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220wde_Obama-Circle-Mask *Mute* goes my television set whenever Barack Obama invades the airways, which is more often than not, daily, sometimes several times daily.

Today he’s again on television, my set goes *mute” but the text-alerts across the bottom of the screen announce Obama’s gloomy Jive Talk: we have to be the last generation…” he says.

This follows Barack Obama’s speech yesterday from Congress in which he glowered, “I am determined to be the last (President)…

Does Barack Obama realize how depressing he is? His entire messaging is laced with threats, references to ultimatums for the peaceful among our nation (not directed toward those who threaten us but directed toward “Americans” in general, those who question Obama’s ideas of being given what he wants, generally), such negativity as to indicate psychological problems by the speaker (Barack Obama). We the public witness a man fluctuating between Gloomy-Doomy and Inanity-Silly: not at all a source of inspiration.

There is context, of course, to these remarks by Barack Obama (his efforts to sell his “healthcare plan” — but even this is monstrously sick when you think about it, “healthcare” sales pitch one of such ultimatums and threats), but the overall message that is eeking through by this man is one of depression. Misleading others and having self-satisfying pursuits thwarted takes a heavy toll, particularly when it becomes apparent that there are, indeed, limits to the patience and willingness to be used by others. In the context of “healthcare,” then, it takes on profoundly monstrous dimensions: Obama’s gloom aimed and directed at others establishing boundaries that then identify his own and he’s not happy about that.

220wde_Obama-Circle-PoutWhich lends even more grave emphasis to what, exactly, Barack Obama means by “healthcare”. So the ethics implied remain dubious.

Today’s Gloom was in the context of Barack Obama appearing before “nurses” to again ask them to buy his product, the “Obama Plan” for “healthcare.” A few nurses joined in the misrepresentation — claiming Obama’s Plan “will provide health care for all” and other loosely fitted generalizations that reached to tug at the emotionally-influenced among the audience — and Obama supported them by stating he “hope(d) we are the last generation.”

Not a winning sales pitch, to say the least. But more of the ongoing effort by sales-pitcher Barack Obama on behalf of unions to wedge more for unions from the American taxpayers. Behind the Doom-Gloom and threats lies union pressure by way of coercion upon the American public in general from Barack Obama from the Presidency.

Obama’s gloomy messaging is now over for this hour — until the next broadcast which will likely be in another ten or fifteen hours — so I can again return to audio with the news…

OOPS, little more than two hours later, there he is again, Obama on the television once again, Doomy-Gloomy from among his Cabinet. Speaking of Cabinet, why all the Czars, what with the Cabinet members AND the Presidency supposedly in place to do the work of the Executive Branch?

But *mute* again goes my set until this latest Doom-Gloomy Pow Wow is over for at least another few hours.

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