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And they are contagious, so watch out.

This rotten disease is described by these symptoms:

Loss of the ability to read (or, impaired will to read — it’s reported that the infected actually refuse to read important material — the Cap’N’Trade Feevah affects both behavior and character, because symptoms observed among those affected in Congress and associated Executive Branch “won’t” read legislation before they spit it out on the public;

Square-Black Violent anti-social irrational behavior: some of the infected (Barney Frank, for example) have even struck out against anyone who has attempted to suggest they try to read; and,

Square-Black Delusions (among which are grandeur compounded with the belief that one is a titled, “royal” individual of supreme importance and abilities among society, manifesting in the belief that “desires are the same as facts” in attempts to exact behaviors from others under threat of punitive measures — threats and increased aggression — if these delusions among the infected are not affirmed by others.

Square-Black The disease, unfortunately, has percolated through certain business (General Electric and Goldman-Sachs, who appear to have been petri-dish brewers of the infection from whence it has spread outward among others eager to overfeed and consume nearly anything not highly protected against the infection) by inducing uncontrollable sucking of money and other resources from all that it affects and, even worse, by causing massive intellectual-and-cognitive-hemorrhaging by the newly-infected.

General Electric may be Patient Zero of this disease, while others among the Democrats in the House, Senate and White House are, also, under consideration for having been the transmission source or sources of this critical and disabling infection.

Read more about the grim affects of the Cap’N’Trade Feevah and try to avoid contact with those who have this disease:

Square-Black Friday Fun: How Fast Can Congress Read?

As to palliative measures available for the uninfected, the current suggestion is that every Democrat who is infected with the Cap’N’Trade Feevah — who has continued to display symptoms particularly as manifest in “voting to support Cap’N’Trade (Waxman-Markey Bill)” (also known as “the Climate Bill”) be voted out of office as soon as possible. Refusing to reward this disease by refusing all support to those infected seems to be the most effective solution to stamping-out this otherwise untreatable infection.


Cap’N’Trade was rammed through the House. Eight Republican Congresspeople voted for it — which provided the margin for this bill to pass — should be repudiated at the polls and otherwise by all voting Republicans and by the GOP.

Refuse all support for these eight House Republicans who voted for Cap’N’Trade in today’s vote:

Mary Bono Mack (CA), Mike Castle (DE), Mark Steven Kirk (IL), Leonard Lance (NJ), Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ), John McHugh (NY), Dave Reichert (WA), Chris Smith (NJ).

Square-Black Observations include the following first-person reports about the deplorable House conditions of today:

There was only one copy of the bill. When Republicans asked to see the most recent version, they were told NO.

Apparently, the first victim of the Cap-and-trade was the copy boy.

Even the stooges at the Washington Post haven’t read it. They haven’t changed anything about the key provisions.

I actually watched CSPAN. One congressman from Florida (Grayson) actually told Waxman on the floor — if you give me $50 million for my district I will vote for this. Waxman said — sure. So there was bribery #1.

Then some stooge from South Carolina gets up, says that as long as historical black colleges and unversities are given 10% of all the research, then he will vote for it. Waxman said — sure.

NEXT! The extortion went on all day. The Thugs spent our tax money like drunken sailors.

The middle class was sold down the river.

The media keeps spewing how “Spain did it”. Spain has 18.1% unemployment — is that the new motto, we beat Spain with higher unemployment!

Cornell1984 — 6/26/2009 5:47:59 PM

Closed rules. Midnight markups. Missing pages. No members given appropriate time to read and then debate the legislation that will exert massive influence on the everyday lives – and budgets – of every American citizen. But votes are forced by the majority and recorded by Representatives who never know for sure what they’re voting for.

The bill under consideration today (HR 2454 – Cap and Trade) is not even available on the floor of the House in a finished, fully integrated version (and it’s over 1300 pages), yet Pelosi has mandated a vote BEFORE she heads west for the 4th of July recess. Note the vote is being forced on a Friday as Congress concludes business until early July.

What that means is that NOBODY will be in town to answer the hundreds of questions important legislation like this would generate. So much for transparency. So much for inclusion in the legislative process. So much for campaign promises.

Prediction: 2010 will begin the saving of America…and Obama’s wings will be mercifully clipped. Republicans were wrong in many ways. Democrats are equally wrong, but at much greater cost.
ddnfla — 6/26/2009 5:30:22 PM

Square-Black The Bill (“Waxman-Markey,” “The Climate Bill” and/or “Cap’N’Trade”) is 1300 pages long, give or take, and it was delivered late last night to the House, where no one read it: Pelosi, et al., refused to allow Republicans to read it after delivering it in the middle of the night prior to the day of voting on it, while also breezing on past the fact that few to no Democrats would read it before voting for it.

Rep. Henry Waxman added 300 pages of amendments to the Waxman-Markey legislation (“Cap’N’Trade”) at 04:08 AM today. When other members of Congress asked to see the Legislation as it was to be considered for voting, they were told it wasn’t available.

200wde_Pelosi_Monarch The evil intents by Nancy Pelosi, et al., is that the House was and is to vote on legislation that no one has seen or read but she wants it done immediately so she can continue to roll in her corruption out of town.

The expectation is, however, obvious: feign some perpetually unexplained emergency, demand the votes, withhold the details, ruin the nation. So far, that is the legislative behavioral history by the Left in D.C.

At this point, there is doubt that Waxman-Markey (“Cap’N’Trade”) is Constitutional. Certainly Pelosi’s mismanagement of the House and her dictatorial behaviors as to legislation — with the Obama White House’s encouragement — are not looking to be anything anyone would equate with a Republic (nor our Republic).


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