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More from Newsbusters about the ugly event of last Saturday night (White House Correspondents Dinner, the disgusting Wanda Sykes “affair” with Obama laughing as ugly at the ugliness): turns out, “there were a lot of Hollywood stars there,” which assists explaining just who it was calling and whooping out like teenage girls (and some boys) backstage at a rock concert.

The zombie-audience effect explained – or, rather, more of the false reality from the affected entertainment industry, the highly produced, choreographed and made-up mug that is the man in our White House, as also the “White House correspondents,” apparently:

MSNBC’s Scarborough: Media Are Obama’s Adoring Adolescent Fans

WILLIE GEIST: Is it all – this is a serious question. Is it all press in the room? Because I was watching from home, and I heard whoops and screams, the likes of which I haven’t heard from adults ever. My question is, were there children in there? Were there teenagers? I’m serious. Because I never heard grownups screaming like that.

SCARBOROUGH: There were – it was a mix of press and Hollywood and a lot of Hollywood stars were there.

BRZEZINSKI: That’s true. There you go.

SCARBOROUGH: They were very, very excited.

BRZEZINSKI: They were very excited.


square-black4 More MUNDACITY:

WAPO and HuffPo are the new bathroom stalls! “Donatella’s lips! Ooogling at Ashton! Don’t seat me beside Rosanne’s smoking! Glamor is back! Barbara Walters looks like a witch! I’ll die if Obama looks at me! Tell him to look at me, pleeze! Quick, where’s my Blackberry!”

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(Regarding Wanda Sykes’ horrible remarks)…Disgusting as the statements were, they were sadly unremarkable for their illogic, hypocrisy, or murderous rage. Forget that Barack Obama has written book blurbs for more terrorists than Rush Limbaugh has ever met. Forget that when the media reported one person at a John McCain presidential rally yelled “kill him” about Obama – a charge which Secret Service in crowd called unfounded – Frank Rich of the New York Times treated McCain-Palin like the second coming of Robert DePugh and accused them of “inciting vigilantism.” Even the comment’s most striking feature – wishing for someone to die because he disagrees with you – is all-too-common on the Left and, indeed, was greeted with gales of laughter from the D.C. press corps and the commander-in-chief.

Perhaps the line got so much applause because so many in the “mainstream” media have expressed similar sentiments about conservatives. NPR’s Nina Totenberg, who covers politics at taxpayer expense, wished Sen. Jesse Helms would contract AIDS. (He instead suffered from vascular dementia.) Totenberg later publicly hoped Gen. Jerry Boykin would find he “is not long for this world.” Columnist Julianne Malveaux proposed this nutrition plan for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter, and he dies early, like many black men do, of heart disease.”

The closest thing the Left has produced to Rush Limbaugh is Air America’s Randi Rhodes – which is rather like saying the closest thing a budding sculptor has produced to Michelangelo’s David is a snowball. Nonetheless, Ms. Rhodes repeatedly “joked” about doing in President Bush. In May 2004, Rhodes referenced President Obama’s favorite film, The Godfather: “Like Fredo, somebody ought to take him out fishing and [sound of gunfire].” A few years later, she chuckled as an AA spot again threatened to assassinate her president. (Between those bits, the network fumed Donald Rumsfeld “ought to be tortured.” Those kidders!)

Even the foreign press longed for Bush’s death. In October 2004, UK Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker declared Bush should be “tarred, feathered and kicked in the nuts” and asked, “John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. – where are you now that we need you?” Not content with idle speculation, a foreign leftist produced the film “Death of a President” to bring this vision to life.

Some Americans interested in the living arts attended FEAR UP: Stories from Baghdad and Guantanamo, a play funded by tax-exempt, “charitable” funds administered by Teresa Heinz and personally praised by Sen. John Kerry. One of its plot twists involves “suggesting a new reality television show that places 14 Bush supporters in Faluja” [sic.] Yes, one need not be a public figure to deserve death in the Left’s eyes.

Disgraced comedic writer and Huffington Post blogger Tony Hendra greeted Dick Cheney’s heart troubles by composing “A Thanksgiving Prayer for Dick Cheney’s Heart – and a Few Other Favorite Things” – a blasphemous oration that called Cheney earth’s “Number One Human Tumor.”

Others rejoiced over actual tumors. When former White House spokesman Tony Snow revealed his cancer had returned, a DailyKos diarist asked, “Should I Care That Tony Snow Has Cancer?” Fellow Kos-ters called Snow’s illness “karmic.” Months later, among the many entries mocking Snow’s death, were two DK diaries asking, “Should we mourn Tony Snow?”

The New York Press pre-emptively danced at Pope John Paul II’s wake. The leftist rag published a cover story in March 2005 entitled, “The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope,” which included such knee-slappers as, “In his last days, the Pope was in tremendous pain”; “Beetles eating Pope’s dead brains”; and “Pope pisses himself just before the end; gets all over nurse.” Maybe they’re writing Wanda Sykes’ gag lines?

(Michelle Malkin has many more examples of unhinged leftist behavior toward those who dare disagree with them)

Unfortunately, leftist hatred does not end at the grave. Cartoonist Ted Rall has made a career of slurring the dead. Shortly after President Ronald Reagan’s death, Rall told a reporter Reagan was in Hell “turning crispy brown right about now.” Rall called Pat Tillman, the NFL star who enlisted after 9/11 and was killed in Afghanistan, an “idiot.” He berated the victims of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and their families as Nazis, and portrayed the grieving wives left behind after 9/11 as money-grubbing media hounds in his cartoon “Terror Widows.”

When the Rev. Jerry Falwell died, former John Edwards presidential campaign employee Amanda Marcotte immediately blogged: “The gates of hell swing open and Satan welcomes his beloved son. Jerry Falwell’s dead. Guess god [sic.] — notice the small ‘g’ — liked the ACLU better after all.” The DailyKos seethed when the scholarly, low-key Presbyterian minister Dr. D. James Kennedy died: “Another Hate Merchant Meets His Maker.”

After Charlton Heston succumbed to a long bout with Alzheimer’s Disease, the loving Left at Democratic Underground wrote: “glad to hear some good news for a change. – I hope that spreader of misery spends all his glory days around the eternal flames of hell with ol’ Raygun talkin’ ’bout how they really f*cked this country – oh they probably won’t even remember, lol.” (Post continues…)

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