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While a very large crowd of American citizens rallied in D.C. yesterday (and also all across the nation for those of us who could not attend the D.C. 9/12 event), Barack Obama rambled and rattled-off on a bordering-on-the-vulgar theme that only mind-readers and hard-line Leftwingers could make any sense of, or try to.

And Obama’s Press Secretary, Bob Gibbs, on 09/11/09, vapidly stated that he and the President just had no idea about the 9/12 event, just had no idea, never heard of it as planned for the D.C. area, just had no idea.

Obama maintained his creepy-statements-standards from Minneapolis yesterday while the American public were otherwise engaged in D.C. While Gibbs, perhaps, was still speaking to his imaginary admirers.

Obama exclaimed (with glee) about the American people: “Nearly one-third will go out.” That statement, certainly cryptic, quite irrational except by one who maintains covert knowledge or otherwise, very awful plans.

And, thus, Mr. Doomsday-I-Will-Crush-America oozed again in dismal, destructive references from another podium under misleading context of lecturing the public about “healthcare.” That dreadful crud was right there on national television yesterday, by Obama, live from Minnesota.

Meanwhile, the Americans congregating in D.C. alone (not including the related groups congregating nationwide in other areas — here are posts with photos from a rally in Phoenix, AZ and here’s one from Cummings, GA) who Barack Obama and his Administration’s spokesperson, Gibbs, ignored — ignorance is Leftwing political and personal bliss, apparently — have been reported to have been 1.2 million(U.S. Parks Service figure), or to be 1.5 million as estimated by the D.C. Metro-Police, while also estimated to have been upwards to 2 million in number (though the 2 million-count remains in play today per these and other reports).

From the ground, there’s this:

* Big crowd. Do not believe any description that says “thousands.” If there weren’t at least a healthy six figures there, I will permanently revoke my head-counting license.

And, from a fellow who attended yesterday, there’s this gallery of “favorite signs” seen at the 9/12 D.C. rally.

Meanwhile, the ugly Leftwing media in the U.S. can only bring itself to show two images from among the many hundreds of thousands of signs from the entire day yesterday, and of course, what the Left shows (in this case, CNN) are the one-and-only swastika and “militia”-type signs (update, later revealed to be Leftwingers engaged in some posing as members of this rally, while instead were there attempting to make the rally participants look bad).

Some on-the-street videos from yesterday in D.C. — see a sampling of “the angry mob,” can be found here — showing many well-behaved Americans, to put a sinker on yet another one of those Leftwing lies about who Americans are.

Here are who Americans are: take a look at some great photos from yesterday in D.C. of many, many wonderful Americans exercising their responsibilities for government, this Republic that will stand despite it being largely ignored by the current Administration and Democratic majority in today’s Congress and either ignored or defamed, despicably so, by the Leftwing-associated media. Worse, when not ignored as to yesterday, this is the America that many Democrats refer to in despicable, disgusting, mostly irrational terms.

One wonders, then, why the Left lies as they do about America. The crowd yesterday, by the way, in D.C. very likely outnumbered that in attendance of the Presidential inauguration ceremony last January 2009 for Barack Obama and even more impressively, yesterday’s crowd in D.C. did not leave tons of garbage and trash throughout the Capital, but the inauguration crowd did.

The crowd yesterday did not sell tickets for the event, but the January inauguration ceremony did. 220wde_GadsdenFlagThe event yesterday in D.C. was not paid for by any political campaign, it was a freely-formed meeting by many an Americans individually paying their own way by individual decision to attend — contrary to that crowd from January. The crowd yesterday in D.C. got together not to applaud one politician nor one politician’s political goals, but to exercise free expression about government, as our U.S. Constitution makes available to all American citizens. The crowd yesterday didn’t sell-and-cheat ticket-buyers for the event — no tickets were required, no charges for any attendance was required — but the January event did.

The ceremony in January received ’round-the-clock media coverage with abundant Leftwing hyperbole, while yesterday’s event in D.C. with more Americans attending — citizens voicing their concerns to government and one another — was ignored by the media, save but for FOX News and various nasty, derisive lies from the Leftwing media about the Americans who attended.

I do wonder why the Left lies as they do — and this includes Barack Obama and his Administration, certainly includes the Democrats in Congress and their appeasing, servicing media associates — but I only wonder in the sense as to how it is they’re able to live with themselves with all those lies.

On the other hand, the Americans yesterday were not — and are not today — lying.

Dot-Red Update:

Japan’s NHK covered yesterday’s event in D.C., while the U.S. Leftwing media maintained ignorance-as-bliss.

What was REALLY fun in the Japanese prime time TV news story clip above, about the D.C. Tea Party, was when the marching Tea Party-ers, two guys and one gal, were energetically yelling “You Lie!”, “You Lie!”, they subtitled the yelling on the bottom of the TV screen in Japanese for the Japanese viewers… “usotsuki!”…”usotsuki!”

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