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200wde_ObamaSnakeOil The Obama-Left is downright burning-hot with corruption liquid to pass “Obama Care” by any means possible, even when that means posing as a doctor, busing in SEIU and ACORN members from Chicago all the way to a townhall in Montana (as they did today), hiring people on Craigslist to appear at townhalls carrying pro-Obama-Care signs (provided along with the hourly wage), threatening the American people, laughing at the American people, lying about the American people, you name it, it’s going on.

From, the expose about an Obama Campaign worker — photographed in her office in front of a big Che Guevera poster — discovered appearing at a townhall yesterday held by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: the woman lied that she was a “general practitioner,” misleading all who saw and heard and read about the event that she somehow represented an exhausted physician’s point of view (so of course, she begged for “Obama Care” and Rep. Lee was all too eager to give her a great big congratulatory hug, too).

Square-Red-Drk-Med Patterico has a video of the event, many photos from the event, a great expose lead-in article and the expose itself about this entire Phony Doc escapade.

Square-Red-Drk-Med Ace of Spades has more.

Square-Red-Drk-Med Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has more, too.

Of profoundly awful proportions for our nation — forgetting these operatives nationwide who are manipulating public confidence here, there and apparently, everywhere so Obama can bake his awful Ruse Cake — is this analysis about the motives: the “hope” is that most Americans won’t ask too many questions, won’t investigate beyond the surface and will rely on whatever Obama says, even when he says nothing or lies outright (both of which he’s doing and has done).

Because, unfortunately, many Americans won’t be reading the expose by Patterico, many will tune in for an hour and see this Obama Campaign worker claiming to be a doctor and will believe her, many will rely on Obama’s ongoing lies and never know the foul mess just beneath the surface: we mostly all want to believe Presidents.

Square-Red-Drk-MedObama’s Healthcare Credibility ‘Shot,’ Critics Say” from David A. Patten

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