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200wde_obama-pie_hitler-bread1 And guess who’s idea this is. None other than another Hispanic Ethnic-Supremacist (if he isn’t that, someone explain the subtleties otherwise), a Representative from New York (who is, of course, a Democrat), Mr. Jose Serrano. Mr. Serrano is “a Far Left Democrat” according to as they evidence the obvious.

Serrano and other Democrats — who apparently either failed junior high history or never experienced the information (both the good and horrible) that history lessons provide — are attempting to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which would enable (you may have guessed this by now) Mr. Barack Obama to occupy the U.S. Presidency perpetually. The effort to appeal the 22nd Amendment would remove term-limits to the Presidency, and if this nasty legislative idea passes, it’d apply to the present conditions: he who is currently in the White House.

In other words, Barack Obama, the Dictator.

H.J. Res. 5

Once the door is opened to accepting as normal, usual or, worse, “moderate,” the practice of ethnic-supremacy, there is one long slide down into wretchedness that results as harms upon humanity. And Hispanic ethnic-supremacy is no different in practice and belief than are other versions of ethnic-supremacy, which, if Mr. Serrano and many other Democrats had so much as learned any lessons from human history, would understand. Obviously, they don’t, or, otherwise, they understand ethnic-supremacy but — like other monsters in human history past — they’re assuming their flavor of ethnic-supremacy is, indeed, supreme over all others. That means, is not to be challenged, cannot be countered, is inherently intended to “rule” regardless of actions taken.

It’s time to confront this madness in some effective means. World War II doesn’t seem to have made enough impact on the certain monsters and their plans, who and which are still among us.

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