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300wde_obama-flyovertales My conclusions as of today about The Obama Flyover that terrorized New York City on April 27, 2009 and continues to terrorize U.S. taxpayers to the tune of $357,000.00-and-climbing — which is what the escapade cost, so far, my conclusions are that since the flight was from the outset deemed to be “Air Force One,” it was formatted to include the U.S. President and that’d be Barack Obama, who alleges he wasn’t on the plane despite the format (the title of “Air Force One” is only applied to an aircraft when the U.S. President is on board — when the President is not on a plane, the plane is referred to by another call name).

Thus, the escapade appears to have been more than mere photo-taking but some unexplained escapade by Barack Obama, instead, involving who knows who was likely also on board. And if not Obama, then the title of the flight makes no official sense. More than likely, it was another event for entertainment purposes by Barack Obama and related whomevers.

Oh, someone also took a photo. Of the President’s taxpayer-funded airplane in flight over New York City. Some New Yorkers also took photos from the ground: themselves fleeing, people screaming, large unknown-at-that-time aircraft flying what appeared to be in-between skyscrapers, jet of unknown origin flying behind or beside it, people running in panic, streets filled with frightened people…

The White House report on this matter — “The White House…MEMORANDUM FOR THE WHITE HOUSE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF…Internal Review Concerning April 27, 2009 Air Force One Flight” (dated May 05, 2009) closes with a cryptic recapitulation of the story that provides the Obama Administration a great deal of “wiggle room” to not be held accountable due to lack of any “clear procedures” for (to paraphrase) use of the planes that are available to the U.S. President but inform the President what you discover. Pschew! No clear procedures exist, therefore, whatever! Get back to me.

That means, Obama alleges in this Memorandum that he can do anything he wants to with the planes available to him at taxpayer expense (and patience) because there are “no clear procedures” that state what he can and can’t do (so, thus, he alleges he can do anything, or, that anything done up to some future point in time where “clear procedures” might be declared, will be or have been alright because no one defined or organized what uses were permitted, allowed or to be followed).

Which is why I deem that position to be simple wiggle-room: whatever is found to have actually transpired on April 27, 2009 won’t be out-of-line because there’s no definition of what is or isn’t the right thing to do with the use of the planes available to Barack Obama as President.

Has any previous President ever used Air Force One to buzz New York City (or anywhere else but New York City, in this case, was particularly terrorized due to the perception from the ground that a big aircraft was seen flying again over the City and the public and City officials were terrorized by what was perceived to be a terrorist event, having received no prior warning about any “Presidential” flyover planned for that or any other day).

The pretense issued by the White House after the event was that they were generating publicity photos for Air Force One (and therefore, remember, the President on board, which would be in this context of what’s happened, Barack Obama — otherwise, remember, no one would be calling this flight of April 27, 2009, that terrorized New York City, Air Force One).

Obama’s first reaction to this terrorizing incident: he wasn’t going to release any photos taken during that terrorizing incident (just taking photos but no photos would be released).

But he didn’t know about it, the flight.

The preposterous tale grows more preposterous, and continues…

Today Obama’s White House releases one photo from the event and it is a loser, though an exceptionally expensive loser of an image:


And another Obama Administration worker bee was thrown under the bus. In this case, under the plane.

Obama owes the American public the release of the flight manifest for that April 27, 2009 plane flight that terrorized New York City.

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Were the taxpayer-funded aircraft, personnel and Air Force resources used by Obama as favoritism to an Obama donor (or donors)?

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More reason as to why the flight manifest of this Flyover needs to be provided to the public as to what this foolish escapade was all about and who it involved. Because the entire litany of stories streaming out of the Obama White House, so far, about the Flyover is ludicrously implausible.

square-black2 Rush Limbaugh, once again and as usual, gets to the essence of things and does so as smartly as ever:

RUSH: All right, I’ll tell you something, I’ve seen the picture. They released the picture and I read the stories that Caldera was shown the door and they released the memo late Friday afternoon, typical Friday afternoon document dump and nobody cares, going into the big White House soiree, social weekend, you know, Hollywood, show biz for ugly people, that’s what politics is. I thought I read somewhere Caldera said that he didn’t even know that it was happening. Regardless, he’s the fall guy, we knew he was going to be the fall guy, but anybody again with a brain knows that there is not a single person in the White House that can call up Andrews Air Force Base and say, “Air Force One’s doing a joyride over Manhattan for photos.” One person cannot do this. Moving Air Force One requires a lot of policies, checklists, the security alone on something like — the fact that Obama didn’t know about it is absurd.

But what’s even more interesting to me is the picture. You can barely see the Statue of Liberty in the picture. If you didn’t know it was the Statue of Liberty in that picture, you’d think, what is that? Where is this airplane? The airplane, the in-the-air home of Barack Obama, that was the focus, not the Statue of Liberty. The headquarters of our messiah was the focus. Liberty, the Statue of Liberty, the symbol, freedom, looked like a tiny little French fry. You could barely see it. Subtext, hidden messages: Obama is what counts. Statue of Liberty, yeah, good picture, but you can barely see it ’cause it doesn’t matter that much.

square-black2 New York Post photos…

square-black2 Typical Antisocial behavior — psychotics don’t feel anyone else’s pain: Obama jokes about the Flyover‘it didn’t affect him, he still gets to eat his Kobi Beef and drink his martinis, someone else monitors his office thermostat and he doesn’t see the bills (or pay them), so what’s the deal, it was just a lot of people being scared about a low-flying plane and what was that about it being suggestive of a terrorist attack?’

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…and also compliments my work and site, so, thanks, Nancy, very nice of you, your kind words.

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