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320wde_obama-trash dot-red-arrow1 Unsolicited email is Spam. A few weeks ago, I received an unsolicited email (“Spam”) from Barack Obama (“The White House” complete with letterhead simulation); that email was submitted to SpamCop.

Now I’ve received Spam from the likes of David Axelrod, which is also now submitted to SpamCop.

And, to no surprise, “sender does not wish to receive reports” about their Spam. What Spammer does?

Axelrod’s Spam wants me to know he’s “Special Assistant to the President” and that he wants me to “listen to the President’s speech” which, in asteroid proportions, was beamed over all airways yesterday broadcasting Barack Obama’s awful distortions of factual reality and violations of sound reason insisted worldwide.

I read parts of that speech — deplorable, gratuitously deplorable “moral equivalency” attempt at marrying nonsense with self-indulgence and with yet a third party, Obama’s religious perspectives that we aren’t supposed to identify correctly as he also does not — and I’ll write about that later this day.

Otherwise, it was impossible to not hear and view bits of that speech, given the global intrusions continuing from this Administration (and it pains me to even refer to Axelrod’s “special(ness)” and Obama’s amblings of monstrous proportions in that context, but there it is.

I’ve never requested to be contacted by anyone in or from “The White House” and I assure both senders, I don’t find their unsolicited contact to be either amusing or helpful. There’s been no sign-up by me with any Obama-or-Obama-or-Axelrod website or effort, certainly been no contact by me to them such that I’d be receiving a pretensive response, quasi or not, from that entire arm of the Leftwing Administration, nor campaign earlier or any other contact under ruse of “response”. I most decidedly will not want to do so at any future time, either, after these people depart the White House for whatever titling they may then award themselves in three years or so.

When future Administrations, thank God, are present in the White House, I’ll reconsider receiving emailed contact from the White House.

If this present Administration, as “The White House,” can’t control it’s desire to Spam American citizens (I am one), what hope is there they’re controlling other areas of inconsiderations, if not violations of the law? Sending Spam, by the way, is an act in violation of the law. You’d think the Obama Administration’s elaborately outrageous poobah, Cass Sunstein, could focus sufficiently to manage this Administration’s Spam problem, but, apparently his interests as Internet Czar are entirely also adapted to avoid behaving considerately in affronts to my email inbox. And Sender doesn’t care to receive complaints about their Spam. Irresponsible on all accounts.

However, as to this second Spam bit, and “special” David Axelrod as sender of it, it’s amusing that Axelrod’s described by Business Week as “the master of astroturfing.” Perhaps it’s time to include “master of Spamming” in his credits.

The Spamming continues so I’ve created a dedicated Page on this site that lists existing, ongoing Spam from the “Obama” White House; the Page will be updated as long as the Spam continues

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  1. EmileVernet says:

    Any theories on why only some Americans received this spam instead of everyone with e-mail? If we could find common denominators, perhaps we could learn something more. This is what I have figured out so far from what others have said:

    1) Everyone who was spammed did not so much as know about the whitehouse sites, much less ever clicked unto them. It is such a bald lie for Axelrod to claim in his opening line in those letters that he is replying to people who signed up as members of this fiasco.

    2) I received them in my gmail account and only my gmail account. So far, I know of no one who has received them in Yahoo mail or any of the Microsoft mail services.

    3) The Google connections between gmail and the Whitehouse are all over the news.

    I wasted time complaining to Google before I withdrew my gmail account. I applaud your efforts and concern enough to post your own findings on this outrageous business.
    It is difficult for me not to sometimes feel that they do things like this to try to break us down…make us feel intimidated and without any reasonable vestiges of privacy and control over our own lives left.

    It is not even true as long as one steadfastly refuses to play into any of it. They have simply added spamming as another weapon in their arsenal aimed at all that is good, true, and right.

  2. EmileVernet says:

    I see you received yours through Yahoo mail. That eliminates blaming gmail.

    Google’s search engine seems unlikely as a culprit because it is so widely used. Too many people use it carelessly and were not spammed.

    I read your other article. I send and receive e-mail to some Republican senators and congressmen. That and the fact that we appear to frequent many of the same websites appears to be the only common denominator that I have with you.

    However they got their mailing list put together, dirty tactics seem to have been necessary. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh got spammed? ;D

  3. -S- says:

    Hi, Emile: sorry to have posted your thoughtful and informative comments a day after you submitted them — I was away until just moments ago (late Sunday through most of today) and have only now reapproached the site and all things/any things internet.

    Any additional comments you may post will now no longer require moderation, so feel free. Welcome to BIRD.