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From Newsbusters, this headline:

WaPost Shocker: Obama Staffers Attend Secret Dinners With Lefty Media

I take it that the headline is a mile past sarcastic, as in, this is hardly a shocker: the Obama White House and Leftwing media operating a daily thundersuck attack on the public consciousness, whether it’s good for us or not (and it’s never been so far, good for us).

National-but-Leftwing-media aside, Obama and Emanuel’s persimmonous damn-the-edsel-full-speed-down-the-head attack on the minds and perceptions of the vulnerable and less than motivated (not too difficult to do which is why only evil men do it) reached fever pitch on Day One of this Administration, and on Day Minus-Two-Hundred in their campaign.

What I find most wretched in this sewer crowd is that they’re reframing reality to a political purpose, reinventing our very language: up, down, mix it all up and make it the opposite of common sense and keep it chugging in muck with such intensity that only the most dedicated can read through the grub and avoid those large chunks of disinformation floating by.

But it’s no surprise. It’s only surprising how the negative never learns to stand up and offer others a nice drink of fresh water. The Left only knows the muck but I’m constantly surprised that they find it so comfortable.

Name a Republican, you’ll find the Left’s mucky-mucking thundersuck in place on many fronts, gushing. These are dirty times, the Left today, the Democrats hunching to do as much damage as possible all at once and over and over again, these are dirty times, the Left is the dirtiest yet.

I don’t buy their magazines, I don’t watch their broadcast medium, it’s a rare day that I can again buy any of the DVD products that the Left creates or are featured in, the times are not a communal process but one of survival: the Left doesn’t want us to survive, they want us to get out of the way.

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