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Happy Independence Day. Many of us this day are experiencing happiness for our nation while also recognizing that a number of the Leftwing are thrilled to have — in their perceptions — brought about the end of this nation as it’s been known: their glee represents their enthusiasm for destroying the nation, not in the nation’s continued survival.

320wde_SUCKERS-Leftwing Like aphids, then, the Leftwing, fed and fat on it’s ability to suck the life out of others, including the United States of America: make it wilt, make it wither, be a nation of a new kind, eat up what tasted great but now is not being replanted. Enter an Aphid competing for She-Who-Sucks-Most, then, Maureen Dowd, and her biting, stinging, irrational foaming of the rabies-sort-at-the-mouth-from-an-infected-aphid, her latest sucking article — if it can ever be called “an article” by anyone not among her nest of other sucking, biting insects — enter her foaming and ugly piece denegrating Sarah Palin.

In keeping with the Hive of Suckers, however, Dowd does live up to her (and the Sucking Hive’s) need to suck. The Left has some imperative in that they must suck to live, and Dowd does not disappoint.

Unfortunately for those of us who chose to thrive by not sucking on the lives of others, our challenge is to both grow tall despite the infestation but to also develop as much anti-suckin-aphids adaptations and applications as possible to do so.

I used to think Maureen Dowd sucked but could not possibly suck any more than she did several years ago when she was stuck on the ankle of George Bush, feeding away, sucking. Now I realize that she continues to suck like a bloated Queen-Hopeful aphid, giving Michelle Obama a run for the honey (others who suck such as Rosie O’Donnell and Janine Garafalo, they’re in the underbelly of the hive, still sucking, but now supporting the Queenier suckers on their backs, poor things).

However, the Leftwing media in general earns the “Sucking Hive” award for even tolerating in their midst what appears to be about a 99.9% suckage rate among it’s Hive-kind.

Also of note this day: the Vanity Fair hit-piece on Palin from last week, which won the “I’m A Giant Sucking Ass” award for the sucker who wrote it; as to the publication, I long ago tossed the only book I ever bought written by a Vanity Fair contributor into the garbage, not even taking it back to the merchant for a refund, not wanting it to attach itself onto anyone else. and the publication? I think it didn’t suck long, long ago, perhaps approaching two decades ago when it was stuck on celebrity; it adapted itself into a Sucking Hive sometime in the ’90’s, however, and it’s never been cleared of that infectious, ugly adaptation since. Publishing sucking articles by writers who also suck is not a good way to go about not sucking, for any publisher.

Happy Fourth of July, you who do not suck and are not among the Leftwing Hive of Ugly Suckage. My perception and instinct on Sarah Palin is that she has a very high popularity rating as to the upcoming Presidency of 2012 and the Leftwing Suckers are just insanely desperate for something to suck about it. So they try to suck harder. Take a look, even a casual look, at the publications by which these Leftwing Suckers opine: the publications also suck, which completes the Sucking Hive of the Left. The American public doesn’t care for their publications, they don’t care for the Leftwing Suckers who exercise increased suckage in those sucking publications, the entire Hive fails to realize that they’re unpopular because: they suck.

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