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320wde-garbage-Crap-from-Obama-clearBG Making the Obama White House Spam Issue even more offensive than it was originally — and it was originally exceptionally offensive — the Obama White House now attempts to blame-shift responsibility for their Spam Attack on the American people: naming the service they used to send the Spam (GovDelivery) as the culprit.

The story from Verum Serum (“GovDelivery Blames White House for Political E-mails“), with additional commentary from Ed Morrissey at Hot Air (“GovDelivery throwing Obama under the bus?“):

GovDelivery says that it helps manage data-collection services for its clients (specializing in government agencies) that harvest e-mail addresses, but it doesn’t supply them to the customer, and it doesn’t take e-mail lists from other customers to use for other programs. The White House contention that the problem was created by its vendor gets quietly but firmly quashed by GovDelivery.

GovDelivery sends mass emails on behalf of clients (several government divisions included), it does not create the email addresses to which they send material on behalf of clients, any more than it creates the material sent.

The Obama White House, by attempting to blame GovDelivery for the White House Spam Attack that’s been taking place by the Obama Administration upon the American public since last Spring (in my experience), in their efforts to hype and sell Obama’s government-option “health care” plan, is looking even more low-down and foolish than ever before.

Karl Rove commented earlier today on Fox News that a federal law may have been violated by the Obama White House as to their Spamming activities; if that’s the case, it’d easily explain why the Obama White House is taking this ridiculously implausible stance that their Spam is someone else’s fault.

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