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Andersen Book Blows Ayers’ Cover on ‘Dreams’ (updated)
– Jack Cashill, September 24, 2009 at American Thinker

Literary Lion Obama Will Roar No More – By Jack Cashill, September 28, 2009 on American Thinker

Of course, there is nary a mention of from the Leftwing media, not so much a peep about this issue that directly exposes the bad character of Barack Obama (he’s a serial liar, he’s created a false personna about himself, including false history — utter lies; and, what damages this serial liar can accomplish in our Presidency).

And we are not likely to ever read and hear so much as a peep about this fantasy-masquerade from Leftwing media (CBS, MSNBC-NBC, CNN, Lefty-Blogs, ABC, Politico, NYTimes, Washington Post) — not in any revealing fashion that attacks the credibility issues, that is — because Leftwing media has aided and abetted the manufacture of this fantasy persona that is currently in the U.S. White House. So they’re not likely to confront Barack Obama in any truthful fashion any more likely than they are to explore their own methods of indecently modifying information to accommodate such.

No, instead, any exposure of the reality of who Barack Obama is, has become the assumed lexicon, according to the methods of the Left: “racists” (so says the floundering, despicable Jimmy Carter) or “it’s the vast rightwing conspiracy” (per hyperbolic, conniving Bill Clinton), or, take your pick of any one of the pejoratives Democrats and their aligned media have deployed about a vast many millions of Americans when we ask questions, voice differences or otherwise get too close to the truth.

Obama, in his earlier daze in Chicago as an Illinois State Senator, made a public endorsement of a book by Bill Ayers — very chummy for someone who considered Ayers “just another guy in the neighborhood.” Confronted last year about that conflicting reportage, Obama maintained he didn’t know Bill Ayers (“he was just another guy in the neighborhood…”). Bill Ayers and his bombastic wife hosted an announcement party in their home in Chicago for Barack Obama’s run for the U.S. Senate. Oops, just another guy in the neighborhood.

Obviously, Obama attempts to minimize if not conceal altogether any relationship with Bill Ayers, despite the fact that Obama has obviously been associated and involved with Bill Ayers over the years (shared a project with him, shared an office with him (perhaps “as far back as 1981” to quote, were both on Woods Fund Board of Directors together — it’s implausible, preposterously, to consider that Obama didn’t know Ayers and know him rather closely given their ongoing relationship). There’s even reason to suggest that they formed a relationship years earlier than these Chicago doings, way back during the Columbia University years in New York when they maintained residences in adjoining addresses, something Obama has gone to unusual points in attempting to claim otherwise (says he “moved around a lot” while utility records reveal he did not), in what might be more of Obama’s attempts to claim he didn’t know Ayers (oops, just another guy), more of those lies sprinkled throughout a life about a life Obama has attempted to recreate by lying about who he is with a willing, eager, selfish and corrupt Leftwing media available to support the fantasies.

Because, Obama’s actual history paints a picture of a guy with ethics and behaviors that would not fit with the U.S. Presidency, if even the U.S. Senate. So lies have been and are necessary to float the fantasy man. For a person with so much enthusiasm and pride in who he says he is today, he sure does go to great lengths to confuse and avoid revealing who he actually is by and on record.

Actual history suggests strongly that not only did Barack Obama know Bill Ayers but that Ayers literally was yet another one of those “mentors” who can accredit themselves for Obama’s now-emerged political (and psychological) perspectives. Many of those, not at all good in relationship with our nation.

But returning to the literary veracity of Barack Obama, his ethical credibility or lack thereof, based upon Obama’s inability to string together profound statements while instead relying on a booming voice and a solicitous stage or seated act to deflect attention away from what he’s actually contemplating otherwise, his two books are not his original work. There’s far too much literary evidence to support the fact that they were, indeed, written by Bill Ayers on behalf of Barack Obama and the specific literary aspects raised by author Christopher Andersen about the two books Obama proclaims he “wrote himself” (an odd declaration, it’s like saying “these shoes aren’t stolen” when someone compliments your shoes) suggest that the two books bearing Barack Obama as author as, instead, the written work of William (Bill) Ayers (despite Obama’s likely deceit in claiming he “wrote them himself”).

From textual sleuthing, I had come to a comparable conclusion more than a year ago, namely that Obama had “turned the framework of his life over to terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers who roughed it in with his own darker sentiments and experiences.” Embedded here is a visual summary of this research, produced by Chris Kusnell. (Part I) (Part II)

As one example of Ayers’ involvement, I had argued that Dreams’ tale of Obama’s year-long relationship with a rich, green-eyed lovely seemed to have mined the details of Ayers’ own relationship to the late Weatherwoman Diana Oughton. From a close reading, I doubted there was such a girl in Obama’s life. So does Andersen. “No one,” he writes, “including his roommate and closest friend at the time, Siddiqi, knew of this mysterious lover’s existence.”

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