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So this “Marc Lamont Hill, PhD.” guy on O’Reilly just concluded his absurdly awful (and undefinable meme-reliant dependent) spiel today about “the racial component” — so Hill declares — that characterises “White people” regarding Micheal Jackson, targeting the outrageously irrational escapade going on at present surrounding the death of, and today’s “ceremony” for and about, Michael Jackson. Hill just concluded his spiel in denigrating “White people” as manifesting “a racial component” with this racist statement:

“(Michael Jackson) is undeniably Black.”

That was Hill’s conclusive “acceptability” factor as he expressed it as to who and what Michael Jackson “was” after Hill took several minutes to chastise “White people” about “the racial component to their condemnation (and/or criticism, since he used both words) of Michael Jackson.”

The big thing about persons of Negroid DNA who ascribe to this same mindset as does Hill is that they point this “racist” finger of THEIRS at Caucasians. And are blind as to from whom and just how their very issue of “racism” begins: themselves.

While they instigate and rely on statements that are racialist in nature: “the Black community” and “White people” who they claim are bad-this, bad-that, doing-all that they — people of Negroid DNA who attempt to sell this nonsense — deem outside their self-segregated kind.

There is no way that Michael Jackson was heroic, contrary to what I heard today earlier from the likes of the notoriously racist Al Sharpton, from whence today’s escapade in ludicrous showbusiness-by-mortality I hope soon concludes, if not already, as to this nuttiness about Jackson’s passing.

Michael Jackson had an UNNATURAL — in the perverse sense — attachment and use of children (“use” meaning, intentional exploitation of a prurient nature, one that uses children for self-gratification.

Even if not explicitly sexual — as the defenders of Jackson maintain against a great deal of evidence that suggests there was, indeed, sexual exploitation and use of children by Jackson — the fact that Jackson had explicit physical and emotional, exploitive contact with many children is more than enough to classify him as a sexual predator of children.

Thus, described is the exploitation of the person and body of another human being for personal gratification without regard for the impact rendered upon he or she who is exploited. Short-term, children respond to favoritism and every adult is aware of that, but long-term, the USE of children for adult gratification is simply a violation of childrens’ boundaries as it also is an indication of an adult with a troubled mind.

Understood is that Jackson was a member of an unusually twisted family structure, the self-proclaimed victim of childhood and even adult abuse by his father (a Black man, by the way, as also Jackson’s mother), he supported, so the facts reveal recently, his entire siblings throughout their adult lives as also his parents (all of whom are Black), the man, Michael Jackson, was so much in debt that his financial irresponsibility exceeds most failed businesses — not an indication of any individual who is heroic, not even approaching heroism — he selected-out white males and white females to bear children for him who he paid millions for while then denying those children any relationship with their biological parents…

The list goes on and on in regards Michael Jackson’s mental and character decrepitude and, in all due respect to his surviving family members, how can anyone dare to call this guy “heroic”? And worse, today’s big-do from Los Angeles in Jackson’s behalf proclaims Jackson as “a hero to the Black community.”

Whoever this “Black community” actually is, they are in desperate need of enlightenment and awareness if Michael Jackson meets that standard in their perceptions. Everyone needs a hero, every group needs someone or ones to admire and look up to, but a man who, at the age of fifty years old, who had Micheal Jackson’s cryptic personality and twisted ethics — and I don’t care if he once danced and sang well, that’s not the issue here (nor does doing either or both make one a “hero”) — is more what most reasonable people would deem a sordid, troubled, deeply disturbed person to avoid, certainly from whom to keep children away, and not someone who had earned any respect from any broad community.

This entire escapade about Micheal Jackson does point out, however, just how extremely disturbed this entire “Black community” mantra is. To whoever raises, again and again, their unsupportable complaint about “White people” somehow being responsible for difficulties anyone who may or may not be “Black” experiences, let them look no farther than the end of their finger they’re pointing in the wrong direction and let them turn it around and look at themselves instead.

Or else accept without complaint all forms of racially segregating “community” efforts and intents because in my view, there’s no special pass to be racist just because someone’s of Negroid genetics. One either rejects racism in perspectives and racialist mentality in social structures, or, one doesn’t. Being “Black” doesn’t mean it’s fine to be racist and segregate in racial supremacy, any more than being “White” does.

Most Caucasians have addressed racism by this date and hour. Most Blacks, from what I see today, have remained way back there in the Racist 19th Century, segregating, hating, pointing at, accusing…people paler than themselves, which makes it entirely racialist, imagining there’s some in-class in-community called “Black” that no one else qualifes for or, worse, “understands.”

I think most of us outside that group understand racism and we know it when we see and hear it. Today, I saw it, I heard it.

Michael Jackson was no hero then, he’s no hero now. He was a twisted, troubled, immensely disturbed man who died from a self-inflicted drug overdose after decades of substance abuse, untreated mental (and spiritual) illness, after a life led demanding indecent access through the sensitive boundaries of others (while, then, complaining that people wouldn’t “leave him alone”), who was responsible for extreme and ongoing inconsiderations of other human beings.

If he’d have intended a quiet, kind, heroic and considerate life, he’d have led one: he didn’t.

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