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Barack Obama performed a remarkably droll sales pitch before the nation from Congress last night. He read his teleprompted script well, he engaged in his repetitive head-side-to-side rendition with expert skill, and he offered up his best product line yet complete with insults and denigrations of Americans everywhere: buy his product or you’re whatever bad-thing he says you are. Buy it. Do it, buy this.

Barack Obama called Americans the full range of names he could sickly muster in his belabored, fifty-five-minute budge, he made sure you know how small and awful you are when you question this product that he’s often denied existed yet there it was, in his hand last night, this product, this plan, this heavy necessity. Buy it. Do it, buy this.

Two days ago the American public was told that Obama’s speech, just performed, was to be “strong” and the teleprompter was there in duplicate to ensure the rigidity of the message. So there it was, the “strong” sales pitch last night: Obama glowered, he threatened, he refuted Americans, he glared and imposed.

His product? It slipped through the fingers of credibility and usefulness like lies amidst a storm: ‘no, it’s not the wind blowing, it’s a message trying to reach you; no, it’s not rain, it’s high humidity; no, it’s not a flood, it’s what you need if you want to swim; no, it’s not lightning, it’s a savings of air space.’

Obama’s product: if Americans ask questions, they are “bickering;” if Americans support the economic woes required to fight our War on Terror, they are not paying attention to his royal demands for money, if Americans require debate about his plans, they are engaged in “scare tactics,” and more grimly than even those attempts at intimidation, if Americans exercise concerns about euthanasia — medical ethics for dispensation of medical care — they are
cynical and irresponsible.”

Note that Obama the Salesman did not address any of those concerns. But he was not at any loss to describe Americans by way of despicable, cowardly accusations. Buy this product. Buy it, do it, just buy this thing.

When a man can lie with such expertise as this — abundantly proven to the observant among our nation during last year’s Presidential election, emphasized even moreso in Obama’s months after assuming the Presidency (as also by the compliant Democrats in the present-Congress rendition) — would any reasonable person ever buy his product? Unfortunately, many gullible people have and do but it does not remove the deceitful character of the product being pushed today, nor the salesman engaged in pushing such.

His product: Obama says the goal of the product is to “slow the growth of healthcare” in the United States of America. In the near-same breath, he claims that the goal is not to deny care, and that it will increase our national debt — if you buy his product — by over $700 million dollars and then he says that this will “save money”.

“Either he’s economically illiterate or he’s lying” — David Hedrich (“Stay away from my kids” American citizen who spoke out in Montana recently).

Obama the salesman claims (for months now) that he’s selling this product to the “forty-seven million” people who need his product (“the uninsured Americans”), yet when asked for more information about just who these “forty-seven million” “uninsured Americans” actually are — the statistic is not supported by any other source other than ruminations from among Obama’s sales pitches — he recently drops the reference as he did last night to
several million less (which still remains an unsubstantiated, generalized and theatrical number, however), acknowledging-without-admitting his ongoing lie: the “forty-seven million…uninsured” are not Americans at all, not all, but among them, many millions (twelve to twenty million) of illegal aliens. The latest sales pitch refers to, now, “thirty million uninsured Americans” though it’s left, emotionally inciting, at that,

Obama’s product pitch includes denying that illegal aliens will be serviced by his product and yet the product label itself includes the roundabout method by which illegal aliens will be able to, yes, buy his product at the expense of American taxpayers’ subsidies for that ‘privilege’. If no one questions their residency or citizen status, then no one denies their consumption of Obama’s product: a lie by obfuscation while not lying “directly”.

“Well, the time for bickering is over,” he said. “The time for games has passed. Now is the season for action.”

“I am not the first president to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last,” he added.

Let us hope as Americans that this is, indeed, the last President who betrays the United States Constitution for the pleasure of his own company, as also willing violators from a complicit Democrat-majority in Congress.

Let us hope as Americans that this is, indeed, the last President who lies from Congress, over the airways, from podium after podium and floor after floor, through spokesperson after Czar, and blathers poison to American well-being.

Because if Americans who exercise self-preserving wisdom by asking mere questions are “bickering,” then Barack Obama is a liar blathering.


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