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320wde_timkaine-barack-infected1 Virginia’s Republican Congressman, Eric Cantor, is among the latest targets of the “Obama Attack Machine“. Have you wondered why Barack Obama and other Democrats urge everyone on to fear fear? You know, ‘there’s fear, fear it, we only have to fear, they’re making us fear, we fear no more, hey, there’s fear, don’t fear, make them fear, do you fear, I fear, you fear, where’s fear, there, no, then, fear it‘ — the whole range of Teleprompter-displayed fear-mongering the Left is so sneaky about using.

But we see them anyway: afraid someone won’t be captured by fear so, here, have a hug by the grabbing Obama arms that reach across rooms if not all space and time to wrap others in a sweaty, fear-clenching fearful disrespect of their person, individual dignity and presence. Be wrapped by Obama, wrapped up by him, accept the fevah. And ride a pony with Obama! He’s hawt in Europe! He IS a pony! Fear him and a pony, he’s awwesome!

Back in the somber reality of the United States, there is this from among the latest fear mongering by the Left:


The thing about fear is that you can see it. For an insight as to what the left today fears most, witness its attempted political assassination of Eric Cantor.

The 45-year-old Virginia congressman came to Washington in 2001, and by last year had been unanimously elected Republican Whip, under Minority Leader John Boehner. In recent months, Mr. Cantor has helped unify the GOP against much of President Barack Obama’s agenda, in particular his blowout $787 billion stimulus, and yesterday, his blowout $3.6 trillion budget.

He’s also one of the GOP’s up-and-coming talents. Along with Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan, or California’s Kevin McCarthy, he represents a new guard, one that’s sworn off earmarks and brought the conversation back to fiscal responsibility and economic opportunity. They’ve focused on party outreach, and are popular with younger voters and independents. They are big fund-raisers, part of a drive to recruit and elect more reformers. And they are on the rise.

All of which threatens the left. Democrats know their current dominance in Washington is in no small part due to public disillusionment with the GOP. They are also aware that their current tax-and-spend governance is creating plenty of opportunities for that opposition to remake itself. Thus the furious campaign — waged by every blog, pundit, union, 527, and even the White House — to kneecap Republicans who might help lead a makeover. Mr. Cantor is the top target. (Read the whole article…)

Europe may find Obama Mania enjoyable — and they do appear to be hapless over there about catching this particular disease — but to many of us in the United States, we lost all fascination with “Have Fun With the Rabid” a long time ago. Perhaps, eventually, Europe — I’ll go ahead and include the U.K. in this generalized location for the sake of discussion in this context — perhaps, eventually, Europe will implement (“allow”) media that is not ALL Leftwing as it is now by which a few more Europeans will learn that there is information above and outside the Obama-Hyperbole and rabid fevah o’ celebre.

The reality of the Obama-Hyperbole is grim. I fear Europe will not learn, unfortunately for the rest of the world.

220wde_ichbineinkultfuhrer1 Obama took twelve teleprompters with him to England and Europe. He’s been looking quite dreadful on the broadcasts even with those teleprompters and all his prepared, pony-expressed fear mongering: eyes rimmed with black circles, bloodshot eyes in France as I write this, dark purple lips revealing a medical issue or issues that few seem to want to discuss, stumbling, mumbling, bumbling his lines when he’s asked to speak without the prepared speeches…

This is not a cause celebre, this is a cult. A fearful one.

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