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With all the talk among the Left about “healthcare,” the one area they avoid including is the Democrats’ growing, unbridled dependency on taxpayer use and abuse: certainly a drug to the Democrats today is the fact that there are millions of people who must pay or else and the Democrats use what they exact from taxpayers like the most addictive substance known to Democrats: money from the public that the Democrats never admit responsibility for, they just demand more.

Enter our current economic challenges as a nation and as individuals in this nation. What are the Democrats in Congress currently using? Their latest injectable: the Waxman-Markey Bill, otherwise preposterously titled “The American Clean Energy & Security Act” (“ACES” for short among the users) — apparently, to Democrats, if you give a corrupt and very big notion such as Waxman-Markey is a very flowery title, you can then pass off the vodka in the bottle as water, or, otherwise, slip the substance past many voting Americans because they’re busy doing their jobs and making those tax payments to keep the Democrats and their bed partners in their junky-pads in D.C.

Let me be serious for a moment, though it is difficult with the ludicrous plans the Democrats are pursuing (Waxman-Markey, for just one of those plans): if you find yourself in a whole of debt, creating more indebtedness is not the way to go about solving your economic disparities, except if you’re a Democrat in Congress and then it makes sense to wreck the nation after you’ve already wrecked the nation after wrecking the nation: once seems to not be enough if you’re a Leftist, it takes repeated destructive acts to thoroughly keep abreast of the demands for more wreckage.

Please oppose this horrible legislative idea. It looks like Congress is poised to pass it. It’s appeal seems to be that it’s such a huge wreck that it’s difficult not to shoot it up, drink it down, get it, do it, hold it — if you’re a Democrat. It makes a Democrat feel warm and fuzzy while ruining credibility, common sense and basic desire to live and thrive amidst those they affect and who may have the misfortune of depending upon them, but, oh, the wonderful high the Democrats experience in their inner madness of the mind and absence of reason, such that they would even produce — much less, seek eagerly to pass — Waxman-Markey, the latest Democrat O-Ring Drug.




WAXMAN-MARKEY (“Cap-n-Trade”): Crushing the economy regardless of costs

square-red-drk-med Complain to the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee, and, if they’ll take a moment to even listen to your opinions, try contacting CA Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman’s House Energy and Commerce Committee. Consider what Waxman (and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senators Feinstein and Boxer, for starters) have done to California, as added incentive to express opposition to Waxman’s monstrous plans to again crash and recrash the nation.

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