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200wde_ObamaSnakeOil One wonders to what extent society is to go to save people who want to ruin themselves: if you’re in a room of people who are eager to drink the snake oil, what do you do as an individual who does not? If the room is overwhelmed with people who cry, “I love this Snake Oil and the Salesman, he’s a god (or, hero or cool or great or whatever) for bringing it to us,” what do you do?

There’s a point you have to leave that room of people along with the salesman they adulate (and his ghastly product) and save yourself. You do your best to make sure as many people as possible hear your advice — don’t drink the snake oil, the salesman’s not a god, put it down, consider something more sensible, dwell on preservation not annihilation — and then you leave that hapless room, you take care of yourself and hope for the best for the rest, despite themselves.

When that room of people, though, with their salesman leading the way, pursue you and they insist that you, too, drink the snake oil, what do you do then? The snake oil salesman tells you he really is concerned about you so you need to drink the snake oil as soon as possible because, well, it’s an emergency so you really must drink it.

This is where we are as a nation today: Barack Obama and those “reallly smart people who surround (him)” (what he said today) as with some people who have sadly succumbed to actually desiring that snake oil, or worse, more of it, are making it difficult for the rest of the country to survive while they’re either oblivious to the effects of snake oil (hint: it’s not a survival tool) or they are aware of the contrariness to survival but are interested in a short-term high they’re getting from drinking it and spreading it all around their homes and dependents.

I don’t doubt that Barack Obama is a talented performer — he has that “thankyew, whereverIam, I luve ya'” stage thing down well, far better than many — the man is a talented actor, he knows the stage, he’s learned performance techniques that sway the emotions and tug on the hearts and overwhelm some.

220wde_Obama-Circle-PoutBut never doubt that it is salesmanship at work there, it is a man performing a series of gestures and making a series of sounds that he relies on to direct impressionable people emotionally toward other goals, unstated or not:

buy my bottle of snake oil and drink it to avoid the emergency that’ll surely beset you — I love my family, too — if you don’t drink it; I lost my grandma because she didn’t have enough snake oil, so don’t let that happen to you.”

(That is not an actual quote but a summation of many of the lines delivered today from Grand Junction, CO by Barack Obama, if you replace “bottle of snake oil” with “healthcare” and “drink it” with “get on board”.)

Persons who have been moved by the staging already are not likely to now not drink the snake oil — they’ve got their bottles, they’re eager for you to pay the bill to the salesman for the bottles they’ve “purchased” and they are not likely to ever put the bottle down from here on out, they’re dismissing any suggestions that it won’t be good for them, but, to the sober among our population, I identify just a few among many of the lies delivered today from Grand Junction, CO by Barack Obama as he attempts to continue to sell that snake oil.

Following are actual quotes from statements made today by Barack Obama from his performance in Grand Junction, CO:

220wde_Obama-Pouts_Circle (1.) Obama said: “We’re not talkin’ ’bout government take-over of private insurance.”

— He’s the President of the United States, he holds a public office, he’s representing other government (public) employees who are trying to replace private enterprise with favored, socio-politically aligned groups who, although in “private enterprise,” are so keenly entwined with Obama in the manufacture of snake oil today as to bear little separation from themselves and Obama’s sales performance.

— So, of course Obama IS “talkin’ ’bout government take-over of private insurance,” but he’s “talkin’ ’bout” taking over certain private organizatioins who are not involved with him and his in manufacturing that snake oil.

— And note that Obama always adopts that street-dialect when he’s involved in delivering his most misleading statements, which he inevitably follows-up with referencing a sports team or sayin’ he “luvs ya'”.

(2.) Obama said, “We still have forty-six million people uninsured.”

— Wrong. False, a lie, snake-oil-salesmanship at work yet again. That lie (the alleged “forty-six million uninsured” that Obama continues to rely on for tears) has been debunked and disproven repeatedly and yet there Obama is, as recently as today from Grand Junction, CO, repeating that lie with a straight face, just lying.

— Ask yourself why this man has to repeat that lie so intensely and often, so seriously mislead so many. Ask yourself why he does, what his motives are: snake oil sales.

(3.) Obama said, “about a hundred thousand people die every year from preventable diseases in hospitals…the question then becomes ‘how do we get doctors and hospitals to report these incidents.”

— After the tears are wiped away, the motive for that line should (also) be examined very, very closely: because Obama is corralling the vulnerable among earshot into accepting his hand to lead them into a tighter shoot: mistrust the private industies (“doctors and hospitals”) and allow greater government controls of life and death issues.

— “Incidents” as Obama calls them (“[deaths]…in hospitals”) are reported to government; death certificates are filed, conditions are examined and contained if adverse. While I have not investigated just how many “people die every year from preventable diseases in hospitals,” I imagine that there are, nationwide, enough people who perish due to malpractice and inopportune conditions and/or care, BUT, Obama’s introduction of that alleged “fact” as he presented it was for a different purpose, one not aimed at improving care but at demeaning private industry, generating increased mistrust of “doctors and hospitals” who, so far, are not, many of them, drinking the Obama Snake Oil.

— So that complaint by Obama (a deceptive phrase, let me put it that way, a manipulative introduction to where Obama wants gullible listeners to go, which he then, afterward, introduced them to: Snake Oil, drink it) was intended to increase consumer distrust of medical providers, it was Obama encouraging you to be even more unhappy with life and conditions than you are now and to, therefore, presto, allow Obama the salesman to stand on stage on your behalf (“get my Snake Oil and drink it”).

(3.) (A.) Obama then introduced this, “the idea is then to make sure that information is packaged so you can comparison shop.”

— This is Obama again having led a crowd into a shoot off the corral for purposes of loading them onto the boxcar of limited-controls-by-individuals, limited options to individuals, defined marginally by Obama and the general Snake Oil manufacturers as also the unions who are loading those boxcars with the snake oil itself. That means, increased “government control” over individuals and their options for medical care.

— Obama repeats, with a straight face (he is that talented actor, after all) his ongoing sales pitch (deceptive, misleading, fraught with inexactness to such an extent as you are sold on consuming his product though you feel you don’t need to even read the label) that “no one is talkin’ ’bout government control” yet there he is, selling a federal control or ownership of an entire range of industries that would, if ever submitted to the Snake Oil industry, eliminate private health care, sooner than later. These pleadings by Obama do not make the Snake Oil he is selling any less poisonous.

220wde_Obama-Pouts_Circle-Mask(4.) Then Obama said these pitiful statements: “healthcare is really hard. I’m a reasonably dedicated student to this issue, I’ve got a lot of really smart people around me…

— And yet all that “smart(ness)” and dedication has not limited the extent of Obama lying before just about anyone and everyone (referring continually to debunked statistics, making claims and allegations that are subjective and defy facts otherwise).

— Is Obama claiming, then, that it’s “smart” and “dedicated” to be misleading and manipulative? Because that’s what he appears to be selling.

Obama Campaign Ad Firms Signed On to Push Health-Care Overhaul
By Timothy J. Burger

Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) — Two firms that received $343.3 million to handle advertising for Barack Obama’s White House run last year have profited from his top priority as president by taking on his push for health-care overhaul.

One is AKPD Message and Media, the Chicago-based firm headed by David Axelrod until he left last Dec. 31 to serve as a senior adviser to the president. Axelrod was Obama’s top campaign strategist and is now helping sell the health-care plan. The other firm is Washington-based GMMB Campaign Group, where partner Jim Margolis was also an Obama strategist.

This year, AKPD and GMMB received $12 million in advertising business from Healthy Economy Now, a coalition that includes the Washington-based Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, known as PhRMA, that is seeking to build support for a health-care overhaul, said the coalition’s spokesman, Jeremy Van Ess.

Hiring Obama’s campaign advisers makes sense, said Julius Hobson, a senior policy adviser in the Washington office of the St. Louis-based law firm, Bryan Cave LLP.

“If you’re in support of the president, then you use the people he used,” said Hobson, 61, who teaches a graduate course in lobbying at George Washington University in Washington.


HEN’s other members, according to its Web site, are the AARP, the biggest advocacy organization for retirees; the Advanced Medical Technology Association; the Business Roundtable; Families USA; the Service Employees International Union, all based in Washington, and the American Medical Association based in Chicago. PhRMA represents 28 drugmakers, including New York-based Pfizer Inc. and London-based GlaxoSmithKline Plc.

Larry Grisolano, a partner at AKPD, said his firm and GMMB are splitting the fees on the $12 million campaign, though neither firm would specify its take. In an e-mail, Margolis declined to comment.

Grisolano said an interview that the firm’s history with Obama made it “kind of a logical place to go” for the health- plan ad work.

“We were one of the president’s ad firms, and so we have familiarity with how he spoke about health care during the campaign, what his viewpoints were on health care during the campaign,” he said. “And so I think if you’re interested in reform, we bring some valuable insight in that regard.”

Firms’ Fees

Last year, the Obama campaign paid $2.77 million in consulting fees to AKPD and $340.53 million to GMMB to produce and place ads, Federal Election Commission records show. Firms such as GMMB typically receive a low-to-mid single-digit percentage of ad spending as their fee for an account of that size, said Glenn Totten, a Democratic political consultant.

Axelrod was president and sole shareholder of AKPD from 1985 until he sold his interest after Obama’s victory, government records show. The firm owes Axelrod $2 million, which it’s due to pay in installments beginning Dec. 31. Axelrod’s son, Michael, still works there. He didn’t return a phone call. The firm’s Web site continues to feature David Axelrod’s work on the Obama campaign.

Ben LaBolt, a White House spokesman, said Axelrod “sold his ownership stake in the firm before the administration began.”

Grisolano, 45, said AKPD has had no contact with Axelrod “with regard to the Healthy Economy Now work.” He said he works with Axelrod, 54, on “strategy and research” for the Democratic National Committee…(read the whole article).

220wde_Obama-Circle-Mask (5.) Obama sees “a plot”: after referring to “Republicans” (also a well publicized lie by Obama which has been highly debunked, and yet there he is again today repeating such) in a denigrating tone, ridiculing “them”, Obama said, “so when I read that there’s a plan to kill grandma, that feels like a plot to me.”

— Is Obama revealing his hand, is it really difficult for Obama to contain his intents such that he must continue to leak them at every public appearance — that means, he knows “plots” like he knows accusations, he’s hardly a man of impromptu, creative lack of inhibition and his use of government has amptly evidenced that.

— The Left, including many of thosereally smart people surrounding (Obama)” — as also Obama himselfnumerously opining about the glories of withholding care to those two years and younger (and the unborn) and to the “elderly” (anyone over “fifty” they declare) and for the disabled and those with certain conditions that the Obama “smart people” deem to be non-productive to their concept of a glorious society, they opine that these should not receive much to any “health care at all — let them die, in other words, a slow process of euthanasia by way of withholding care.

That does, indeed, represent “pulling the plug on grandma” (or your child under the age of two, or your wife or husband or parent/s who are over the age of fifty, or yourself if that’s your age and you suffer some debilitating “inconvenient” condition.

— Obama making ongoing sarcastic retorts about this notion of “pulling the plug on grandma” is truly monstrous, as it is also monstrous when any public responds to his sarcasms in that regard with laughter.

— Euthanasia occurs either directly or indirectly when care is withheld or routinely reduced by plan toward an mortal end: when done by an individual upon others, it’s a criminal act in most cases; when done by a government, it’s genocide.

— Obama thinks this is funny, though, and continues to try to denigrate concerns about these gravely terrible deeds by calling them, now, today, “a plot” as if questioning the Snake Oil Salesman is silly, just drink the poison and enjoy it.

Of all the ghastly ugliness I have ever heard from among public persons throughout time, I do declare that this attempt to treat as silly and nefarious anyone who expresses concerns about the Left’s support of euthanasia (as also genocide when taken to a national and/or communal scale), of all the monstrous statements I have ever heard, this attempt to make such wretched, ghastly deeds and concerns about them out to be the stuff of ridicule, this is, indeed, the most offensive.


‘Death panel’ is not in the bill… it already exists – from American Thinker

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