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275wde_TwoDunces-CapNTrade-NatlHealth How many voters does it take to get the United States Congress (and Executive Branch) to respond to the voters’ opinions? Democrats — and Barack Obama — “won” but their concept of that “win” is to do whatever they want to do without regard for anything (or anyone) else. They’re running over the American public by a minority of voting citizens — Obama did not “win” the Presidency by a majority of the American voters, just by a majority of those who did vote and those only amounted to a minority of the American voters all-total, so his “win” isn’t representational of the majority of the American public, and I’m guessing that that’s also the case with the Democrats currently in Congress who are running neck-and-neck with Obama in working to do, apparently, anything and everything they fancy. It’s the latest version of political gluttony, which, unfortunately for the United States of America (and us the citizens), is a hotheaded, hardheaded version of Communism/Marxism steamrolling all over what was written into existence as a republic: this U.S.A.

If these were responsible people, individuals representing and representative of the American public overall, who could be relied upon to lead our nation (that’s us, the people) forward with care and consideration and dutiful planning, but this current lot in Congress (and the Obama White House) are not looking (at all) like people who exercise much to any care and certainly do lack consideration of others, as to where our nation is headed. No, what they’re working with drugged fervor toward is something I’d define as a kingdom of a committee, some sort of walled-off prestige-land for themselves, the Democrats, that excludes all the rest of us. It’s not a nation as a republic they respect, it’s their need to possess the property of others, to command and monkey with it, that seems to motivate them: not cavalierly, either, but with rogue presumption. They don’t care what the citizens think or feel, or what our futures might be, they care about what they want — “they” meaning the current Democrats and the Obama White House included.

The so-called “health care” debate is being banged over the citizens’ heads by extremely wealthy Democrats in the Senate who are not in touch, nor illustrate any desire to be in touch, with the lives of people who live normally and that includes many citizens living from one paycheck at a time to the next, or, on a retirement chunk that isn’t growing but is withering away due to reduced value weekly — and once gone, it’s not going to be recreated even if the economy improves later, not when it’s not being amplified or replenished with new deposits as with most retired individuals: no more income years leaves people with where they began retirement, with what they started with, if that, to last the rest of their lives. And many Americans with employment income do live on a monthly budget, even those with excess sufficient to take annual vacations, own and manage their own homes, continue to save and pay for their childrens’ educations and overall expenses themselves.

In D.C., we see the loudest proponents of these exorbitantly awful if not utterly ridiculous bits of massive legislation — that will reshape our nation terribly and permanently, called Cap’n’Trade and the absurdly mislabelled “National Healthcare” effort, as if there was to be any care for much that would be healthy involved — we see the loudest proponents of these awful plans among the wealthiest members of the U.S. Congress who have never known strife or struggle economically and live far beyond the reality of accountability and limitations that the average if not most Americans experience.

Ted Kennedy rationalizes all sorts of pork in the so-called “National Health Care” legislation as being necessary to “make people healthy” such as construction costs, lay more bricks, shovel more, yadda-yadda-yadda, just funnel even more payments from the taxpayers to the Leftwing, Democratic Party donors, the unions. Under the ruse of it being “for health care,” per Ted Kennedy and other Democrats like him, the taxpayers are being told they’ll be funding more union construction chores; Kennedy, a man born into vast wealth and continues to have the use of great wealth, who has lived like a lazy rodent most of his life without regard or appreciation for the human body, suddenly going gung-ho on forcing taxpayer dollars to fund “trails” and other infrastructure as if millions of dollars for a trail is going to be used by the general public to cure cancer and liver failure or resolve medical research, or, specifically, to bring about “health” for the American public. How stupid are these Democrats that they actually use our public dollars and years in Congress to insist on nonsense such as this? Are there really people who believe their rubbish?

If Kennedy just got up before the nation and lucidly admitted he wants a Communist committee as government, he wants the Unions on the taxpayer payroll (no questions asked) (and they don’t have to pay taxes, special access and all the rest), that laws are for the stupid people, I think he’d be far more respectable than he is now when he as with other Democrats make preposterous lies presented as some sort of holy truth which everyone else, or nearly everyone else, can clearly recognize as hype, heckling and hogwash.

And is there so much as one person among the voting American public who would ever use Ted Kennedy to reference ANYthing reasonable about “health care,” what with his individual history of abuses? Suddenly he’s opining from Congress as an expert on what makes people “healthy”: funding unions, according to Kennedy.

Then there’s John Kerry, what with his billions of dollars of wealth accessible to him and his, who lacks nor never has lacked any ability to purchase anything he could ever imagine, including, if he wanted to, other human beings, human organs, you name it, he could buy it. He’s up on the Hill lecturing the American public about why we need to reduce overall standards so as to make things “fair,” as if he even understands what “fair” is in the lives of the average citizen and consumer.

And of course most people by this hour have read about Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and so many more Democrats who possess such wealth and assume such social and economic privilege while they lack any understanding of what life is like without those advantages: the average person does not have their ability to fly around the world with little to no pre-planning and financial question — having the taxpayers greatly pay for about ninety-percent of travel expenses, private planes at the ready night and day, staffs awaiting, bank balances that don’t have to be monitored much at all (someone else does that).

These Democrats are not aware or even curious about how it is that most people manage to contend with plumbing costs on their one home or deal with a new transmission when needed on an emergency basis, or even buy a car at all: Barney Frank and his corrupt and irrational, ridiculous use and abuse of taxpayer dollars to redirect home ownership — perpetually, crazily, without responsibility — to persons who cannot afford those homes themselves; Frank’s solution is to avoid responsibility for the wreckage of our nation’s financial system that he’s extremely responsible for and to insist on continuing that disaster by continuing his horrible, irrational plans.

All of that, the use and abuse of other people’s money for purposes of pursuing Democrats’ notions about what oughta’ be like a board game, without actual understanding or accountability for the results: they force notions or fancies on the American public that bear trillions of dollars of indebtedness and reduction of quality of life for all Americans without responsibility for these dreadful results.

I wrote months ago — back in 2008 — that Barack Obama was lying about his plans for Medicare and he still was elected to the Presidency. Now it’s revealed that he lied about his plans for Medicare, so my instincts and insights were right: he’s going to gut Medicare to reduce payments to doctors and availability of services in doing so, because the “old people” are expected to perish: illegal aliens and children of illegal aliens need the resources, so the Democrats are reasoning but not stating as plainly as I just did, so the aged among our American citizens should just go away and perish, so it’s looking the plans are from and among the Democrats.

Cap’n’Trade is as awful but of course as to other issues, yet still affected by these same delusional persons in Congress and the White House. An example is Rep. Henry Waxman, who co-wrote this monster called “Cap’n’Trade” or the Waxman-… Bill, an excessively spoiled, self-indulgent man representing Beverly Hills, CA, a man saturated in a self-gratifying and exceptionally resentful of others environment, from a land where everyone else pays and he owes nothing: arrogant, cruel, judgmental and possessive, certainly not someone who is indicative of one who would lead our nation to a heroic future, but a man who is bent on fouling and destructing any who he suspects may be rocking his wealthy-enclave boat, a person spoiled to such an extent that he despoils others. Waxman is certainly not an individual who has vision or scope and certainly fails at representing the points of view of the “ordinary” American, which “ordinary” Americans I imagine he finds quite annoying if not repugnant. Like I wrote already: an arrogant man.

Arrogant Democrats, all of them. What’s worse, they’re receiving a bowed submission from the RINO contingent among the GOP in Congress, people, all of them, without regard for what the lives and responsibilities are of the average American, not a one of them — the RINO contingency — who is well regarded by their own constituencies, as most of the Democrats are not, either.

The Tea Party protests represent the “ordinary” Americans making peaceful statements about the same kind of displeasure I address here. Congress ignores our phone calls, faxes and emails; whoever it is who votes them into office has to be corrupt as he and she who they’re voting for because America, in general, and I venture to guess by majority of voters, no longer recognizes this current Congress and White House as a group leading us where we want to go. Because they don’t have to pay for it, and, I strongly doubt, would.

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