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275wde_obama-trash Barack Obama grappled to the lowest point yet for anyone in public office. Forget the Presidency, this is about someone (anyone) laughing at ghastly suffering (or the suggestion of such) in the United States and among citizens, this is about those who consider terrorism to be laughable and “funny” and therefore are despicable as individuals; but, especially despicable when displayed by anyone elected to represent the American public. And then there’s someone in the Presidency acting like that, which is, well, it’s not only disgusting character-wise but it’s alarming politically and from a security perspective.

Barack Obama laughed at the wretchedly non-comedic Wanda Sykes’ ugliness as displayed at Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner, under pretense of it/her/disgusting statements being “entertainment” and “comedy”. Obama laughed at Sykes’ disgusting reference to 9/11 (among other inappropriate things but calling Sykes’ vomitus to be inappropriate, as also Obama’s responses to that, is entirely understating the scene, the statements, tje context, the responses).

The guy is supposed to be the President of the United States of America. Wanda Sykes is sold as a comedian. They both continue to prove that they are entirely not either, respectively.

obama-laughs-at-wanda-sykes-disgusting-comments Sykes made a display out of “joking” about the events of 9/11, as also about her wished-for mortality of Rush Limbaugh — and Barack Obama actually laughed at these and other distasteful verbal effluent out of Sykes’ exceptionally disturbed and ugly perceptions.

This is humor to the Left? A President laughing at the wish that Americans perish — suggesting someone actually suffer organ failure — laughing at the terrorist events that beset our nation on 9/11? This is Presidential? No, no it isn’t, unless one is president of a nation or body politic that finds suffering — worse, at the hands of terrorists — of the United States of America, as then, also Americans, to be a laughing matter, a thing of comedy, so-called.

It’s “presidential” if the nation one represents is one that enjoys and laughs at the suffering of Americans and this nation and thinks it’s “funny” that an American citizen — or, many of us — perish by deeds, events or damaging humans seeking our demise, and that any one American should suffer the loss of life by organ failure (all of that, part of Sykes’ throw-up that Obama found to be very funny).

As an added interest here, the whole “death by organ failure” “wish” by Wanda Sykes as to Rush Limbaugh (someone she wished such upon as Barack Obama agreed — he laughed at the idea — as does the Left, deeming Limbaugh to be a political and personal enemy if Sykes and Obama are examples of the Left’s sentiments), Sykes’ suggesting that Limbaugh suffer organ failure, as laughed at by Barack Obama, is exactly what has befallen others (in reality, not limited to mere suggestion) targeted by Leftwing political figures, by way of poisoning. I don’t at all find this funny, entertaining as subject or idea, nor am at all comfortable with any U.S. President sitting on a panel with a glass of alcohol (or more) and laughing at the idea of such.

Barack Obama, Wanda Sykes and the idiot Left who organized this appearance by Sykes at this past Saturday night White House Correspondents’ Dinner: utter fail, utterly disgusting, beneath contempt, a tar pit of negativity and ideological, intellectual, ethical and psychological aberration.

The Sykes comments, all, and Barack Obama’s laughing (and laughable) response to those comments, are utterly beneath contempt, less than zero, way past anything reasonable or respectable, not even by an extreme measure anything approaching comedy — to anyone except a very sick mind.

tar_pit And, presto, today the Obama White House tries to temper the quite-well-recorded irreverant responses by Barack Obama, claiming — quite desperately, actually — that his responses were, uhh, he laughed, but, uhh, the theme isn’t laughable, so, ahh, it’s, uhhh…

square-black1 Sykes and Obama, caught on tape, Corrupt, Disgusting, Banal and otherwise, Ugly Together.

square-black1 Round-up of reactions, blog-wise.

square-black1 Even Sykes-Defenders (“kind of”) can’t defend her.

square-black1 Big Hollywood’s columnists on (the category of) “Wanda Sykes”.

square-black1 Reasonable in the U.K., from the Telegraph’s Toby Harnden: “Not funny: Barack Obama Barack Obama laughs at Wanda Sykes ‘joke’ about wanting Rush Limbaugh dead

square-black1 Modest, for a change, Nikke Finke writes a column, this time about the doofus who used to be known as “Wanda Sykes,” now and forevermore who shall be remembered as The Creepy Idiot From the Land of The Awful (I added all of that but Finke’s column at least broaches the icky-factorage that is Sykes and confronts the worst that Sykes said).

square-black1 But, wait, not to be outdone in uglitude: Barack Obama makes scaring New York City with Air Force One (the Flyover from April 27, 2009 which remains entirely unexplained and unsubstantiated) into a thing of even uglier failure.

From Michelle Obama:

By Saturday night, the president was instantly comfortable joking about it in front of starstruck journalists who should have seen the lack of disclosure as no laughing matter.

Snickered the president at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

“Now Sasha and Malia aren’t here tonight because they’re grounded. You can’t just take Air Force One on a joy ride to Manhattan. (Laughter.) I don’t care whose kids you are. (Laughter.) We’ve been setting some ground rules here. They’re starting to get a little carried away.”


square-black1 Tar Pit:

The tar is over 350 feet deep and according to one visitor: The Lake seemed to me more than anything to be like a large creature with no face, only arms and guts in which it slowly swallowed everything around it.