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This defies the propaganda that the Left/Democrats/sneaky-Communists-among-the-Left-eager-to-disarm-U.S.-citizens needs to do that very thing: disarm the population of the U.S. while also renaming citizens exercising their Constitutional rights and obligations to defend our nation against threats, foreign and domestic, to rename Americans so doing into “the enemy.”

That, in a nutshell, is the final stumbling block to all Socialist/Communist and other Dictatorships from being fully flung upon others. An armed population poses the last-ditch difficulty to those who would require Americans to bow down before some totalitarian bastardization of our republic.

“…only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S.”

All of these statements are well-known to those of us who still believe in our rights under the Second Amendment and also the Constitution in full. The statements are offensive to those who deny the realities as to why these rights were set in stone by our Founding Fathers, and reduced to manipulation through today’s weak, appeasing, oftentimes hapless media to feed continuing deceits and false “facts” to the public: armed, violent crime in other nations is the fault of the U.S., so the lie goes.

What makes this lie terrible, truly evil, is when handlers of this lie, using government office, perpetuate it.

At least one media source (Fox News) is publishing candor as to Mexico’s armed crimes, which crimes are more than likely fueled, funded and fanned by evils from other Communist nations, specifically, Venezuela and Cuba, perhaps China, unfortunately. The target is obvious: to whittle away at the sovereignity of the U.S. by continuing to attack our national security otherwise. It’s also a method to manipulate amnesty-into-practice for illegal aliens from Mexico (and elsewhere) who are already in the U.S. or soon to arrive here.

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