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“My administration is fully behind…”

I think that best describes Obama’s paltry perspective, that quote.

He continues:

“…we need a way to legalize undocumented workers…”

And he uses that inexact, offensive expression — “undocumented workers” — while avoiding the correct expression (“illegal aliens”) because he knows it sticks a fork in Uncle Sam’s eye. It seems clear by this date that Barack Obama and the current Democrats are not keen on simply leading, they do intend if not demand to rule, conquer, insist like a virus that attacks the immune system: here’s sticking on you, here’s imploding you, let me use you to reproduce and destroy you as host.

As President, he owes it ethically — to the nation, if nothing else — to speak in respectful terms to citizens. That he seems compelled to harass and insult citizens with his very use of words is more indication that the man is up to no good. Generally and specifically.

Obama’s only emphasis — with any might associated — in this announcement from earlier today (his second use of public broadcast time in just this one day) was in his statement, “cracking down on employers,” which could be great if it wasn’t associated solely with Obama’s perspective of “punishment” while he seems oblivious to the fact that what he’s announcing he’ll be pursuing is yet another kick in the pants of the U.S. Constitution while rewarding millions of people in our nation illegally with yet more graft. His punishing tone and intents, he reserves for Americans; his indulgences and rewards he promises to the illicit.

He’s pandering for votes, he’s spitting on the Constitution. “Amnesty” for illegal aliens only creates more illegal immigration; illegal aliens have already displayed their lack of qualification for citizenship — where’s any ethical (and Constitutional) basis for awarding U.S. citizenship to any illegal alien just because they’re here illegally? The answer to that is obvious: there isn’t any basis for doing so in the Constitution.

The desperation for voters by the Democrats indicates real fever for their increasingly limp grasp of power but their preoccupation with having to maintain power of the U.S. government. It causes me immense concern, this desperation to “change” the United States into something I never thought I’d ever see in my lifetime: a dictatorship.

Illegal immigration festers because people from elsewhere have no fear of reprimand for violating our borders and laws in general. Further rewarding them is servicing crime.

If Barack Obama was serious about protecting and defending our U.S. Constitution — and I do not think that he is — he’d enforce it. He isn’t.


From Michelle Malkin:

…the dictator fully emerges.


If you read nothing else this day, read this:

I HAVE A PLAN TO DESTROY AMERICA” — speech by former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm, explaining how it’s done (and Barack Obama and today’s Democratic Party are well underway to completing Lamm’s Plan). Lamm was not advising this be done, he described exceptionally accurately how it could be done. The Democrats have used his possibility steps as game plan.

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