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220wde_MichelleObama_Glaring This time, it’s Barack’s wife Spamming me. On the anniversary of the death of my father, Sender “First Lady Michelle Obama” issues Spam from the White House about “Father’s Day” right after she promotes herself (interesting title) and what I experience as dire insults.

The obvious implication in this latest Spam from the Obama White House is that Father’s Day is all about the Barack Obama Presidency — he’s already made international televised appearances in that context, now Michelle Obama (err, “First Lady Michelle Obama”) is making sure that, whether one asks for it or not, she’s grabbing more intensely nto the legacy and usurping my Inbox.

Not to mention the most important aspect to today and that is that she, her Spam, her Crowd’s Spam, the whole attempt to implant Barack Obama and his/their politics onto the legacy of fathers and my own special day in memory of my father who I loved and treasure (with no reference to Barack Obama, his political and egotistical aspirations nor particularly to his wife). Her spam, as with the two previous Spam problems in my Inbox from the Obama White House, is not only offensive as Spam, it’s deeply offensive as to their methods in relationship with what.

I’ve created a dedicated Page on this site to expose the ongoing Spam from the (Obama) White House. I note that no other Administration has ever sent me anything I have never subscribed to receive — the “Obama” White House continues to set new standards for lowdown, erratic and despicable, in my experience.

The history of this ongoing event is written in my earlier posts about this offensive problem, all of which can be found linked on the dedicated Page,

Returning, however, to the personal level: Michelle Obama spamming me in such (additionally) specific terms, this day, what it represents to my life and my father, her callous invasiveness into the most dear and endearing (in addition to the offensive Spam event itself), whoever thought that bowtoxing and redrawing Michelle Obama’s eyebrows (still awful) and going into excessive management as to her dresses (still awful) and overall appearance (still awful), the basic issue remains and many people notice, and that is that she’s an ugly person inside first and the outside seems to mirror her inward awfulness. No amount of David Axelrod Spam and astro-turfing will ever change that fact, because who Michelle Obama is emerges repeatedly as an ugly person with ugly intentions about people she uses with callous indifference, when she isn’t using them with callous, intentional disdain.

Weeds in the garden.

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