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Be informed about the Dis-Informationalists. Obama wants you, me and everyone to “report” (or, “flag”) anything that is deemed to be “fishy” in regards any American who may not be entirely committed to Obama.

Don’t buy the smearing that the Dis-Smearformationalists are smearing: if it reeks of fish, it’s their chum.

chum (chm), n.
Bait usually consisting of oily fish ground up and scattered on the water.
v. chummed, chum·ming, chums
To fish with such bait.
To lure (fish) with such bait.

If you disagree or even hum a low-toned doubting melody about the politics and plans of Barack Obama, the Democrats want you reported and flagged — the penalty for such, (the “third step” in this process as of today) is not yet announced but since they’ve formulated the first two steps, can there be any doubt that the final, third step will be unreasonable and lacking credibility in the context of a Republic, ours.

Among the stinking chum by the Democrats in just the past week:

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Obama’s Report-Who-You-Suspect Flap-Flounder:

Obama wants Americans to report anyone to the White House who is suspected of not supporting Obama “Health Care” — most Americans by this hour recognize that as utter creepiness, also utter crap, though I’m sure this website has been “reported” a long time ago, what with this site’s consistent confrontation of the Obama-counter-America politic. In fact, each and every article and graphic in those regards posted on this site for the past several years becomes more applicable with every passing week.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Barbara Boxer’s Denigration of Americans’ “Attire”:

Senator Barbara Boxer (D/CA) thinks Americans can’t possibly be sincerely involved in nationwide protests as to the growing outrage about the so-called Obama “Health Care” plan because, so Boxer snitted yesterday, those speaking out about this issue are too well dressed. That means Boxer thinks Americans, when we’re genuinely Americans, look awful, can’t possibly be well “attire(d)” (and if you are well attired, then there’s something about you that should be reported to the DNC and Obama).

Democrats just that Americans are more than beyond patient with the Democrats currently in Washington. Democrats are being “yelled at” at townhall meetings nationwide because Americans are more than angry with the horrible acts (today, here, listed but a very few of those, mere tip of the iceberg) by these Democrats.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded From the Windows of Her Mind: Nancy Pelosi Lies Again, This Time About “Swastikas”:

Another despicable but sadly insane lie from Representative Nancy Pelosi (D/CA), who said, when asked about the nationwide protests by Americans over Obama’s so-called “Health Care” plan, called Americans “astroturf” then said that those sub-human pieces of plastic nothingness (you and me and many millions more of Americans) were carrying “swastikas”.

Nancy Pelosi receives a great deal of worn but patient waiting out by most Americans — she truly does test even the most tolerant of minds and hearts but she’s elderly and “under pressure” in the House so many people resort to eye-rolls where Pelosi is concerned and leave it at that, pending her imminent retirement it is hoped — but this latest snidely from Pelosi is something akin to icing on a very big Crazy Cake.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded Reliably Outraged, Fomentor of Falsehoods and Fabulous Fears Again Reliably Distorts: “Lanny Davis Wants You Photographed and Investigated

Just when it sorta’maybe’kinda’ looked like Democrat Agitator Lanny Davis had adapted to a regiment of Calming Pills, he again lapses into his Communist-Manifesto Attack of all Americans who he thinks just might not be gung-ho on the latest round of Democratic Communism.

Update (08/07/09): Lanny Davis says he’s been misunderstood.

Square-Red-Drk-Rounded More: there’s a growing list of excellent articles, posts and graphics available with far more details than this site could post in one entry, so I encourage all interested to go access this (growing) post at Free Republic — it contains links to hundreds of posts that substantiate the few points posted here and so much more. Start with the later, more current page link and read back a few pages to capture all the content from just the past few days.


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