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Representative Pete King (R/NY) is right about this, as he is also accurate:

Rep. Peter King said Jackson — whom he called a “lowlife” — is being glorified in the days after his death while society ignores the efforts, of teachers, police officers, firefighters and veterans.

In the two-minute video, King claims the “day in and day out” coverage of Jackson’s death is “too politically correct.”

“Let’s knock out the psychobabble,” King said in the video taped outside an American Legion Hall on New York’s Long Island. “He was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country? I just think we’re too politically correct.” (Read the full article.)

Few people ever want to or enjoy speaking ill of the dead — it’s not as if people clamored to speak badly about Michael Jackson for anything approaching enjoyment or glee at the act, if at all. Rather, to the contrary, people (most of us) have remained silent about Jackson’s demise except through to these later days when the issue of this guy’s passing has become something of a totem with irrational terms by irrational terms by users of this disturbed man’s — Jackson’s — person. It’s become a statement of a disturbed society that Michael Jackson would be suddenly such a deal and particularly so in death and under what circumstances in his demise. It speaks exceptionally awfully about many people who are participating in this, in what appears to be a mass hysteria.

320wde_OMG-JacksonJuiceBatBoy The ongoing intoxication by the Left in regards Michael Jackson’s death is too much and that includes the vapid, deluded press along with a number of the to-be-expected Leftwing-posers who are so reliably present whenever there’s anything that occurs in our society that involves either or both a person of Negroid DNA or one of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. We start hearing and reading and hearing and reading and hearing and reading about hugely-big-special-extra-big-huge-attributes that do not actually exist in relationship with the individuals the Left affixes itself onto in a public relations mania in order to bolster an issue that is necessary to conceal or promote a Leftwing political objective, either in Congress (but usually in Congress) or in the culture associated with Leftwing political expediency (also in Congress but in use of the media, particularly) or with and in both.

Over and over again, a person’s defining statistics of a moment or season are used to either promote a Leftwing political objective or conceal one.

The Democrats, the political Left, including the tool-media, uses the issues or race, ethnicity and gender to opine incessantly toward goals that they seek legislatively: they use individuals as figureheads to represent — always sympathetically — a victim-class that will then, so the public relations scheme goes, induce an emotional lot to be swayed toward supporting or ignoring some political plan or plans the Left “needs” in order to accomplish increased “Leftwing-ism”.

It happens with every appointment, every candidacy, every opportunity to seize upon a vulnerability among Conservatives, with every useful media-head who compliments or submits usefully to a Leftwing need for a victim, or, rather, a figurehead to put atop some victimization sentiments: this week it’s Michael Jackson who is surprisingly and suddenly “Black” to “the Black community” after the guy spent most of his life, so he even admitted, trying to surgically alter his Negroid features, bleach his dark skin and pay for Caucasian children he could use as “his” children (and he didn’t even adopt the three children he’s been raising, who he paid surrogate parents to bring into this world); Jackson, then, was certainly not a guy who was “issue-less” as to his DNA and culturally was certainly not proud of representing any “Black community” or otherwise: his closest friends, White, those he idolized, White and most of them female fetales, his favorite mascara, for Heaven’s sake, Maybelline, that powerhouse residue of all that is Bleached, Blonde and Powdery, not to mention his Caucasian-hair wigs (though color of black, not at all Negroid in texture). His home? A replica of an English manor with statues of Caucasian children around the grounds…the list is a long one of culture that Jackson was obviously quite desperate to inhabit and I am mystified how any of that represents “the Black community” or even, at this point, just who and what that “Black community” even is that he’s supposed to, today, according to many Leftwingers, heroically represent.

320wde_OMG-JacksonJuiceBatBoy It’d be somewhat expected for an emotionally disturbed and disturbing figure such as Jackson to induce among his fans a sort of heightened anxiety that he’d pass away, for the only reason that he possessed media celebrity: his fame would overrule reason, people would hyperventilate about a presence they merely imagined, happens all the time about media personalities. And therein it should, reasonably, remain, combined with genuine grief from his relatives and friends.

But to have an entire media stuck in some sort of zombie-drunken state over this one celebrity entertainer is beyond bizarre, beyond irrational, it’s sick. It reveals a truly ill and distempered corroboration among media, entertainment, mega-millions/billions-driven handlers seeking their payback for Jackson’s massive indebtedness and the predictable Democrats in our government rushing in to capitalize upon this one disturbed entertainer’s death such that they can both make greater media exposure and make for absurd attempts to further exploit the public.

So Michael Jackson died – of an apparent drug overdose, so it’s most likely, after years of substantial drug abuse of controlled substances. He suffered terribly in his lifetime but, from what it appears, at his own hand for most of the conditions that caused him such suffering, in addition to at the hand of two parents who treated him terribly (so was his experience he related, as to his father — that his mother was also present but did not prevent the abuse and/or remove the child from the abuser, however, during what Jackson said was an abusive childhood also speaks very badly about her).

Obviously, Michael Jackson was mentally and spiritually disturbed. I can’t speak well of any of the stories I’ve read about his life and behaviors, nor about the man’s “talent” — though his dance moves earlier in his life were stunning, the greater part of his adult performances, grabbing his privates and grinding his pelvis back and forth with an ugly grimace on his face, was more than disturbing, certainly ugly, not at all what I’d ever describe as “talented” to any commendable degree. A few of his songs were moving, a few of them. But the same can be said of hundreds of thousands of other entertainers: The Big Bopper, remember him? Patsy Cline, remember her? Roy Orbison, an entire lifetime of consistently big hits, remember him? Not a child molestor in the lot to name but three here, contrary to Michael Jackson’s indecent lifetime of escapades.

I’m SURE Jackson did some good things in his lifetime. I doubt anyone would claim he’d never contributed anything good and even decent over this fifty-year-lifetime and with all that massive wealth he at some time had at his disposal (and he disposed of it in addition to leaving a massive debt, so he also failed to manage himself materially in a fashion most adults could respect).

320wde_OMG-JacksonJuiceBatBoy But, to read that members of Congress are today using public resources to rattle on about the glories of Michael Jackson, the President actually making a public statement about him earlier in the week (though it took about four days for President Obama to even acknowledge an act of piracy with an American citizen held hostage off Africa’s coast, for starters, Obama was ready on the day after Jackson’s death with a public statement praising the guy), to read that “civil rights leaders” (so their cultural-memes state they are) are going on in excess for days and using international media to work the death of this guy — all of these, Leftwingers, Democrats, many of them Negroid or otherwise notorious users of racialism in that ongoing demand for more victimization-creation I earlier described here — this is beyond ill, it’s truly mass hysteria, it’s desperation, it’s irrationality to such a heightened extent that it’s proving incapability by the Left to even comprehend normalacy or reason.

Rep. King is right about Jackson: he was a sexual exploiter and abuser of children — even what Jackson and his appeasers attempt to say “wasn’t abuse” was abuse: nakedness and exposure of bodies with children not his own (and even with his own, would still represent an abusive situation in many of the acts that were revealed that Jackson engaged in with children), the use of children for self-gratifying “entertainment” by Jackson, inducing children to drink alcohol and enjoy it as some sort of holy act or religiously-aligned deed…I could go on but it’s sickening to even type this stuff out, and THAT is how disturbed both Jackson was and those people are today who have this week promoted Jackson as some sort of idol to be made historically immortalized by our nation if not the world.

Who is or was more disturbed, then? Jackson or the disturbed people today who promote such evil, such sickness, as something to be admired?

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