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When this so-called Seder was announced to be impending for last week by the Obama White House, I knew it was a staged event — my instincts with a certainty of reliability given time-testing proving those instincts consistently accurate — and now Debbie Schlussel examines the facts as to why it was, indeed, entirely a staged event, not a Seder, not Kosher, but another one of the fakeries from the Obamas intended to promote Barack Obama on false terms for political purposes. Which means it was what I sensed it would be: an utter profanity yet again by Barack Obama (and wife).

Here’s Schlussel’s post about this:

IRONY: Obama’s “First White House Seder” Not Kosher

So, apparently, the Obama duo conducted a “seder-like” event with “kosher-like” foods to celebrate being the Obamas being politically manipulative: in other words, this was them being profane.

Similar to them enjoying planning and laughing about an “Easter Egg Roll” event while avoiding attending a Christian ceremony to celebrate Easter, to mention but one among hundreds by now of similar events that prove there’s a lot of eventful doings going on by the Obama duo but little substance beyond their pursuits of self and self-lauds. In other words, a profaning of the Office of the Presidency.

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