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250wde_colin-powell_leftwinger Among the gems pronounced recently by former Vice President Dick Cheney was his smart remark about Colin Powell, that, as Cheney said when asked what he thought of Colin Powell’s remarks castigating Republicans, Cheney said that he wasn’t aware that Powell was a Republican.

Colin Powell Waiting For New GOP…One That Votes For Obama, and,

Powell to Rush, Cheney: Room for me among ’emerging’ Republican Party

Colin Powell issued a sharp rebuke Tuesday night to Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney for trying to exclude him from the backbiting Republican Party.

Before some 1,500 business leaders in Boston, as well as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen, the retired general and former secretary of state spoke openly of the dispute roiling the Grand Old Party after election setbacks and polls putting its popularity at roughly one of five Americans.

“Rush Limbaugh says, ‘Get out of the Republican Party.’ Dick Cheney says, ‘He’s already out.’ I may be out of their version of the Republican Party, but there’s another version of the Republican Party waiting to emerge once again,” Powell told the crowd.

UPDATE: Limbaugh hit back at Powell on his radio show today.

(Limbaugh says:)

“The version of the party that he’s waiting to emerge is not the Reagan wing of the party. Does Powell have the pulse of the Republican Party, folks? He’s for more spending. He’s for higher taxes. He’s against raising the social issues. He’s for affirmative action. He’s for amnesty for illegals. He endorsed Obama.

“And now there’s an agenda — an emerging agenda — that he’s waiting for for the Republican Party? The only thing emerging here is Colin Powell’s ego. Colin Powell represents the stale, the old, the worn-out GOP that never won anything. The party of Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, Bill Scranton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and those types of people. Has anybody heard Colin Powell say a single word against Obama’s radicalism — or Pelosi or Reid, for that matter? Maybe he has but his fawning media sure hasn’t reported if he has said it.” (Article continues…)

Colin Powell voted for Barack Obama; not only voted for him, but got out in front of the media in the last presidential election and actually asked others to vote for Obama, too. In other words, Powell campaigned for Obama. Obama’s a Democrat, to state the obvious, and not only a Democrat but the most Far Left if not communist in ideology and perspectives that this nation has ever experienced in and from public office. Whatever about that socialism that appeals to Powell, he not only bought it but worked loudly to encourage others to buy it, too. And now he appears pouty because many Republicans didn’t and aren’t now buying the socialism that Powell and his guy, Obama, are selling.

Powell having earlier declared he was/is a Republican runs contrary to that behavior by Powell (among other behaviors of Powell’s career that call his credibility into question, like testifying before the United Nations and later, before Congress with materials he knew to be props feigned to be evidence of — meaning, he lied and knew he was lying –“weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq; worse, once proven to have faked his “proof” presented before the world, Powell was never held accountable and did nothing to correct his theatrical presentation; instead, he was afterward noticeably silent and allowed others in the Bush Administration to be skewered instead, removing himself from media during the Democrats’ snipe-hunt-for-Republicans to victimize over the U.S. going to war in Iraq). My conclusions about Powell is that he’s been a double-agent-for-change for quite a while now.

That Powell finds Barack Obama’s theatricals to be appealing is not suprisingly. And Powell now attempting to (again) chastise “Republicans” for not applauding theatricals, or, in Powell’s words, for not being “centrist” adequately to entice the Right to become the Left, or, otherwise for not having embraced or applauded Powell’s — nor Obama’s — perfumed performances.

Contrast Powell’s squishy, dubious attitudes with the forthrightness of Dick Cheney, in Cheney’s May 10, 2009 appearance on “Face the Nation”:

Cheney: Powell Left the Republican Party

Colin Powell has left the Republican Party, former Vice President Dick Cheney charged Sunday.

Cheney had tough words for the Bush administration’s former secretary of state when asked about the controversy over Powell’s recent suggestion that the GOP move more to the center. He was asked specifically about conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s call for Powell to join the Democrats.

“I think my take on it was Colin had already left the party. I didn’t know he was still a Republican,” Cheney said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Asked to clarify, Cheney noted that Powell endorsed Barack Obama, a Democrat, for president shortly before the general election.

“I assumed that that is some indication of his loyalty and his interest,” Cheney said.

Limbaugh criticized Powell last week for saying the Republican Party is in trouble and needs to be more moderate, urging Powell to officially switch parties. Powell had also said divisive figures like Limbaugh are hurting the party.

Asked which spokesman better stands for the GOP, Cheney said he’d go with Limbaugh over Powell. ()

Cheney’s remarks about Powell literally cut through Powell’s generic, weakness-generating hyperbole. Which is why Cheney’s remark was quite so smart and befitting the situation, so accurate and concise: Powell a Republican? Who knew? The nation didn’t. Coulda’ fooled everyone and apparently Powell has. Until his coming-out adventure in campaigning for Barack Obama last year and up until then, he was not what anyone on the Right would adulate as a paragon of strength.

So now Powell is peeved about that, that he’s been absolutely positioned among the Left. He started out irked about Republicans, now he’s irked times two about Republicans, especially about Cheney — and he throws being irked about Rush Limbaugh in there, too.

Powell began his petulent remarks denigrating Republicans with irksome barbs about Republicans (who were not Liberal) has now moved onto being irked about Cheney, and in between all that, being irked about Republican Rush Limbaugh, saying, as Powell did, that Republicans (who he was irked with and about) had to stop considering Limbaugh as “head of the Republican Party”.

Who knew that? That Limbaugh was head of the Republican Party? Powell’s declaration in that regard as also with those remarks that followed reveal the resentments of one who covets; because, everyone on the Right likes and enjoys Rush Limbaugh but the obvious point is that the GOP never hired Limbaugh as head of the Party. That snotty remark by Powell is him manufacturing more information like he did for Congress, complete with more props. Instead of props regarding WMD, however, this time he used Limbaugh as a prop.

Big mistake because, for starters, Limbaugh can outreason and overtly explain while Powell can bluster and condescend (which offends many people), and, Cheney is just plain old more powerful and potent than Powell can ever hope to be, plus Cheney’s a far more talented soldier than is Powell. And Republicans are far more “Right” than Powell can tolerate or understand, and which he rejects, so, all things considered, Powell loses.

Cheney’s remarks about Powell were accurate and right to the point. Smart, in other words, efficiently stated. And Powell didn’t like that. Add Cheney and Limbaugh and Powell’s campaigning for Barack Obama to Powell’s “I Hate Republicans” list and you get Powell-minus-zero.

The GOP has lost elections in which it’s followed Powell’s screwy “advice”: be more Liberal, act like Democrats, elect the Leftwing, or, in Powell’s nomenclature, “don’t be Conservative.” Powell sounds overtly like a man on a mission to weaken the Republican Party and in doing so, to secure more wins for the Left he embraces.

Powell’s embarrassed by Conservatives as he is by anyone to the Left of Arlen Specter. Which means that Colin Powell is an embarrassment to Republicans — which isn’t to say he hasn’t already been so, just that he’s become even more incredible in his absence of believability.


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