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Reading an online publish of THE LAST CENTURION by author, John Ringo. I’ll buy a copy of the book but for tonight, reading it online. Suggest others do so, too.

Caution: not PG-language, should that sort of thing bother anyone. But the fascinating story and blunt, harsh-talk is set in a very credible, possible near-future when mankind has faced and some have survived the next pandemic, or “Great Plague” (“H5N1”), which occurred in that near-future in coincidence with a dimming Sun (and thus, a vastly cooled planet Earth, affecting all resources mankind today deems necessary for survival, at least what we’re accustomed to in present time).

The website for this book describes a mini-series of the story told by the author in the future after the events have occured, as does the book. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal has an article and video report about (other) up-coming Hollywood filmed renditions of human survivors amidst and after global and mankind disasters, among comments about that report was found a link to THE LAST CENTURION.

And read Chapter Six (“Daddy Is Under the Roses“), very closely.

Update: Found a hardcover edition available on

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