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225wde_IWANTITNOW_wframeThe healthcare we so deperately neeed” is the ouotcry from Barack Obama and associated troubled minds as to just why “the Obama Health Care Plan” just has to be done NOW — asked on a broadcast panel moments ago why, since our nation’s healthcare issues are so important, why not take (at least) “until September to get a bill (that is supportable by most),” one of those Obama-Healthcare-Addicts said, plaintively, insistently, “because we won’t get the healthcare we so desperately neeeed.”

No explanation by that individual was made as to what “need(ed)” healthcare (NOWWW) would not be avaible in September.

Wouldn’t some sort of specialized “healthcare pool” for the desperate be reasonable to be establishd in these times such that they could and would see that “desperate need” is met while the bigger picture of national healthcare standards and opportunities for care were addressed very carefully over as much time as is necessary in order to arrive at intelligent decisions for “the nation”?

What about that sort of specialized healthcare pool isn’t possible? Why not create a process that is available to and only available to illegal aliens, since the illegal alien population in the U.S. is said to be a great deal of who and what is pushing this “healthcare neeeed (do it NOWWW). Why not establish programs in major cities and within access of wherever the greater populations of illegal aliens reside in the U.S. that illegal aliens would be required to use instead of our nation’s emergency rooms? That process could get them out of our nation’s hospital emergency rooms, which is a very big part of where the “emergency” “economic” strain is originating as to our national healthcare concerns.

Because ruining standards of care, reducing opportunities for care and eliminating options of medical care courses for mostly the elderly and the disabled U.S. citizens is an indecent goal.

And that’s the indecent goal of the Obama Healthcare DOITNOWWW Plan is attempting to do: radically reduce payments to physicians for Medicare patients (most of those the retired/elderly and the disabled whether elderly/retired or not), combined with overtaxing the healthy while reducing their options for any medical care at all (which they’ll be required to pay for anyway, without regard for any services received while, worse, reducing services available – a general consumer ripoff) — ruining standards of care, reducing options for medical course of care, underserving the citizens of the United States in order to CREATE benefits of healthcare for illegal aliens, which is about a corrupt as possible process as ever I’ve heard.

When payments to physicians are reduced or even required of them to be stagnant while costs of services overall continue to increase, then there’ll be, obviously, a reduction of the quality of medical skill available over time (sooner than later) for increasing numbers of persons. That’s a basic principle from the supply-and-demand model: reducing reward for effort reduces the effort applied. Eventually (sooner than later), those who do the heaviest of lifting seek out areas of industry (opportunities) whereby their heaviest of lifting reaps a better reward and makes for a more rewarding result for those who consume or patronize their heaviest of lifting.

Nurses, for example, the more specialized nurses such as R.N.s — but generally all nurses — undergo a challenging educational process.

But compared to the educational and training process that M.D.s experience and the better ones specialize in, the nursing experience is a walk among daisies. If you’ve never had to succeed (and not just exceed at but excel) in a course of even undergraduate Organic Chemistry while also excelling (if you expect any admissions to a medical school later) at Physiology and a number of other requirements, all in six to eight weeks, then you really have no idea just what the challenges are that people who make it to and through medical school face even before completing a medical residency.

THEN they have to excel in order to survive in a commercial context by practicing their skills. Compared to a two-year course of education to become an L.V.N., physicians are, indeed, many of those among us humans who do, indeed, not only complete but excell at the heaviest of lifting.

Physicians must continue to be rewarded when and as they continue to complete perhaps the most rigorous educational course we humans have yet devised. Engineering is equally difficult but an engineer doesn’t have to complete Anatomy and then compete for a medical residency program (and to excell at that program afterward) on oftentimes no sleep in two, three days, and doing so for a very long time.

No, physicians — the ones that are ethical and manage to complete their education and training up to standards — merit our nation’s reward and continued respect. It is from this most difficult course of education and hard work that the most dedicated and most intellectually curious people become medical doctors in either clinical practice or research, and it is from clinical practice and research that our actual standards of just what healthcare is becomes even adequate for most, much moreso excellent for many. And our U.S. innovations and standards of healthcare are and remain the best in the world and that is mostly due to the fact that those doing the heaviest lifting can still receive the better rewards for their efforts.

Talent overall, along with the opportunities and solutions that talent creates, is reduced when you reduce the rewards. More people can’t locate a doctor when they need one, the ones they do locate won’t accept them and/or once an available doctor is seen, you pay a bill for his/her time but receive no to little care.

The OPPORTUNITIES of and for healthcare — standards of treatment, opportunities for treatment, the availability of options of treatment that solves most or many medical concerns — exist only because those heaviest of lifters were incentivized to remain engaged in that heaviest of lifting. This is basic commerce: quality of product/service is created and maintained when there’s a reasonable reward for the difficulties of creating and maintaining quality and adequate consumers of that product/service at the costs involved.

Obama’s apparent addictive demand for immediate (DOITNOW) legislation to substantially alter our functional healthcare system (it is still functional despite the complaints, though I recognize a need to revise and amend, I don’t recognize a demand to do so immediately, to rush a conclusion without first removing the liabilities and detrimental aspects such as Obama’s “Plan” involves), Obama’s demands for immediate results indicates he is intolerant as to a quality result. He just wants his fix, he wants a shot, he wants it now, he just wants it, do it.

225wde_SubstanceAbuseObama and other Democrats involved in this “Obama Plan” are not focused on the results, they just want the deed done. Or, more cryptically possible, they want it done while focused on the impending disaster they’ll create by doing it NOWWW and the plan is to just sink the notion of quality while forcing taxpayers into a greater subservience to what would then be a very, very dark future.

Wrecking healthcare seems to be Obama’s plan, in other words, if he’s thought his current behavior through and has an eye on any results because wrecking our nation’s healthcare (and medical) system and standards would be the only result such irrational demands would create.

I was extremely pleased to read the recent statement from the Mayo Clinic about this Plan-to-Wreck by Obama. I’ve been opining for a while now that no rush-result by any rush-plan simply by numbers (“healthcare for all”) implies (nearly certainly will result in) a reduced quality of care if not a removal of care for most.

As the Mayo Clinic points out, Obama’s Plan seeks a process by which medical standards are reduced if not eliminated for many: people may get “insurance” but they won’t receive much despite being required to pay for it, and, what they might receive from that “insurance” would be, as Obama has said, perhaps “a pill” and withhold treatment any more complex than that: you get your fix, someone else pays for it.

(I note here that Obama seems oblivious to just how it is that those “pill(s)” even exist at all: due to Capitalism and innovation based upon competitive conditions. So much of our current pharmacological options exist only because there’s a commercial reward for the talent who set about seeking solutions — eliminate those rewards, the options again are reduced, fewer innovations result).

The goal of medicine is to seek, create and apply what is an effective treatment to an impairment of a medical condition. Creating a or any “insurance program” that simply provides a plan without regard for what care is provided through that plan — particularly what opportunities for care are reduced if not withheld — is the current character of Obama’s Plan. His eyes are on some immediate fix without regard for the immediate damage that fix will create.

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