “white people,” “Capitalism,” “juris prudence,” “national security (aspects supporting some of those first terms),” “public exposure of his own identifiable characteristics (resentment and hostility directed toward some of those first few terms),” “Israel (ditto),” “Christ (ditto)” and anyone Allied with any of that in one combination or the other.

This country, the United States of America, is founded upon — and defined by — principles (our Rights) that include our Freedoms of Speech and Religion. That does not mean that one — anyone in this nation, citizen or not — is somehow even remotely honorable to report on their neighbors for perceived differences of race and/or adulation of personalities, in public office or out of them.

Nor is anyone supported by our Constitution in doing so, except when in the context of seeking help from law enforcement as to possible crimes. But having race (any race, being human with DNA) does not represent the process of crime, so just “reporting your neighbors” because they’re of some race you dislike or denigrate is not the act of any sane individual, nor does the Constitution honor such behavior, intention or state of mind.

The Freedom of Speech does include, for American citizens, each individual citizen’s Constitutional Right to criticize, speak about in any manner, any elected official included in our government (and including the government in general). No one is protected under our Constitution as to criminal activity or civil violations, nor, somehow excused (because of weird, strange or sick beliefs unless one is making claim to being legally insane and an appeal to the Court to be a Ward due to mental incompetence) to inflict the results and outcomes of those (whatever weird, strange or sick) beliefs on others. Except, it seems, today among the many Wacky Left who have seized upon “this Black President.”

Tell me, exactly, what IS a “Black President” and who is representing the United States of America instead?


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