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400wde-garbage-Crap-from-Obama I wrote about Spam from the Obama White House (“O-WH”) a few months ago but the problem has since burgeoned into one that many others are making note of and asking questions about, what with, particularly, the O-WH having since also stirred the fishpond with chum (their calls to “report fishy information” to the O-WH).

I compiled a dedicated page on this site that
lists the ongoing Spam I received from the O-WH (titled, interestingly enough, “SPAM FROM THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE“) (each of these Spam messages about “healthcare” as the O-WH wanted me to understand “it”) and after I published that page along with the individual, earlier posts about this issue, I received comments and a few emails from a few other concerned citizens about their experiences with also receiving similar Spam from the O-WH (before the “report the fishy” announcement — as were the Spam emails I received also received prior to that announcement from the O-WH).

So this was not, nor is now, an isolated experience since many Americans have received similar Spam from the O-WH. I thought it curious, however, that the “report the fishy” call from the O-WH occured just weeks after I published this page of mine drawing attention to the Spam they sent me (combined with communications from others who also received such Spam but were hesitant to both report it and to make public mention of it, which is understandable, they were intimidated — which is likely the intent of the process itself).

Just noting the coincidence, I’ll leave it at that.

NOW the issue of Spam from the O-WH in light of them complaining about — so they call it — “disinformation” and “misinformation” by various citizens that the O-WH doesn’t want proliferated (it counters what he’d prefer people know or not know about the general “healthcare” issue, so I gather) seems to be on targeting those individuals who are ‘suspected’ of having contacted the O-WH or otherwise deemed suspicious for spreading “disinformation” or whatever else…the spin is to blame the recipient, in other words.

Dot-Red-SML I repeat this: I have never contacted the O-WH for any reason, not forwarded anything to them, not written to them, not called them, never so much as sent them my site address nor my email address/s, just never contacted them. And, I never contacted any of Obama’s campaign websites for or about any reason, purpose or with any message at any time, ever.

So their use of my email address was due to the O-WH having “acquired it”.

The Spam I began receiving in April of this year from the O-WH was a curiosity. The first one (received in April 2009), I deleted and did not submit it to SpamCop (as I did the rest that arrived later) out of some sort of propriety concerns (from “the President of the United States” got sent to Trash and avoided being reported as the Spam it was, given the sender’s name and address), but when this sort of Spam continued from the same address/different sender names (same address but various senders, President, President again, wife, then Axelrod), I began reporting each message to SpamCop just as I do all Spam I receive.

Read the dedicated page for the list, if interested, which also links to each of my individual posts about each message when it was received/reported.

Ace of Spades and Allahpundit at Hot Air are writing today about this, as Major Garrett raised this issue earlier today, also, with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (who failed at any reasonable response, deplorably foolish blubbering ensued by Gibbs as Garrett attempted to question him), so it’s obvious that the O-WH is involved in general abuse of the internet. Which, I admit, I am not at all surprised about, given my experiences with the Obama-associated abuse of internet users even before it moved to the White House.

Dot-Red-SML From Ace of Spades:

Why Are People Who Never Visit the White House Site for Information Getting Emails from David Axelrod?
Update: Is It Because Axelrod Has Put Out a “Viral” Email He Wants His Cultists to Spam Out?

Dot-Red-SML From Allahpundit at Hot Air:

Major Garrett grills Gibbs: Why are people getting unsolicited e-mails from David Axelrod about health care? Update: Linked to WH snitch line?

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SPAMANDDREGS: WH SAYS, “We’re not collecting names, we’re storing your e-mail addresses”

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