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Via HotAir:

Obama’s DNI reminds Obama that “enhanced interrogation” worked

This is but a drop in the bucket of the manipulations of reality for political purposes by Barack Obama, even among his own Administration.

I express my individual perspectives here about the issues of torture and waterboarding and what the U.S. does and doesn’t do — I am a layperson in these regards but a citizen nonetheless: “enhanced interrogation” involving waterboarding (which the U.S. used sparingly with three individuals that exposed terrorist plots, plans and other individuals involved in those, resulting in aiding the U.S. defenses of our citizens and nation) was and is not “torture”.

So the Left (and Obama capitalizes upon this drift) extends the truth, so to speak, creates a drift of terms like they continually do with issues they use for emotionally inflammatory purposes (and, therefore, for their political gains — they incite people, in other words), the Left is attempting to refer the issues of waterboarding and “enhanced interrogation” to an aberrant but politically expedient one: by assigning both to definitions of “torture” they then can and do argue against “torture” and therefore surreptiously against “enhanced interrogation” techniques proven to be effective to support our national security (and in doing so, they argue against our national security).

While torture is, of course, horrible, and is, of course, not something the U.S. should do and I doubt does do, waterboarding was an effective technique applied to limited problematic persons (three of them per the recent Intelligence Memos) and I do not believe that it represents “torture”.

So, contrary to what HotAir states — that the GOP needs to “stop pretending that waterboarding is not torture,” I think that the issue actually is that the Left needs to be held primarily and grossly responsible for “pretending” to represent the safety, security and defense of the U.S. in their various political exploits of very sensitive information and policies. The Left intentionally blurs the lines or commingle definitions of terms and words that results in not only no solutions ever being determined but at decidedly exhausting many voters to “simply relent” and lose the thread of any meaning as to issues targeted by the Left and to thereby vote to accommodate those who lead them astray and in this case, it is most decidedly the Obama Administration who is leading many astray: it’s easier for some to “just support the guy” and to accept his meaningless but mightily spoken words because he’s a talented performer (there’s that appeal-factor, yet again, of a dictator, same that works toward the same goal by Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, among others — people “relent” because they experience emotionally exciting rewards in exchange for not receiving ideological, well-reasoned and practical ones).

And there’s little room about that to wonder what the motives are, why an Executive Branch in the U.S. government with a complicit and problematic Democrat-majority Congress would be goal-set to lead American voters astray, to compromise our national security to such an extent that we as citizens and a nation become, first — in their value of us — the usefully exploited and second, the enemy of our own land.

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