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What can be heard on most broadcast news of late is public-relation pablum about Barack Obama’s scheduled appearance today at the Notre Dame commencement ceremony. To FOX News’ credit, they are the lone source of coverage that includes a broad range of opinions and ongoing developments from and about the Notre Dame University campus, while the other affected networks and their websites continue to push the public-relations pablum from the Obama Administration and associated sources.

What’s being pushed in the public information realm is that Barack Obama is to appear today inorder to “speak to the students” as to Obama’s “message” — in other words, the man is there to indoctrinate, or further indoctrinate the already entranced, gullible minds of those distracted from holiness, swayed by evils, among them the most egregious and that is the intentional destruction of unborn human life as Barack Obama (and his wife) have championed and enabled throughout their political careers and personal lives.

Today and for the recent past, as to Barack Obama (and his wife), the public has been fed a highly orchestrated story (but one that is implausible to the wise), that Barack Obama as the Notre Dame commencement speaker represents “honoring Notre Dame’s tradition of inviting U.S. Presidents to speak at annual commencement ceremonies” and that (most egregiously) Barack Obama’s (and his wife’s) ardent advocation for the acts of and funding for increased if not abundant abortions — and on a global scale, at that (the Obama-version of “globalism,” fund abortions worldwide, make them readily available, paid for by U.S. taxpayers without U.S. taxpayer consent), is something akin to a change of clothing or otherwise, just one of a weekly wardrobe of issues, hardly worth a blink except to admire the thread.

This represents the intentional minimization of evil, it’s a re-enactment in mind and heart of Original Sin: “the devil doesn’t exist,” or otherwise, evil isn’t evil it’s just a difference of opinion to be tolerated if not encouraged.

So Barack Obama’s (and his wife’s) advocation of and ongoing campaigns in efforts to increase th “intrinsic evil,” as the Catholic Church defines abortion, is not a passing fancy by Barack Obama and wife, nor is it some loosely, happenstance association for political appeasement by either or both of them.

No, this “abortion campaign” by these two persons represents their personal intents: a deep-seated, deeply motivated and passionately advocated campaign in support of this intrinsic evil. Neither of them can be said to be disassociated to any degree, and, therefore, both are well documented as being intrinsically advocating for intrinsic evil.

For those of us who believe in the holy nature and worth of human life, and believe that intentionally taking the life of the defenseless unborn represents intrinsic evil — it cannot be any more evil than that, that definition refers to unredeemed, essential nature of utmost corruption that is condemned by God for eternity — all of what I write here is familiar and accepted.

However, to those affected by evil, they exist in some netherland wherein none of God’s light shines: they won’t ‘get it’ because their will is not directed toward redemption and holiness but toward evil, whether it be “casual” or “cool” or entirely committed to vanity without reservations, this perspective is averse to elevation in any capacity except to laud and applaud that and those who turn away from God. So culture (and “government solutions” step in where the void in personal responsibility and accountability exists).

Which, I believe, represents many who frame their support for Barack Obama while alleging to be Catholic or Christians, can and do support and cheer on such dedication to intrinsic evil — and who won’t hear because their will has been directed away from knowledge, away from holiness and God’s healing light, as with His Word. Once that direction is followed, it’s a downward pathway to oblivion and that’s about where many, in my experience, who support Barack Obama (and wife) are headed: determined in a commitment to evil, and thus, generalizing goodness — applying a melted-jelly regard to God’s holiness, “it’s all good” misleading hypnotic lull into acceptance of anything, everything, as so general that good becomes nothing and nothing becomes one’s everything.

Today is Sunday. God’s commandments ask of us to revere this day as a day of rest (“the Sabbath”). Barack Obama played golf today and now is enroute to South Bend, Indiana where he’ll appear before thousands of students and faculty at Notre Dame University where he’ll “deliver” a speech: there is no academic exchange to occur, he’ll not be interacting with questions on any level-field with anyone else, there’s to be no debate of issues; no, Barack Obama is there to indoctrinate the impressionable with and for intrinsic evil.

The school’s president — Father John Jenkins — is utterly wrong, morally and theologically, as a Catholic Priest (regardless of how talented he may be as an academic and an administrator) to invite Barack Obama to deliver this commencement address scheduled for later today, and the faculty there — many supposedly Catholic — are morally and theologically (and academically) wrong as Catholics to even entertain such an idea by such a person as is Barack Obama and the reason why is as I’ve just explained: the man may be President of the United States but his personal and political goals and dedications are, many of them — but particularly as to Obama’s dedication to securing and ensuring ongoing abortion — contrary to Catholic doctrine, and represent grave affronts, accordingly, to society, to mankind.

I’ve read and heard from many of these “Catholics” who pride themselves (therein lies the illness) on being super-dooper Catholics yet they accept, even with laughter, such a minimization of the issue of abortion as tolerable, as they also, many of them if the polls are correct as to their voter support for the political goals of Barack Obama, diminish their religious beliefs to those of useful utility in service to that which contradicts their alleged beliefs. What are others to believe about persons such as this? As Scripture says, “you will know them by their fruits.”

Because these theologically implausible behaviors, combined with actions that defame the alleged theological positions, insult God, they defame Jesus Christ, they certainly throw rocks at the idea that the Catholic Church is dedicated to Christ, at least whatever “Church” these people assume to be associated with and as to how they define their beliefs. They become the false message; their actions and behaviors represent a false witness as to Catholicism.

The polls — so I’ve read — declare that something like “54% of Catholics” voted for Barack Obama. While I’ve yet to read any information defining those “54% of Catholics,” I am assuming that many people included became Catholic when asked their opinion and the rest associate as Catholics because they associate with a cultural mix that includes the Catholic Church, the ceremonies, and more than likely, seek socialist-tweaks to our nation because it suits their cultural demands and politics of issues.

But this has nothing to do with being Catholic, not inherently. As Catholics, we are called to apply our faith in the public realm — speaking out as to our political beliefs, encouraging a Catholic, moral position be upheld in societal concerns — but to be a Catholic is to accept a theology that rejects evil. One cannot embrace, however generally, evil in any degree and then show up on a poll or at a ceremony, anywhere, and claim to be “Catholic” because, as I heard yesterday on a television panel from one of these people, because “(he, the so-called Catholic) votes for a myriad of issues not just one.”

If the “just one” is intrinsic evil he’s voting support for — and this so-called Catholic on this broadcast yesterday identified as such — then his vote and his character — and spirit — are oriented to not only tolerating evil but offering his support for it. And all the other “myriad of issues” become nonsense in any sense as a Christian, certainly as a Catholic.

I converted to Catholicism in early adulthood. I didn’t have the “Catholic cultural experience” that some of these more urban people have had that are now associated in that “54% of Catholics” who are said to have voted support for Barack Obama, knowing fully well what his positions and his character were and are.

I did, however, have a Christian cultural experience in much of my youth; it wasn’t as if I grew up in a religious void, and, in fact, anything but that. I grew up in mostly small town and rural America with highly privileged public education in place, areas that were not deprived in any way culturally nor religiously, amidst a wealth of families and peers who recognized and believed in Jesus Christ as Savior, albeit a varied mix of cultural practices associated with Christianity by my range of peers and neighbors: Baptist, Methodist, Christian, Mormon, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, a number of fundamentalist Christian groups and tent revivals (my favorite as a youth) and one Catholic Church up the hill inside the extensive orange grove behind our home on the lake.

But there was no urban culture of anything, and particularly no urban Catholic culture nor bordertown Catholic multi-language environment. My youth received a great deal of rural and pastoral beauty amidst America as it was and is today outside the urban impositions on how and what people must or have to believe or suffer threat of various social impositions or harms. The environment of my formative years was, indeed, a tolerant one, filled with many friends and families holding a myriad of denominational beliefs, but all of them Christian.

Urbanity waters-down many issues to an insincere point: many people in my experience who are from urban environments focus on some absurd degree of “tolerance” as to be without commitment to many or much themselves. Life becomes tags and group-names without substance behind those associations and before long, you get “Catholics” who can vote for intrinsic evil and rationalize doing so because “there are a myriad of other issues” they think are politically preferable (though those I don’t even get as to Barack Obama and why any Catholic, and Christian, would ever support his political goals and ideas).

Thus, you get an offensive man who makes a dashing appearance — Barack Obama, who is well-trained in reading aloud in public — who has received these so-called “Catholic votes” because Catholicism is pushed aside by those voting to support his positions; Christian doctrine is deemed embarrassing or otherwise “not to be imposed” on others (when human life begins, to quote the evasive, slippery, amoral position maintained by Barack Obama, “is above [his] paygrade” — he refuses to acknowledge God’s absolutism, he diminishes the issue to one of glib evasiveness) and Christ, then, is an inconvenient truth, someone considered a few times a year when in “church” or as it may be politically expedient to refer to Christianity, and the Bible is a crusty old book written by “old white men” who were “suffering some mental illnesses” or were otherwise odd, who “didn’t understand black people” or that “black people” have some separate kind of mind and spirit, such that there needs to be “Black theology” not Christianity, and such similar racist complaints so I’ve also heard it said by these watered-down poseurs among those alleging to represent the Christian faith. Rather, these are all distractions from God, a subtle but persistent appeal away from the cross and from the salvation of Jesus Christ.

These dilutions are themselves, then, also evil. Being ashamed of Christ is not an indication of one who loves him as Lord and Savior. It’s also something Christ, himself, chastises against, but he recognizes free will and says to do so but suffer the consequences if so. If the Bible is deemed to be an antiquated tale, then, I suppose that it is then easy to dismiss anything Christ has said and to just be “Catholic” by nametag without all that “Jesus” or “Bible-stuff.”

Notre Dame is wrong, morally and spiritually, to have invited Barack Obama to speak on their campus, if not also to not have rescinded this invitation afterward once confronted with their moral and theological hypocrisy. The students excited and supportive of this event are wrong, morally and spiritually, to do so, and this calls into question their academic preparedness.

However, those who protest this profane event — the University is supposed to be a secular, private organization, formed and guided by Catholic doctrine and Barack Obama is a living, breathing instance of a man whose mind, goals and behaviors run contrary to that doctrine — are the heroes today, as they will be in the future when yet again evil raises it’s ugly head.

square-black5 REFERENCE:

square-black5 “Cafeteria Catholics” is a term used by Catholics about those in our midst who use the Church in cafeteria style: they pick and chose that which they want and find convenient (or, “tasty”) and discard that which they “don’t care for” as to theology — which is not what defines a Catholic, though there is no iron door to publicly exclude the Cafeteria Catholics, they are easily identifiable when discussing theological beliefs and related social positions.

square-black5 DEFINED: “Abortion is intrinsic evil”

square-black5 Abortion is crime against society, says Pope Benedict

By Cindy Wooden – Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Abortion is a crime of aggression not only against the unborn, but also against society, (emphasis added), Pope Benedict XVI said.

“Children have the right to be born and to grow in the midst of a family founded on matrimony, where the parents are the first educators of children in the faith and where they can grow to full human and spiritual maturity,” the pope said Dec. 3.

Meeting with the presidents of Latin American bishops’ committees for the family and for life, the pope urged them to work together, sharing the programs and approaches that are most successful in their countries.

“Children are the major richness and the most precious good of a family,” he said.

“For this reason, it is necessary to help all people to be aware that the intrinsic evil of the crime of abortion, which attacks human life at its beginning, is also an aggression against society itself,” the pope said.

Legalized abortion has laid the groundwork for acceptance of the destruction of embryos in scientific research, he said.

The result is that human life is reduced “to an object or a mere instrument. When it reaches this level, society itself suffers and its foundations shake, with all classes at risk,” he said.

The key to addressing the situation, he said, is to strengthen and defend the traditional family, which is the first place in society where human life is welcomed and treasured.

“Your task as pastors is to present with all its richness the extraordinary value of matrimony which, as a natural institution, is the patrimony of humanity,” he said.

The pope said the entire church must focus on efforts to “safeguard the fundamental values of marriage and the family, which are threatened by the current phenomenon of secularization, which prevents the social conscience from discovering the identity and mission of the institution of the family.”

The family must be defended from “the pressure of unjust laws” that do not recognize the rights and needs of the family and “disfigure it with false understandings of marriage and the family that do not respect the original plan of God,” he said.

square-black5 FROM Jill Stanek‘s excellent, ongoing reports:

Barack Obama’s radical positions on abortion

# Barack Obama opposed legislation as IL state senator to protect abortion survivors from being shelved to die:

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# Barack Obama opposes parental notification of minor girls before they abort:

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# Barack Obama has stated “the first thing I’d do as president“ would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would overturn every local, state, and federal abortion law passed in the past 35 years:

» Video of Obama promising FOCA to Planned Parenthood

square-black5 Jill Stanek also is writing frequent updates as to this day; Stanek’s Notre Dame reports from South Bend, IN, May 17, 2007.

square-black5 LIVE COVERAGE TODAY from

square-black5 From Father Corapi (a .pdf file): “To Bear Witness to the Truth: A Moral Obligation for All Christians“.

Every Catholic and, indeed, every Christian faithful to the Gospel, has the moral obligation to bear witness to the truth, “in season and out of season, convenient or inconvenient,” accepted or rejected. This mandate is nothing new, of course. It’s as old as the Old Testament, and as new as the New Testament. Nonetheless, I’m afraid that it has become more necessary than ever to remind ourselves of it. — From the new article by Fr. Corapi.

square-black5 My closing opinion:

Why would Barack Obama insist upon appearing at NOTRE DAME University? Why this specific appearance, today (if he was, indeed, invited and did not impose himself by suggesting an appearance there — however, he certainly has not done the gentlemanly thing, if invited, and stepped aside from today’s ceremony). Either way, the associations from a perspective of opposition to Christ are profound, among them the significance of the title, “Notre Dame” in it’s other, religious references: Pontificial Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center.

If one wants to violate, one choses a target and then infiltrates it, much like, if not exactly like, Original Sin, the presence before innocence of the original, and gravest, lie, intent on seduction.