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In only one week, the Democrats have baked pies and other rotten products with Anti-Americanism, globally. If anyone ever doubted that the Left in the U.S. was Marxist/Communist, today we have proof of that — or, rather, more proof of that, since the proof’s been readily available in the Leftwing stinky pudding for a while now to those who were observant.

Meanwhile, the Leftwing sputtering, sliming heads and Leftwing apologist writers among media, attempting to rationalize and wrongly deny the “Obama is a Socialist” and “Democrats are Communists” accurate descriptions of the man and the party and their political sway, look ever so much more like the propaganda meisters that they are: lying to proliferate subterfuge and subterranean plans.

What is preposterous is just how stupid the Left sounds trying to dismiss who they are, what their intentions for the U.S.A. are and who they are attempting to “forge aliances” with (and why). Could the Congressional Black Caucus (“CBC”) ever look any more idiotic and deceitful than they appear today, with this hideous, insane statement: that the Castro brothers “are really serious“?

Of course they’re serious, “really”. What they are serious about is the key issue that these bad CBC bakers among the Democrats are attempting to conceal or else are too dim to recognize as ultimate usery by evil men. With the Left today, once again, it appears it’s a combination of both.

And when is Fidel Castro due any degree of respect and attention? He (and his brother, Raoul) have engaged in brutality upon humanity for decades with so little provocation as “sensing” someone does not support, fully support, as in, isn’t prostrated before, the Castro Leftwing Communist collective. Except “collective” in the Castro terms means they get billions in Swiss bank accounts and “the people” get dungeons and firing squads if they are not pleased with their “happy and prosperous” conditions among decrepit ghettos scrounging for pellets.

Describing Fidel Castro in flowery terms, as the LA Times (and other Leftwing propaganda sources) does — as “the…icon” — is the essence of irrational ugliness, some sort of underestimation of valuable common sense among humanity as that of a sponge or jelly in a pool of scum (about that terming, I’m surprised the LATimes author — who summoned that description of Fidel Castro as “the…icon” — didn’t also declare Castro to be his “fearless leader”). One wonders if these bad bakers of awfulness think so little of the abilties of others that they’ll just capture the masses by way of their stupidity: call the wretched, wonderful and vice-versa and you can fool enough to capture victims galore.

However, not everyone is that stupid, not as stupid as terrible individuals such as the Castro brothers rely on others being. Unfortunately for the U.S., the Castro brothers are also baking bad fruit with today’s Democratic Party and their reliable stooges are lined-up eagerly to eat their terrible products right out of the Communist cooker.

To experience the full range of the deplorable lack of common sense, however, among these brazenly foolish individuals among the Congressional Black Caucus, read the horrible article from the ridiculous LA Times. Here’s a stinking quote:

The aging, ailing, cigar-smoking icon Fidel Castro had three members of Congress visit with him today in Havana, which resulted in the bearded one asking, “How can we help President Obama?” In an effort to improve the relationship between Cuba and the U.S., Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland), Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) and Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.) were the first U.S. officials to meet with the 82-year-old former dictator since his intestinal surgery in July 2006.

Greg Adams of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana confirmed that the three members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with Castro, who handed the communist torch to his brother Raul in early 2007. Cuban state television is expected to release more details of the meeting tonight, Adams said.

Six members of the caucus met with Raul Castro on Monday for more than four hours. That meeting was also a first, as he had not yet met with any U.S. officials since he became the Cuban in charge.

“I’m convinced Raul Castro wants a normal relationship with the United States,” Lee said after the meeting with the 77-year-old, the Associated Press reported. “He’s serious.”

However, to approach and try to consider reality, read THE REAL CUBA.

The seven clowns are back in Washington

April 7 – The seven Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives who spent five days in Castro’s Gulag, are back in Washington and held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to praise the Cuban dictatorship.

Among the things that they said: They met with Fidel Castro and his “lovely” wife; they plan to work for the release of the five Cuban spies, who were tried and convicted in US courts after receiving fair trials with rights to very expensive lawyers paid by the Castro regime; that they met with relatives of the five spies and will write to the Secretary of State and to the First Lady because they are also “mothers” who should understand what the mothers of the spies are going through, because their sons are in jail; and that they will ask President Obama to reestablish relations with the Castro brothers.

These seven leeches, who call themselves “civil rights leaders,” didn’t meet with the families of those who are imprisoned by the Castro brothers for defending the human rights of 11 million Cubans. They didn’t meet with Jorge Luis Garcia Pérez “Antunez,” an Afro-Cuban who is currently on a hunger strike demanding respect for human rights, and who has more dignity on his toenail, than these seven congressmen have on their collective bodies.

They didn’t ask Cuba’s slave master when is he going to release another Afro-Cuban patriot, Dr.Oscar Elias Biscet, who was sent to jail for 25 years for teaching fellow Cubans about Dr. Marttin Luther King and his non-violent forms of protest.

They refused to meet with one single dissident during their junket or ask the slave master to stop enslaving Cuban workers as he has been doing for 50 years. (Read the rest — also read closely the entire site.)


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  1. nomen says:

    On another note….it really shows the caliber of Catholics out there who voted for a President whose first acts were to allow abortion and ESC research… and he appoints Harry Knox (anti-Catholic) to the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood. Obama has yet to go to church (or even pick one) since the election…. faith/church is a facade for him to tap into those who are nescient and gullible and buy into his buncombe. To think… there are some who want Obama to speak at Notre Dame… wow.

  2. MAS1916 says:

    Add One Democrat to boiling water
    Add 30 pounds of sugar (to overcome bitterness)
    etc. etc. etc.

    this is what you get when you have to cook with Democrats.