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Individuals acting-out in irrational fashion represent themselves, they don’t represent “all” of anyone. The mentally ill (obviously) lone gunman who earlier today fired a rifle that he’d taken with him into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. is now being hyped as a generality: that which the Left “predicted” and “anticipated” who, as some are saying in media as I write this, “we were warned about” in that skewered and equally-disturbed “Right Wing Extremist List” from the Department of Homeland Security not too long ago. That list, the one that the head of that Department renounced as not being “sanctioned” and which was retracted accordingly, complete with great and appropriate shame.

So today, a lone gunman of obvious mental instability takes a rifle and attempts to ravage unknown targets within the D.C. Holocaust Museum (which, I allege here, was an available target for a person such as this, an available place that fit but a few out of many of his resentments — meaning, he almost certainly holds other associations of equal animosity in society and the Museum was an accessible place for him to act-out in this moment in time, that he’d likely act-out in similar violent, destructive, wanton fashion in other venues associated with other resentments if given the opportunity todo so). And what certain media predictably declared, just moments ago, appears equally irrational, such as this:

Shephard Smith on FOX just associated in equivalent terms “all those people who don’t like a Black President, who don’t like Obama” with this lone gunman — an utterly disgusting generalization as it is also bizarre — and “all that questioning about his (Obama’s) birth certificate, those people, they’re just having a hard time with this…and that List, the Extremist List, they tried to warn us about people just like this, the ex-military…”

Absurd, ugly, extremist himself, is Smith. And now he’s talking about his “out-there email” and reading a complaint about Obama’s absent birth certificate, immediately then transiting into “if you’re a person who opposes abortion, what do you do, do you go out there and…”

How Shephard Smith can so quickly and easily migrate within one sentence the issues he’s comingled in that one blurted complaint I’ve described above, is outrageously inflammatory by Smith as it also speaks horribly about his state of mind.

This is madness, as mad and sick as the lone gunman’s actions. I’m ashamed for FOX that they’d allow Smith such a venue for his excesses as he has today abused reason in his irrational weavings associating a lone gunman with the American public in general — which he’s still doing as I write this.

Smith also, earlier, engaged in an on-air telephone call with, of all people, a woman with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a known Communist/Marxist advocacy center that is as Leftwing as it is biased in dwelling in the same low level of abstractly awful negative stereotyping of Americans. The woman pronounced on-air, on FOX, her assumptions that this lone gunman was, indeed, the “people we were warned about” in that “Extremist List,” just as Shephard Smith whined moments earlier and again afterward. She also went on about the “others” who have advanced criminally, violently, upon society while omitting the mention of the Black, Muslim guy who shot two of our military personnel last week in Little Rock, Arkansas, containing her outrage to the non-Black aggressors.

Today’s lone gunman in D.C. is described as having a criminal record: he’d been incarcerated for six years in his past after he’d brandished a gun at a financial group — from what I’ve heard, he “tried to perform a citizen’s arrest of the federal reserve,” as preposterous as that sounds. The troubled man is said to have had a high IQ (a member of MENSA, the news says), was a WWII military veteran, maintained an anti-semitic and racially derogatory website and associated with websites similar to his.

By the awful unreasonableness of Smith and the caller from/with the Southern Poverty Law Center, then, if you have a high IQ, are White, aren’t Jewish, are a WWII veteran and have a website, you’re a danger to society…

Absurd and terribly insulting to a heinous degree that this type of awfulness is proclaimed on and in the media.

Isn’t it possible for people to recognize mentally unstable people as the individuals they are? The lone gunman of today was just that: a lone gunman who acted individually upon his “lone” or individual aberrations of perception and resentments. The man, his brutality, his resentments and individual associations define who he was/is and don’t represent all human beings who may be White and not Jewish, nor who are military vets nor who have websites and a high IQ or IQ even average.

The very idea that some (Smith, lady caller from the Southern Poverty Law Center, for starters) are attempting to remake this individual into a greater movement and to equate this lone individual with many persons generally (refusing to acknowledge that the lone gunman is one person amidst his lone actions) is, in fact, a repetition of his craziness: it’s why and how the lone gunman’s irrational mind led him to act brutally upon the general public. The differences appear only in that the lone gunman’s weapon was a rifle, while Shephard Smith’s weapon is a television host job and the Southern Poverty Law Center spokeslady’s weapon is a telephone.

square-red-drk-rounded3 Related opinions from HotAir’s Ed Morrissey.

square-red-drk-rounded3 Update I: The predictable exaggerations — by the Left, for the Left’s political purposes — ensues (read the comments section associated with this article if you can); the obvious to those of us who read a variety of content on the internet and have a certain range of experiences in our lives beyond a college dorm or life-with-the-parents or Leftwing-enclaves, is that, on average, most of these “fringe” “loner” people are Democrats as was this lone gunman who rampaged murderously and mindlessly yesterday at the D.C. Holocaust Museum.

By the madman’s ethnic-supremacy beliefs alone, that assigns this man’s beliefs (as those like his) to the Leftwing of the political spectrum, but, it fulfills the Left’s tortured logic that projects and redirects their emotional distortions and extremes among their variety of associations, such as they are, upon Conservatives — wrongly, illogically but with a purpose: to perpetuate the illogic and escape self responsibility, by the Left.

This is the very same process that occurred among those other Democratic Socialists in Germany in the early-to-mid twentieth century, and how it was that society wrongly came to accept that the innocent were guilty and the guilty were not responsible.

square-red-drk-rounded3 Update II: I received a helpful and informative incoming link from website, Tel-Chai Nation, which site contains enlightening and clarifying information about the madman, “lone gunman” who attacked the D.C. Holocaust Museum yesterday. Among that information, that the gunman “hated Conservatives” and also reviled Christians (in addition to Jews) and ascribed to a fervent anti-government paranoia, including the “9/11 Truther” perspectives that contends that the terrorist events of 9/11 were conducted by the U.S.A. upon it’s own citizens and geography (a monstrously misguided belief if ever there was one).

This “lone gunman,” a Mr. James Von Brunn, in no way represents or associates with or to any — and I do mean, any — Right Wing groups or behaviors.

Tel-Chai Nation also provides a number of links to other blogs who have more information into the background of the madman, “lone gunman,” as also his associations; I encourage readers to go to that site and read more.

square-red-drk-rounded3 Update III: Von Brunn, “registered Democrat from Maryland…”

square-red-drk-rounded3 Update IV: Von Brunn “ranted” about “neocons”…

Clearly, the characterisation taking shape is that this madman was not a Conservative, was certainly NOT representational of any “right wing” individual, but, rather, certainly was/is an “extremist” of the Leftwing-kind. Also, my opinion here: that he served at some time in his past in the U.S. military has little-or-nothing to do with his mad-acts of yesterday or at any earlier time, in terms of fostering or creating his aberrant extremes of the mind, soul and heart.


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