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Obama said: “We can’t afford to talk past one another and focus only on our differences, or to let the walls of mistrust go up around us.”

Obama can afford to lie there on a sky-blue rug before “students” in Turkey because his floating rhetoric isn’t challenged with any facts. No one in such controlled audiences as Obama arranges for his highly-scripted and performed appearances dares to think past the boombah and question what he’s actually saying in relationship with reality; no, they’re striving to mind their handlers and manners and take in the ethereal on stage as is often the case by some human beings in the presence of a talented actor acting.

But what Barack Obama actually says is duplicitous when one takes into consideration his actual behavior off the stages versus what he says when he is entertaining a controlled group of the world’s youth and otherwise impressionable persons, including the spate of “Muslim world” people that Barack Obama has devoted a great deal of effort to represent abroad and here in the United States while supposedly representing the United States of America — we’re now not that Christian nation founded upon Christian principles by Christian-believing/reasoning and Christian-theologically-guided and influenced Founding Fathers, according to Obama’s latest acting prose, we are “not a Christian nation…but a nation of citizens.”

I agree that the United States of America is a nation of citizens but we’re also a nation, by founding concepts and by current majority, of Christians who are citizens, and, the nation itself has been born of Christian theology whether those who disrespect such — that includes Barack Obama — agree with our history or not.

However, to return to the opening quote by Barack Obama — he said before that before a group of students in Turkey a short while ago, and also this:

(Barack Obama) repeated his pledge to rebuild relations between the United States and the Muslim world. “I am personally committed to a new chapter in American engagement,” Obama said.

Personally, he’s personally committed: personally. In this specific statement alone, Obama dodges the candor and opts for the deflective phrase that hides real candor, assists the timid if not probably the evasive with a hat or mask to conceal actual intent: “I, personally…” It’s the method of speech used by one who is avoiding being direct about what is actually on their mind, in their motives, their intents.

Moreover, Obama’s declaration that he’s somehow representative of some “new” “form” of “communication” while hacking reality with his highly staged performances and specific contradictions that reveal duplicity — dishonesty — in his ongoing declarations, reveals patent disconnect from reality: there is far greater and far more offensively blatant assault upon other U.S. citizens and voters today by Barack Obama and his associated Democrats in the U.S. to the point that Republicans in the U.S. are being denied involvement in keen legislation that affects all Americans. The Democrats with Obama as their “star performer” heading their playbill are going out of their way to insist upon a “one party rule” and “one party (theirs) legislative” process that excludes any difference of opinion and certainly blacks out differences of the Republican kind. Obama and associated Democrats literally are carving out some alternate version of U.S. government that excludes about fifty-percent or more of the U.S. population, and they are doing so with a force that is unusual and intolerant of the American public, at least the fifty-percent or more who are not Democrats.

Which is the epitome OFtalking past one anotherAND NOTfocus(ing)…on our differences, or let(ting) the walls of mistrust go up around us.”

So once again, we here in the U.S.A. hear, see and read of Barack Obama making great pretense with people of and in other nations while telling little more than grandiose lies and performing them well enough to fool the gullible. The alternative to the conclusion that Obama is performing appealing words without relationship to the reality of his behavior, is the conclusion that he is not even aware of his disparities and truly believes his own grandiose delusions: that he’s not able to distinguish his grandiose talk from his actions that betray his grandiose talk. Both are possible and both are possibly horrible.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, there are more gullible persons in the world than there are wise ones. And even more who seek to encourage more gullibility among some for not-so-applaudable reasons.

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