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TROOPATHON 2009: Watch today’s broadcast LIVE! on HOT AIR (Andrew Breitbart hasn’t shaved his head yet), video/phone-ins from the Troops in Iraq and so much more.

Filmed interview with Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Gary Sinisea real live genuine American hero, Lt. Dan himself — is on right now (he’s suggesting interested viewers visit to check where and when the film he produced — as Directed by Jake RademacherBROTHERS AT WAR, can be seen).

Care packages still available, so if you haven’t purchased one or some yet, go do so now (see link to the right –> embedded in graphic).

Hot Air STEAMERS boiled into first place among the Blogger Team competition (“Blogger Shootout”) after having raised $23,829.53 in donations by way of our group (as of 5:45 PM PST today).

Here’s the rundown from the Blogger SHOOTOUT, all Blogger Teams:

Hot Air STEAMERS : $23,829.53
GREYHAWKS: $16,571.14
THE ANTI-JIHADISTS: $7,873.77 SYNCRO: $1,149.81
Family Security Matters: $849.91
Team COINS: $124.98

TOTAL CARE PACKAGES DONATIONS from all sources, 5:42 PM PST: $502,131.98 (and still counting).

Dot-Red-SML UPDATE, 06/26/09, 12:08 PM PST


Our leaders from the very beginning pulled off an inspiring win in our very first blogger shootout-congratulations to Ed Morrisey and his Hot Air Steamers team! After completing our final tabulation, the Hot Air Steamers brought in $24,704.36 for care packages!

Ron Winter and his Greyhawks pulled off second, bringing in an amazing $17,146.06-most in the final hours of the competition. Robert Spencer’s Anti-Jihadists came in third with $9,298.72 for care packages.

It was a fantastic competition, thank you for your participation-your hard work will go far in sending care packages to our brave troops overseas.

Mr. Syncro and Free Republic came in fourth with a total of $1,249.78 for care packages. And Ms. Nancy with Family Security Matters finished fifth, bringing in $849.91. And, Marc Danziger and his Team COINS finished in sixth with $124.98. But remember, everyone was a winner in this competition-and we’re so grateful for all your help! Thank you!


Erica Anderson
Move America Forward

I hope that our troops know just how much we love and support them.

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