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dot-red-sml3 Was the purpose of this “trip” by Barack and Michelle Obama to encourage the world to think the worst about the United States of America? To make the U.S. appear as strange and ridicule-worthy as possible? To parade the U.S. as a weak, submissive and loopy nation?

Barack Obama’s pained-and-painful-to-watch-and-listen-to speech from Paris, France was awful as it was inconsiderate to the citizens of the U.S.

He’s refused to conduct these “town hall meetings” in the U.S. among citizens, yet there he was in France conducting a town hall meeting, or acting at doing so.

His eyes were bloodshot — even from several feet away via a televised broadcast, his bloodshot eyes were evident — and encased in dark circles, his lips grown even more dark purple than before, his focus, quite vague, wandering, unspecific, artificially present, as in, it was apparent that his mind and concentration were elsewhere. Lo, the handy teleprompter for the recited portion, but then came Obama’s limp, bleak responses — if they could even be called responses — audience (carefully screened, prearranged, no doubt) questions.

My impression — so far — is that Barack Obama and Michelle, with her ever-persisting grabbing of other people’s bodies without so much as an invitation to do so and her terrible clothing, my impression so far is that these two are engaged in a grand tour of “Belittle America.”

Above screen captures are from The Sun.

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  1. nomen says:

    On a different note… I watch Glenn Beck everyday… many things I agree with some I don’t. I really found the reason why he’s not taking a stand on Notre Dame a cop out. Just as Beck’s “912ers” have principles and values… as do Catholics.
    Notre Dame is the epitome of a sound education but also, it
    is a symbol Catholic ideals… one of the most famous images
    of Notre Dame is the “Our Lady of Lourdes” grotto on the University’s campus. To have Obama give a commencement address is a slap in the face of all Roman Catholics. To have Obama take the stage and offer Catholic graduates “words of wisdom” about life, education, and to impart his “so-called” wisdom would be like having Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, or Nancy Pelosi giving speeches at a “912” or a Tea Party about fiscal responsibility or better yet… God’s importance within our country’s foundation.

    1. -S- says:

      I agree with you, justaguy/nomen. I’m going to write a post about the Notre Dame concerns in a short while, and I’ll move your comment to that post after it’s published.

      I never agree completely on all perspectives with all broadcasters and personalities but Beck comes close to being just about always supportable on MOST things. I was put-off by him when he ridiculed a caller once who asked about “the Obama birth certificate situation” (and Beck retorted, “get off my program!” and hung up on the guy). So, we all have our own areas of discomfort and intolerance — never met one person yet who doesn’t.