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One of the writers — Bill Scheft — of the Letterman Late Show reveals why their product is awful: the guy says that he can’t ridicule Barack Obama “because Obama is too competent.”

This has to be a rare moment in the entertainment industry wherein someone in entertainment admits their own incompetence and in this rare event, it’s this writer, Scheft, now doing so.

Because, revealed is his lack of understanding as to what “competent” means and what it doesn’t: it’s not Obama because such a nonsensical statement said in all seriousness as Scheft has said it indicates someone without too much contact with reality or the ability to accurately observe reality adequately in order to find humor in it.

About entertainment as a product, I’m still of the point of view that the Letterman production is SUPPOSED to be about humor, but I could be wrong what with it not being “funny” in quite a while now — Letterman left “funny” and “well written” behind with his sneaker-wearing days, which is somewhere a few decades ago, probably around 1990, the last, faltering days of any humorous reason to tune in to watch Letterman regardless of what network he was appearing on, or is now.

The worst problem that entertainment as an industry has is that it’s self-contained and therein out of touch, cloistered, populated with many cloistered individuals (Scheft sure sounds like he fits this type as do those other writers that the Newsbuster post describes) who find actual reality as it’s experienced by many other people to be not worth their time.

The entertainment industry is about creating false realities yet many involved in it don’t understand the starting point: reality from whence the abstract is taken. False reality is expensive to maintain, those who remain in it are oftentimes inherently, then, afraid to lose the means to afford the maintenance and thus, are rejecting of any and all who are outside their box, especially if there’s a scent involved that there may not be a closed-loop in place at any time and place — many in the entertainment industry hate the open-loop effect, it doesn’t secure publicity for an appearance or association and therefore, it’s threatening.

People are hired in entertainment (and media, which is why both tend to be entirely Leftwing), such as Scheft, to produce content that works to secure the closed-loop and avoid at any lengths the mere idea that there’s more out there they aren’t aware of. Like a downside to Barack Obama, an implausibility about the man inhabiting the White House at present, who many in the entertainment industry have so much invested in — it’d be painful for many in Hollywood to admit their mistake, so they’re shutting the doors and windows: might be poisonous air out there among the “alternate reality” that is the simple people.

So their starting point is the false reality, which is, they start at the false point and then try to broaden that false perception. And therein a lot of product fails at humor (as it also does at overwhelming many among audience) when it’s of that origin. If not this, then something else is responsible (though it seems most likely it’s the writers who are to balme from about 1990 forward, which means Scheft, who joined the Letterman Show in 1990, and peers are responsible) because Letterman’s show has not been funny nor entertaining since about that time. Not even worth the time to watch the show in entirety — Letterman’s only appeal is the occasional star who appears for a few minutes on some broadcast and then the appeal is over.

Has this “writer” ever so much as listened to Barack Obama? Watched him? Observed his erratic, insensitive, ill-equipped bombast, not to mention the abundant mismanagement of public resources and abuse of our nation, counted and still growing? Watched Obama pony about, assuming he’s cool-and-all-that? Nothing is quite so not-cool and certainly isn’t all-that when it/he/she is really sold on being so. Obama reveals all the coolitude of a popsicle on a hot sidewalk, melted. It’s just that some people think melted popsicle’s are really neat, while the rest of us won’t waste our time trying to lap one up.

Obama reveals daily all the nincompoopiness of a guy without competence, unless (here’s the writer’s out) Obama’s lack of competence is actually deemed to be competence by this writer. In which case, the writer is screwed. Which explains why Letterman is.

Late Show is badly written, not entertaining and Letterman has long since left the security of Stupid Pet Tricks and celebrities to ridicule, what with the ridicule now being about him and this foolish, hapless writer of his, efforting to avoid knowing, seeing, learning, efforting to avoid perceptions that would and will threaten the closed-loop and loopiness of individuals too secure in the incompetence of Obama-Land.


The proudest moment in his career, Late Show writer Bill Scheft boasted at a Friday comedy writer panel held at Washington, DC’s Newseum, was when he got David Letterman to try to undermine guest John McCain’s Bill Ayers talking point by raising McCain’s relationship with G. Gordon Liddy — as if a political dirty trickster were the equivalent of a terrorist involved with bombings which killed people, could have killed hundreds more if his attempts worked and remains unrepentant. At the event, organized by the Writers Guild of America, East, and shown Saturday night on C-SPAN, Scheft declared of his effort to discredit an anti-Obama point: “I’m more proud of that than any single joke that I’ve written.” That earned applause from the audience.

Later, to a chorus of “yeah” from other writers on the stage representing The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Late Night, as well as another Late Show writer (Tom Ruprecht, who is in front of Scheft in the screen shot, the best I could get), Scheft insisted the only reason the comedy shows don’t make fun of President Barack Obama is because he’s “a little too damn competent and we ain’t used to that.”

Earlier in the day, some of the participants delivered stand-up acts and’s “page 2″ recounted this “joke” from Scheft: “Former Vice President Dick Cheney — I actually don’t have a joke here, I just like to say former Vice President Dick Cheney.”


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