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This is an excellent compilation of twenty quotes by AMERICAN THINKER‘s Ben-Peter Terpstra. My favorites are the two by Ayn Rand, probably because they are the most practical in speaking to the issue of just what ails the entertainment industry today, contrary to many years in the past when Hollywood was inspired and directed by many Conservatives:

“I do not know anything about a Red blacklist, but I know a great deal about the blacklist of Conservatives by the Reds. I am the last person to whom you should address this question, unless you are interested in the truth.” – Ayn Rand

“If someone wanted to do something humanitarian, do a research project on what became of the friendly [pro-Conservative] witnesses. A monstrous silent blacklist was exercised by those **** Communists in Hollywood. Did those talented [Conservative] people in demand suddenly lose their talent?” – Ayn Rand

Read the full list of twenty. There are many, many more of great value and wisdom to be found there.

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