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From among treasures found on the internet, this report:

Psychotic Disorders Case Conference
Bellevue Hospital
August, 2009

The case for presentation today is that of a 48 year old mixed race man who was brought to the unit by Police after attempting to force his way into a Hospital and give a rambling angry speech to the Doctors and patients there.

The patient insisted he knew that the Doctors were all greedy businessmen who were performing unnecessary treatments on the hapless patients.

He apparently wanted to be allowed to enter a new executive position of his own design where he could tell both the Doctors and the patients what to do. He claimed that the patients there and others outside the Hospital had communicated to him that he must do this.

When asked how he came to possess this knowledge he stated that it was a commonly accepted fact.

When the Interviewer asked him what qualifications he held for such a position, he said he had consulted with Thought Leaders from both sides of the intellectual spectrum, from Lawyers to Community Organizers. When asked what Hemoglobin was he produced a convoluted argument that led to the conclusion that the U.S. Constitution was “flawed.”

Further attempts to discuss a factual basis for his ideas were met with increasing indignation and the adoption of a contemptuous demeanor apparently meant to discourage the Interviewer.

He claimed to be able discern massive inefficiencies and conspiracies which he needed to correct immediately.

He said that he had come to understand from his research that much Money was being wasted trying to keep people alive who were boring and produced no tax revenue. These “former people, he said, “were subject to dementia in which they believed the government should not hasten their death deliberately using the tax dollars collected from them.”

He claimed to have invented something called “Evidence Based Medicine” because he learned in Law School that Doctors made decisions on the basis of whimsy, or avarice, or impulse.

Interestingly, when asked to interpret proverbs he was able to abstract eloquently, although tangentially, but was unable to give a simple concrete statement as to what the proverb actually said (the reverse of the usual Psychotic presentation).

A request to do a simple calculation produced an answer of 47 million.

The patient was asked about depression and denied all symptoms except that he readily endorsed continual gloomy paranoid ruminations and revenge fantasies against someone named “Fishy.” Although admitting he had never seen this individual he said he could feel his menacing presence everywhere throughout his life. He claimed that “everyone” had corroborated his experiences with “Fishy” except Fishy’s friends.

Thought broadcasting was evident from his belief that he could craft phrases that would control the minds of others. He spoke frequently of his ability to “calibrate” his statements so that there would not be, could not be, any opposition except by Racists…

He insisted there could be no other point of view but his own and although the word “empathy” was sprinkled in his verbiage he could not describe the feelings of a single person who disagreed with him. His desperate attempt to maintain a posture of self adulation was obviously a defense against deep feelings of inferiority and self loathing. He compulsively began all sentences with, “Let me be clear,” a negation revealing his terror of actually being clear by having the extent of his inner psychological misery reveale). He was impossible to interrupt and totally devoid of insight into his mental illness. His judgment was grossly impaired by his grandiose, paranoid, sadistic, and megalomaniacal delusional system. He insisted he owned an automobile company and many banks although admitted he had no money. He laughed when asked if he thought he could ever be manipulated by others. He threatened to “sue” the interviewer on several occasions.


370wde_Obama-Visits-Gravely-Illl-Grandma MEANWHILE, here is a photo of Barack Obama taken in Hawaii while he was there to see his “gravely ill grandmother” three weeks (or so) after it was announced that she was “gravely ill”.

Obama managed to spend a really serious half-hour with the gravely ill grandmother, then he went to the beach where he was photographed engaged in really serious body surfing.

320wde_Obama-Continues-Visit-With-Gravely-Illl-GrandmaAfter this photo taken during his gravely serious body surfing event, Obama went gravely, seriously golfing. Then he gave a gravely serious press conference. Then he went body surfing again and was really serious about it.

He departed Hawaii a week later after his half-hour visit with his gravely ill grandmother who remained there, gravely ill, while Obama later returned months later after she eventually passed away. She received all the health care she needed despite Obama having proclaimed that she was given care she “didn’t need” prior to her passing.


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