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The United States of America is not being represented by a United States President, we are being exploited on monstrous terms by a treacherous politic courting “the redo of America” to suit other interests, not our own. Let’s put the blame where it lies and stop tippy-toeing around on little cat’s paws and calling that Clysdales-on-parade.

I thank Hannity for his broadcast tonight on FOX, because he and two of is guests (Kimberly Guilfoyle and Jonah Goldberg) among the five guests appearing on this broadcast, addressed two alarming statements made by Barry/Barack Obama.

Barack Obama has disparaged Americans who pose questions about what Obama’s religious beliefs were and are — from a logical point of view, looking over his history, listening to his state of mind and his perspectives spoken and written and given his Muslim identification in the school he attended in his youth, that his father, step-father, grandfather and others guiding his life were also known to be Muslims (among the Communists otherwise, grandparents, mother, mentor Frank Marshall Davis, friends Ayers, etc.), combined with Obama’s declarations he was “Christian” instead and yet displays little to no devout reference to nor observance of Christianity and Christian theology, all of this when reasonably observed leads to the conclusion that Barack Obama is most likely if not clearly a Muslim; there is
little room to conclude he is anything but that which he has been instructed to be: Muslim, to whatever degree of warm or hot, and Communist.

The Democrats waged a hate-campaign on the internet and in the media otherwise last year and earlier this year about any and all who would “dare to” raise the realities about who Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama) was and is. His middle name, “Hussein,” was forbidden to be stated or said — to use it was to be harassed at great length — his academic record, his medical record, his birth circumstances, all areas of his life literally made-up or greatly embellished to a point of fantasy to support a campaign personna, based upon what has later emerged (and continues to emerge). Anyone suggesting the truth or that people would be wise to take a much closer look at the individual has experienced ridicule.

Returning, then, to this evening’s Hannity broadcast and this discussion of the two alarming and unsupportable statements Barack Hussein Obama has made:

The other three guests appearing on Hannity’s broadcast — who attempted to push the deceptive hyperbole of misleadment on the public in regards the two Obama-statements of discussion — were Juan Williams (to a great degree, though he made a few concessions), Anna David, author, and a heightened level of predictable leftwing Obama-campaign propaganda was delivered from a Mr. Mo Elleithee, “Democratic Strategist”.

The issues Hannity raised with these individuals were two statements by Barack Obama:

dot-red-sml7 (1.) Barack Obama has declared that “we are not a Christian nation”.

That lie has been exposed for the deceitful, if not utterly misinformed or misintended nonsense that it is. The United States of America is by majority of population both Christian and declares itself in duty to God — Judeo-Christian Almighty Creator — in our Constitution, in all fifty state Constitutional Preambles (as I published on this blog earlier, ALL 50 STATES HONOR GOD IN STATE CONSTITUTIONS’ PREAMBLES) and by majority individual witness among Americans today as it has in the past by the majority of Americans throughout our nation’s history of existence.

We are each, as individuals and Americans, provided with “the Freedom of Religion,” which means, we are at liberty by our Constitution to believe and practice religious doctrine as we will, BUT, the nation in character and through founding and guiding documents repeatedly is defined by Christian theology. Christian concepts and Judeo-Christian ethics: a declaration of faith and obedience to God, God as understood by the Founding Fathers, that Judeo-Christian Creator that is without peer here or anywhere else in the observable and imagined universe. Our constructs as a nation — who we are, what we are — are derived from Judeo-Christian theology and bear witness to it by the ethics involved.

There’s no mistake about who “God” was as referred to by who wrote our U.S. Constitution and all the complaints from atheists and other profaners of this legacy today fall flat and exist only in the emotional resentments of those who reject our Judeo-Christian (one or the other or both) legacy and concepts affecting what and who the United States of America is. If an individual doesn’t like that theology nor the ethics used from that theology to write our nation into being, then they don’t have to respect it, but, the laws inherent in the nation that resulted address anyone’s behavior that exercises behaviors outside the sanctioned rights of the individual — all of that from Judeo-Christian “reason”.

Individuals have “Freedom of Religion” (Obama can lie about his Muslim associations and beliefs, for example, as it defines his practice of that Freedom), the nation-as-defined-by The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America declares it’s moral and ethical arrangement as a nation in service and in acknowledgement to God, that Creator named in the Holy Bible, who inspired the nation itself, and who the nation in our documented, defining documents, acknowledges and goes so far as to declare service and honor to.

dot-red-sml7 (2.) Obama has now declared, second religious-misleadment, that “the United States is…a Muslim nation.”

Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama has obviously been snoozing, plotting or suffering various perceptual problems in those educational years of his (what details we have been “alllowed” as the American public to even know about who he is and what he knows); or, he paid attention but has been instructed in contrary-to-the-truth information about our nation. I think it’s more than likely it’s the latter influence and affect.

The United States of America is not a Muslim nation. It will not ever be a Muslim nation.

And the incentive for Barack/Barry Obama to make that declaration remains unexplained and unexplored: why even make such a statement if not, then (to follow through with this oddly and offensive deceit) to appeal to those worldwide who reject Christianity. Obama made an appeal to those for a more popular standing, courted favor among those who are antagonize Christianity and object to Christian theology. It was an odd thing to lie about before the world, it was a pointed but deceitful thing Obama was doing by making that declaration.

Muslims can and do live in the U.S. and most of them live well under the generous AND JUDEO-CHRISTIAN ethical and moral declarations that found this nation. So there is great irony in these two lies by Obama, that he can attempt to represent the nation so badly, so treacherously, so deceitfully, for his political and as-yet-misleading religious identities.

The apologist/appeasers on Hannity’s show (Williams, David and Elleithee) all recognized a rather rosy nonplussed acceptance of “the many Muslims who live here” (in the U.S.) without also admitting that no nation on the earth (if history can be relied upon) has ever remained “non Muslim” in kind and type after Islam is introduced. Islam by way of Muslims, specifically, create Islam. Which is why Islam relies on, demands, the implementation of Sharia Law in any and all areas in which it settles: Sharia Law is implemented, everyone else not subitting to it nor participating in it is destroyed by one means or another over time — Islam segregates with violent and exceptionally suppressive effects anyone in their midst who is not submitting to their theology and cultural “change”.

Specifically, Christians and Jews are increasingly isolated in the midst of Muslims, they’re targeted for destruction in one way or another and some just relocate in order to survive and live peacefully elsewhere if and as they can. What results is “an Islam nation.”

It’s a process that’s been implemented globally and it is a goal of Islam to accomplish this globally: Islam everywhere, all to be Muslim or perish. That’s their theology in an ugly nutshell.

So here we go, a guy who gains the Presidency largely by lies, misleadments, jury-rigging, so to speak, and indulgent, willing fools sharing in this corrupt process of deception: say what works when it works, say what you mean later when it’s safe to do so.

IF Muslims DID “live peacefully” among humanity as some try to convince others they do and will, then, fine. Let them live peacefully among the rest of us as do most other people of other religious beliefs or disbeliefs. But Islam does not peacefully co-exist with others, they segregate others by eliminating others or encompassing others: there’s no “co-existence” in the very theology of Islam, it requires submission or death.

Barack Obama, actually, as one who was a Muslim and likely still is by way of how his mind and personality function — what’s been shown in those regards — is liable to Islam as being a Muslim; in the perception of (other) Muslims, he is still a Muslim (their theology goes, “once a Muslim, always a Muslim” or, that one cannot leave Islam after submitting to it).

So his various courting of Islam — Muslim nations — his bow before the Saudi King (a Muslim cleric), Obama’s minimization if not declaration of “nothingness” as to Christianity in describing the U.S., these all reveal a guy who is Muslim in his own head, so to speak, he’s acting-out as a Muslim, whether he’s being truthful publicly about his beliefs and character or not (and I don’t believe that he is being truthful about both).

Why he’s lying about the United States and is currently engaged in proliferating those lies in the Middle East (among [other] Muslims) for purposes of generating “good faith” among Muslims is not difficult, then, to understand: it represents his individual understanding of Islam as a Muslim doing what he’s been instructed as a Muslim to do. But that this activity — as also his malformed statements about the United States of America — represents the United States of America, or that he does in doing this activity, is a lie.

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