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Update/Ed.Note, April 2011: The graphic here, referring to “The Crying Monkey Award,” is making use of the acerbic humor (and that “award” title) from the film, TROPIC THUNDER, in which the over-acting actors from their respective over-acted motion picture roles are commemorated by an over-acting industry, and this site attempts to correlate the theatrical environment from that film (TROPIC THUNDER) with the theatre surrounding the jamming of “Obamacare” upon the nation, complete with gushing hyperbole from Portsmouth campaign stop as also appeared, though in parody, in TROPIC THUNDER; that film was excellent because it was a parody of just about everything included in it, while “Obamacare” and how it’s been grafted onto our nation, unfortunately for our nation, represents parody of liberties and not in a good way.

This is mentioned at this date (April 2011) because of ~sensitive if not offensive graphic~ in current news, depicting Barack Obama as a child of two chimpanzees for purposes of joking about his absent birth documentation, any association or comparison with this site’s graphic, this site discourages, and, this site would like to encourage everyone to keep in mind that human beings — AND human problems/issues — are illustrated frequently as animals, larger-than-life, more theatrical-than-life fantasy characters if not inanimate objects. Not all depictions of human individuals as apes or monkeys is a racial slur or are racially denigrating statements, but, are rather, oftentimes (especially when depicting political figures) attempts to depict stupidity of behavior.

320wde_Obamas-Portsmouth-Wins-Crying-Monkey-Award There were no explanations of any details and a lot of lies (in Obamabonics, those are called “clarifications of distortions and disinformation”) from Barack Obama yesterday about what Obama and certain Democrats would do to our nation’s health care and medical standards.

This latest performance by Barack Obama yesterday from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was conducted behind locked doors with those seated the recipients of awarded tickets — such a prize, what with the riffraff called Americans outside who actually had questions or, worse, could not be relied upon to applaud Obama.

So these Americans were locked out and what “questions” the seated, chosen few were allowed to pose to Obama were mostly read from cue-cards, particularly the opening statement — read from a cue card — by a little girl wearing ribbons, saying that she saw “mean signs outside“.


Note that Obama did not address the questions posed on those “mean signs” — because, after all, the questions as those with those questions were “mean” and could not be relied upon to applaud Obama, so why worry over questions at all, or all those riffraff Americans outside with those “mean signs”. The little girl learned nothing about our world nor her responsibilities in our world, especially all those trillions of dollars of debt she’ll be demanded to be paying for, likely, her entire lifetime ahead because Obama can’t be bothered to answer all those “mean signs”.

Obama’s Portsmouth: a performance that floundered along with all that “fishy” information he wants reported but has no desire nor intent to address because he’s busy stacking his basket with dis-informing disinformation to counter what he considers to be bad fish: American citizens with questions and concerns he can’t answer (and won’t, accordingly) but he’s giving it a big old pole and a lot of line to set a great big hook, or hope to.

Obama’s Portsmouth: he floundered, yanked around, stuttered, gave the group hug a big go in attempts to make that the point while making no points at all otherwise, misled, outright lied, generally baited but with foolish lures.

Among those:

Dot-Black-SML Getting the most press today, the lie by Obama that “AARP is on board” with Obama’s plans, while AARP spokespersons on other televised broadcasts (those where Obama is not performing) denied any agreement and support for any legislation that they say is not yet finalized (thus, they allege, they can’t agree with any legislation that does not yet exist in any final form); yet Obama used AARP like a stage prop yesterday, attempting greater stage presence by relying on some “AARP-cred” that he owns (but does not, according to AARP);

Dot-Black-SML Obama was never asked about the involvement and participation of unions, which is actually a very large handle on Obama motivating him to falsely proclaim that “America needs this” (his idea of healthcare ‘reform’) while what Obama is actually referring to is that UNIONS “need this” — the Obama’s plans are aimed at making American taxpayers’ pay for the medical and dental care for Union retirees between the ages of 55 and 65, with 65 being the age they’ll become eligible for Medicare yet 55 being many of Union members’ retirement ages, because the Unions don’t want the financial burden of paying for those “benefits” themselves;

320wde_Obama-ACTINGSo Obama is lying when he uses the term, as he does so often in his stage appearances, that “Americans” “need this” — who he actually means by “Americans” are union members retiring early; union members in the U.S.A. do not represent the American population, nor the majority of American taxpayers but they do vote and often work for Democrats by untoward or hammerheading, whatever works to minimize those Americans outside, the riffraff, with their “mean signs”;

No, this question was not posed to Obama in his Portsmouth performance yesterday, nor did he even remotely begin to approach addressing such a question otherwise (under any other context):

Please explain the provision on page 65, Section 164 of the House bill. It specifies TEN BILLION DOLLARS for retirees as young as 55 yrs old (i.e. Pre-Medicare). I also have here a letter written by John Sweeney to AFL-CIO members last week. In it he lists 4 items that MUST be in the health bill. One is “relief for…union health plans covering PRE-MEDICARE retirees”. It appears you’re giving $10 Billion of our money to the same unions who went on TV and told us what “deep concessions” they made to give you leverage over GM’s bondholders and creditors. Is this a $10 Billion pay-off to the Unions?

Dot-Black-SML Obama exclaimed yesterday (also a bald-faced lie), “all we’re trying to do is to offer health care options similar to what memebers of Congress have.”

That’s another bald-faced lie from Barack Obama, despite his failed attempts at great acting, because he’s already on several occasions said that whatever it is he and his Democrats have planned would not be acceptable to him for purposes of medical care for him and/or his. And no Democrat in Congress is willing (after being asked many times) to pledge to participate in whatever “Obama Health Care” will or would be, if ever forced upon the American people — Democrats don’t want it, Obama rejects it (says he “would want the best” for himself and his family — anyone he cares about, in other words), but Obama says what he and they have planned is “the same options” that Congress has available to them (and Obama now has for himself and his family), yet another bald-faced lie;

Dot-Black-SML And here’s another lie from Obama at Portsmouth: “I have not said that I am a supporter of a single-payer system.”

There are numerous videos available on YouTube that capture Obama proclaiming he IS in favor of “a single-payer system;” his methodology is incremental: pursue single-payer one step at a time but the goal is a single-payer system (or, rather, governmental control of medical options, health care, an end to Capitalism, an eradication of free-market methods, no options but one, the government’s way).

And there’s this: The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, August 19, 2008, “Obama Touts Single-Payer System for Health Care”.

Dot-Black-SML Another lie — because it’s Obama saying “just anything” — from Portsmouth: “Medicare is a success.”

And here Obama and his Democrats have pivoted their entire “need” (or how it is they’re justifying their “it’s an emergency” excuse) for Obama-Healthcare “reform” upon the sales pitch that Medicare’s failed, failing, bankrupt, kaput. Most Americans enrolled in Medicare are accepting of, pleased in many cases with, Medicare overall. But Obama doesn’t want to acknowledge that, and lies about Medicare to suit — apparently, after yesterday’s proof of this — just about any angle he can make it work: it’s broke, it’s going broke, it works, it’s successful, it’s not fair, it’s in need of reform, it should be replaced, kill it, replace it — whatever works, apparently, to accommodate whatever performance Obama is in at whatever time he’s there.

Dot-Black-SML About Medicare in general, one of the most outrageous, disgusting lies Obama and Democrats associated with him are pushing upon the public is that “there will be no reduction of services under Medicare.” Obama repeated this at Portsmouth.

What’s been taking place in Medicare over time has been a reduction or depression of reimbursement rates to phyisicans and suppliers. Their “care” continues and the “services” made available (by the plan, on paper) continue, BUT, the AVAILABILITY of that care and those services has been continually diminishing because nearly any and all physicians, particularly, cannot continue to treat many Medicare patients — those they continue to treat are receiving care at the physicians’ good will, in other words, while more Medicare patients are not being taken on as patients: doctors can’t afford to treat many and in some cases, any at all, due to rising costs that physicians bear.

So Medicare patients are not seeing any “reduction in services” IN Medicare, IN the plan itself, but they ARE experiencing an increasing denial of care or unavailability of care entirely because there are few to no providers remaining who will treat them at Medicare reimbursement rates. The retired among Medicare buy “supplemental insurance plans” (enter, AARP, who capitalizes upon such plans) to make-up the reimbursement rate issue with physicians but the overall pricing is set by Medicare as to what physicians can charge for what, and thus, many just don’t want to be involved with Medicare. Disabled persons (under the age of 65) cannot obtain any of those supplemental insurance plans so their opportunities for treatment (“health care”) are nearly zeroed-out in the present tense and can be anticipated to be worse if Obama’s ideas are ever passed.

This represents a classic example of the Left’s cryptic “reduction in delivery” or withholding of care/treatment as representing “healthcare”. They deny there is or would be any reduction in services and yet their plan is to withhold and reduce DELIVERY of care, which results in the same thing for all intents and purposes.

Ask yourself WHY this lie-in-reality is being used, why this ongoing lie (because that’s what it is, a falsehood) is being pushed upon the public: denial of care, withholding of care does NOT equal or is not the same thing as “reduction of services” (because it is the same thing as to what’s accomplished, in theory and practice).

Dot-Black-SML Obama also enacted the following bad line: “…a public-option (will not be) paid for by the taxpayer.”

Where does Obama “hope” the “change” will come from? Where does he think his salary is coming from, who does he think pays the utilities at the White House, who does he think pays for those gourmet meals the House enjoys in that gourmet cafeteria Nancy Pelosi ‘arranged’? Where does Obama think the money comes from that Congress and his White House are using? “Public” MEANS taxpayer-funded.

Obama speaks his own kind of language, it’s called “nuts”.

My worry with Obama is why he lies so. Why he cannot or will not ever address anything specific as to what’s being cooked in the House and Senate by Democrats as to “health care,” why the obtuse-speech that, when pressed for any specifics (or challenged with any “mean signs”), comes up as wretchedly misleading. Obama’s lies are so frequent, casual and delivered with ease to appeasing crowds locked into safe rooms (safe rooms are those where the riffraff with “mean signs” don’t exist) as to render his overall character monstrous. He can lie, joke while he’s lying about those he’s lying about, who can ever believe anything he has to say about anything?

Seniors are ridiculed — Obama did so yesterday from Portsmouth — complaints are denied to be heard, anyone with questions is held to some “one minute” standard or even yanked around by union members at townhalls when they complain (aren’t “nice”), those who disagree are treated far worse, if worse is possible after all that: they’re locked out of the rooms, they’re marched out of meetings, they’re insulted openly by idiot Democrat Congresspersons and Senators, called “a mob” or “thugs…”

Dot-Black-SML Among the most pathetic, truly stupid lies from Obama at Portsmouth were these:

“500,000 received tax cuts in New Haven“. But New Haven (CT) has a population of about 125,000 so there sure are a lot of loiterers in New Haven receiving those “tax cuts” or otherwise Obama’s privy to some underground network of people claiming taxpayer status in New Haven that the public isn’t aware of.

And another of the other bizarre, truly horrible lie from Obama was that “surgeons are cutting people’s feet off (for no other reason than for personal profit)” — Obama actually said, with a straight face this time, that there are such nefarious “surgeons” in the U.S. as to be engaged in such activity.

The most feeble, stupid, and deceitful statements Obama performed — doing his best fake-tears rendition with this one at the opening of his performance — was this: “I do hope that we can talk to each other not over each other.”

Just one week ago, Obama proclaimed that he wants “folks to shut-up and step out of the way while his White House (the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, Linda Douglass, et al.) each repeated just days ago that it was their plan to “drown out” critics of Obama’s “health care” plans. Apparently their plans are to “talk to” people after they’re “drown(ed)” and “out of the way”.

Obama’s Portsmouth: This type of gruesome decrepitude in public commenting from and by Obama is disgusting, but first it’s a very big problem for our nation if not the entire world due to the state of his mind, revealed to be absurdly grotesque by such irreverent and often irrational statements. And included here are just a few of those irreverent statements, to drive home the point that following a liar, or, just as much a problem, a delusional minded individual, poses serious problems if one anticipates good outcomes.



USA Today fact-checks Obama’s town-hall assertions” — via Hot Air


“Debating the President’s Portsmouth Pitch” by Keith Hennessey

(via, 08/13/09) Keith Hennessey, former Assistant to President Bush for Economic Policy and Director of the U.S. National Economic Council, is posting a series of 20 short posts analyzing and debating the President’s remarks at the health care town hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The series is halfway complete and will continue through tomorrow morning.


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