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I’ve been modifying my GALLERY website ( in all of it’s areas: domain name registration (a transfer for my convenience), web hosting (relocation, again for my convenience) and site redesign, nearly complete (the Graphics Directory remains as-yet not completed because it requires a great deal of time to do so — accordingly, I’m going to manage that task a bit at a time over the next two months). That Graphics Directory pending, otherwise, the GALLERY site is redesigned and relocated effective today.

I’m now hosting both my two domains — (BIRD, Blog site, you are here) and (Gallery site) — at because they are an excellent webhost.

About webhosting:

To anyone who has issues at and with other hosts, I highly suggest you open an account at Living Dot and allow their exceptional Technical Support to set you up there. They consistently perform with no server/site down times, no unresolved questions, immediate and very polite responses to any/all inquiries and requests, great cpanel features to enable client full-site management, billing consistencies, near-to-immediate account setup, blogging/publishing software installations and upgrade management, full array of alternative scripts for client selection and implementation, so just all things considered, can’t ask for any more in a hosting provider than Living Dot provides.

About my overall goal with all my domains: get the domains and related site contents hosted in a consistent manner to reduce a lot of user confusion experienced when hosting several domains/sites on disparate configurations, including domain registrations and all things related. So that goal is now realized as of a few hours ago today. Few things are more taxing and irritating when you have two or more domains with sites and the host and/or name registrant is unreliable in any way. So completing better organization of all of that involved, as finished today, is a big relief.

I will return to blogging (here) tomorrow.

Taking a moment, also, to update my experiences with domain registration as I complained a few years ago about the issues experienced earlier have been long-since resolved and I’ve now managed to locate both my current domains with to my complete management satisfaction ( has vastly improved their website and their name registration/management functionality, and their customer service responses to my recent requests have been immediate and handled very well).

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