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So, look out for their wiley, lying, sneaky, counter-purposed posing at “their” Tea Party events, under guise of trying to establish false and negative characteristics to the actual April 15th Tea Party events (which have nothing to do with race of any kind, but, the Left will and does use the same-old same-old negatives to try to defeat any displays that are not serving the Left’s Progressive — or Communist — intents).

Read this:

Acorn thugs are going to infiltrate the TEA PARTIES on April 15th. They will be wearing clothes and holding signs that contain RACIAL positions. The leftwing media will then, for the first time, cover the TEA PARTIES, and PAINT US AS RACISTS. Socialists cannot abide any power but their own. TEA PARTIES are a threat to them. These people are not nice people. If you disagree with them they WILL try to destroy you. Look what they tried to do to Sarah Palin, and her daughter. If you see anyone being RACIAL, get a few people together and confront that individual. MAKE THEM LEAVE!!! Please pass this on to EVERYONE.

And, read this from that same link — the false pretenses are being organized by the “Progresssive” leftwing:

…a new radical organization calling itself “A New Way Forward” has put together an underhanded sneak attack designed to undercut the popular uprising known as the Tea Party movement. You may already be part of the Tea Party movement – in fact I hope you are. So, I knew you would want to know what the far left is up to now.

Simply put, their idea is to stage phony rallies throughout the country on April 11th made to look like they are part of the Tea Party movement – while actually opposing Tea Party principles and supporting the complete government takeover of our banking system.

The “Way Forward” scam was conjured up by an Obama activist named Michael Lux. Lest anyone try to tell you that Mr. Lux is sincere in saying he wants to “help rebuild the banking system”, don’t you believe it for one single second. Before starting up his new Obama front group, Lux was a high-paid lobbyist for the AFL-CIO, a top executive for the leftwing People for the American Way, and a special assistant at the Clinton White House.

His plan now is to divert people’s attention from the April 15 Tea Parties by holding his phony rallies first, on April 11th. He knows his fellow left wingers in the mainstream media will go along with his scheme to nationalize our banking system…

And this:

…he is trying to divert people’ attention, the good thing is this shows how worried they (the Left) are about us getting organized and standing up for our rights. The below rings of deception and is a load of hogwash, although the man seems to think he is a pretty good snake oil salesman. He definitely supports all the things that Obama and the elites hold dear.

Mike LuxAuthor, The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be

“Helping Obama Succeed by Pushing Back”

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READ MORE about just who the “PROGRESSIVES” are and where the term comes from (you won’t like it if you love liberty and the U.S.A. as the U.S. is originally defined and guided by our Constitution, the document that “Progressives” target to be bent at their will, and also, while Christianity in the U.S. is to be suppressed at their desires).

This holy day, this holy week, this Good Friday today, the focus by Christ and his Word on our human condition is upon each man as an individual with an individual worth as also destination as per individual choices. Progressive-secularism destroys the worth, meaning of the indivdual in lieu of promoting the some sort of “community” of “values” that suppress Christian theology and the influence of Christ upon our indivdual, daily lives.

In other words, to be an individual — as dedicated to Christ, and/or as attempting to pursue liberty as an individual citizen in the U.S. as deemed legitimate by our Constitution — is to be opposed by Progressives and the secular progressive movement. Their methods used, moreover, to attack the individual is one of untoward cowardice, the result of abandoning a higher-level of reasoning about and among humanity. That our Constitution suffers because of this “movement” as also as Christian morality is profaned and also suffers accordingly, so goes the “secular progressive movement” (“S-P”s to apply Bill O’Reilly’s accurate term).

Based upon the amount of forceful effort the S-Ps devote on the internet alone to ridiculing anyone who varies from the S-P insistencies, I’d say that there are quite a lot of hapless followers involved in the S-P movement, who are not aware (and aren’t questioning with any depth) about just what they’re involved in, as long as they’re accepted into some happy-fun-group-do-it social behaviors that attracts little criticism and receives a great deal of petting by labor and education unions. This is the difficulty our nation faces today, how it is to overcome this terrible lack of depth by many easily led astray in their needs for social acceptance and otherwise, “popularity,” something so easily exploited by evil intents with a smiley face.


  1. MAS1916 says:

    Look out for ACORN at the Tea Parties.. They will indeed do anything they can to represent those that object to the Leader’s policies as “hateful people.” CNN will do all it can to help.

    Fortunately, one won’t have to actually look for ACORN. These are typically folks that haven’t showered since election day.