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A man is known by the company he keeps.

Glenn Beck is doing an immensely wonderful job in broadcast and print media in exposing and sharing information that is being either ignored by others in media or attempted to be expunged by the Left — expunging and scrubbing sites of information once the public starts to explore that information, indicating that there’s a great deal of effort and need by Democrats to prevent exposure of a lot of information relating to the life of and beliefs maintained by Barack Obama).

Barack Obama has declared with gusto that he’s to be known by the “people who surround” him. Take a look at a partial list of the Obama Administration problematic Czars (read about them individually as much as possible before a lot of that information is removed from public access, which I anticipate will occur soon) — and that includes looking closely at now-removed “Green Jobs Czar,” Anthony Van Jones, card-carrying Communist, while the “Green Jobs” term continues to present as attempt to pass increasing Communism off as hugable — and you’ll know who Barack Obama is, per his very declaration. Note: $400 million (reported amount and a very large portion) of the Stimulus money was directed toward “Green Jobs”.

Take a look (closely) at the people uncovered in Barack Obama’s past, including those he has laid claim to as mentors: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (declared Muslim who says he’s now Christian but there’s little to nothing in the present from and about Wright that indicates any relationship with Christianity — additionally, very interesting insights, “Rev. Wright Got His Masters Degree in ‘Islam in West Africa’“). From most of Wright’s absurdly ugly and quite disgusting, profane rants “daming America,” there is little question that he has any relationship with Jesus Christ or Christian theology.

Take a close look at Frank Marshall Davis (also an avowed and dedicated Communist (scroll)). Those links with information on Davis (and therefore on Obama who was “mentored” by Davis) are very important and every concerned American citizen should read them carefully.

Take a look at who Barack Obama is by looking at the company who “surround” him.

Exposing ACORN’s corruption — done immensely well so far by Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and also as has been underway by Glenn Beck on his FOX daily broadcast — is but the tip of the complications and reality about who Barack Obama is. It’s also the tip of the complications and ill-besetting affects upon our nation about who and what ACORN is, because the involvements by those involved in that tip runs far deeper than the shopfront hooks we’ve seen so far.

For example, why place a transnationalist (Harold Koh) — as also Koh believes that the U.S. should implement Shari’a law — as lead attorney for the U.S. State Department when the U.S.A. is defined by our Constitution as a Republic (not our membership in any “transnational community”), a Republic that is free-standing, self-defining and upon which our laws are established for the governance and management of our nation. And our Constitution certainly does not declare us as a nation submitted to Shari’a law, but our own laws which the Constitution clearly declares.

Take a look at The Compleat List of Czars from Nancy Mathis at American Daughter and decide for yourself what the beliefs are of the man, Barack Obama, who placed those Czars in those positions and why.

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