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250wde_obama-a-new-dope4 Perhaps it takes additional life experience for some to gain perspective adequate enough to distinguish the ongoing pomposity (that the mostly-Leftwing media is pumping in the air this day about Barack Obama’s “first 100 days in office”) from the actual, to be able to tell the difference between what lies you hear from why you’re being told those lies and, more importantly, what’s not being said, instead, and who is not saying it and why.

When the world is fun and calm, it’s called Public Relations done well when the fanciful and pleasant are accepted in the public dialogue as that-which-is-truth, but then the world fun and calm relies on the public dialogue being filled with tales that the world is fun and calm, so there are always tales being told us and it takes wisdom and insight gained from life experience, oftentimes, to recognize when what you read and hear are tales versus truth.

And there’s noticeable pompitude by Rahm Emanuel from behind the propaganda drapes as to Michelle Obama, among other things constructing this weirdly grotesque “day” of “glory” — Michelle Obama deemed by People Magazine to be among “the most beautiful people” and “a fashion icon,” something they cannot have written with a straight keyboard and if they did, they did so after drinking a full bottle of Old Crow after accepting a very large gratuity in their bank accounts — anonymously, of course).

Perhaps it takes a bit more life experience to distinguish hype from harm and the pompous from the real — granted, harm, hype and the pompous are real as real can be but the line to distinguish is the starting point from the middle delusion and end distortion that the media is eagerly pushing through tubes, over wires and air and explaining with great intolerance otherwise.

But gaining a bit of life experience beyond the average impressionable younger voters and voters otherwise who are not seeking information beneath the glossy, hyped distortions, gaining more life experience does open one’s eyes to the knowledge (and therefore, wisdom) that all that glitters is not gold — depends on the individual, some among the older and older Left never gain this wisdom at any age with any experience; when specifics are plodded through (it requires patience and time to do so, I realize, not everyone has these available often or frequently enough to keep-up with persons you assume are out for your good while they are not and their actions need to be followed closely, often, inorder to identify just how it is you are not being looked out for) and you are aware enough by life experience and insight, you can identify the hype and delusional distortion from the starting point you assumed would be upheld, but wasn’t.


Barack Obama’s today being hyped — and he is hyping himself — as “a 100 days” in the Presidency with a lot of grandiose lies. Oh, and then there’s one principle from Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount — Matthew 7 — that Obama pummeled for his self-promotional purposes in his speech at Georgetown University, going so far as to also say he’s using the entire Sermon on the Mount (Jesus Christ’s profound address to us humans) as his model for his plans, or, in other words (here’s where that wisdom comes into play by anyone who hears or reads this exploitive speech by Obama), in other words, Obama declares he emobodies Jesus Christ, lays claim to Christ’s profound Sermon as equivalent to Obama and the “Obama politics”.

So now Obama is actually saying he’s doing Christ’s bidding. What’s next, he’ll tell us he’s God? And when did the Left even begin to tolerate much less include Biblical references and Biblical passages? As recently as last week, I read the Left harassing anyone and everyone who so much as identified as Christian in random internet commenting, and just look at what Obama and other Democrats are going about trying to push through Congress today (“hate crimes” bill whose objective includes the criminalization of anyone who utters Christian doctrine if and as it’s perceived to be, by homosexuals, “harming” homosexuals — by the way, homosexuals are already covered by all the same laws as the rest of us, they already have the full array of legal protections available to them as individuals that the rest of us have but what they’re seeking is a special tier of laws to create criminal repercussions upon anyone of the Christian faith who may make mention of the Christian faith as regards homosexuality; in other words, Democrats are attempting to skirt around the Freedom of Religion currently provided to all American citizens by our Constitution).

The extent of Obama’s exposure to Christianity was in his foolish, profane rationalizations that the Black Theology decades-long indoctrination he received from the profane racism of and emotional screed by Rev. Wright represented him being “a Christian”. Which few people outside that crew surrounding Rev. Wright and similar practitioners of similar racism ‘theology’ would ever associate with Christ and Christianity, but that’s the extent of Barack Obama’s (and his wife’s) reference to Christ, or so they claim.

But now Obama is actually saying he’s doing Christ’s bidding and he’s modelling his political deeds on the Sermon on the Mount, or, Christ’s very words and insurmountably divine instructions from on-high, Christ, the Son of God…Obama, laying claim to the Son of God’s divine instructions, claiming he embodies those instructions.

So following are real reports as to his “first 100 days,” the ugly, wretched reality of what this man, such as he is, has wrought and worse, has plans to wreak upon us all, sampling from throughout our human world, what you won’t see painted on Obama’s glittering teeth or Michelle’s bare arms while she yanks a vegetable from “her” garden that the taxpayer-paid gardeners have planted and tended off-camera, or on the cover of Newsweek and People Magazine or from the likes of the ugliest bunch (lest you are still trying to watch either network) on CNN or MSNBC :

dot-black-sml2 OBAMA’S RADICAL AGENDA by Newt Gingrich

dot-black-sml2 And, here’s a Poll of actual American opinion (not the hyped if not imaginary “magic polls” that the Leftwing media poofs out) — scroll down to beneath photo of singer and you’ll find what actual Americans think of Obama and it’s hovering at about 60% ranking him at “C” through “F”.

dot-black-sml2 Obama stabs and stabs again at Capitalism like that pretty prom dress in his closet that his some caretaker wouldn’t let him wear to dinner:

dot-black-sml2 NOT SOBER: still drinking and undoubtedly still doing a lot of other things, the guy with the martini, cigarettes, no birth certificate or academic records, but he has swagga

dot-black-sml2 And the best I’ve saved for the last, as follows, the most comprehensive report from the real world:

dot-black-sml2 Bauer Notes Obama’s 100 Mistakes, Misstatements and Missteps in His First 100 Days

WASHINGTON, April 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer on Wednesday, Barack Obama’s 100th day in office, noted a series of mistakes, misstatements and missteps for an administration which has received little comprehensive media coverage.

Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, said that he released this list to provide a more balanced picture of the first 100 days of the Obama Administration. Bauer observed, “The media coverage has been so glowing from the Washington Press Corp that it is important to remind Americans about a number of bad decisions from policy to personnel from the most left-leaning administration in our nation’s history.”

The following is a top 100 list of Mistakes, Misstatements and Missteps for the Obama Administration, as released by the Campaign for Working Families.

Undermining Our Values

1. Calling for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act on the White House website.

2. Listing on the White House website a call for an expansion of the definition of federal hate crimes to include homosexual behavior.

3. Calling on the White House website for policies like the “Fairness Doctrine” that could silence conservative and Christian talk radio.

4. Repealing limitations on taxpayer-funding of human embryonic stem cell research.

5. Repealing limitations on taxpayer-funding of abortions overseas.

6. Pledging $50 million to the United Nation’s Population Fund, which supports China’s draconian one-child policy.

7. Proposing new rules to gut conscience clause protections for pro-life doctors and other medical personnel who don’t want to be forced to perform abortions or other procedures that violate their values.

8. Proposing increased funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

9. Calling on the White House website for “a goal that all middle and high school students do 50 hours of community service a year,” (mandatory volunteerism).

10. Inviting homosexual families to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

11. Allowing his attorney general to call for the reinstatement of Clinton-era restrictions on the Second Amendment.

12. Breaking his promise not to appoint lobbyists to his administration. He hired 17 in his first two weeks.

13. Breaking his promise to sign legislation only after a five-day period of public comments.

14. Asking that the monogram for Jesus Christ be covered up during a televised speech at a Catholic university in which Obama quotes the Sermon on the Mount.

Undermining Our National Security

15. Apologizing for America in Europe and Latin America.

16. Bowing before the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia.

17. Pledging to base America’s foreign policy toward Iran on “mutual respect” in a video to the Iranian people and Iran’s Holocaust-denying dictator.

18. Returning the bust of Winston Churchill given to George Bush after 9/11 by our British allies.

19. Giving British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the leader of America’s most loyal ally, a box of DVDs that don’t work in British DVD players.

20. Ordering Guantanamo Bay closed without any idea of where to send the terrorist suspects held there.

21. Suggesting that some of those terrorists now at GITMO may kill again, but may also be released onto U.S. soil and set up with welfare benefits.

22. Caving to communist Cuba by relaxing travel restrictions and remittances for Cuban Americans before any Cuban political prisoners have been released.

23. Shaking hands with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

24. Sitting silently though a 50-minute anti-American diatribe by Nicaragua’s communist president, Daniel Ortega.

25. Releasing Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the suspected mastermind the 2000 suicide bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.

26. Releasing classified CIA memos outlining our interrogation techniques.

27. Telling our CIA agents not to be discouraged when he acknowledges their “mistakes.”

28. Declaring a new openness to “truth commissions” and prosecuting intelligence officials involved in enhanced interrogations of terrorists.

29. Proposing to send a $900 million foreign aid package to Palestinians in Gaza.

30. Asking Congress to relax the law so that some of that money could go to the terrorist organization Hamas.

31. Calling for the U.S. to eliminate its nuclear weapons.

32. Telling Russian President Demitri Medvedev that America’s commitment to missile defense is negotiable.

33. Dropping the term “enemy combatants” for GITMO detainees.

34. Dropping the term “terrorism” for “man-made disaster.”

35. Dropping the term “Global War on Terror” for “overseas contingency operations.”

36. Giving his first interview as president to the Arab language network Al-Arabiya.

37. Telling the Muslim world that his “job” was to communicate “that the Americans are not your enemy,” when it’s Muslim extremists who have declared war on us.

38. Proposing that military veterans use private insurance for the cost of a service-related injury before they would be eligible for coverage through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Undermining Free Enterprise

39. Signing the trillion-dollar plus so-called “stimulus” bill, which the Congressional Budget Office said would actually hurt long-term economic growth.

40. Saying Caterpillar wouldn’t lay off workers if his trillion-dollar stimulus bill passed Congress. Obama signed the bill on Feb. 17th. On March 17th, Caterpillar laid off nearly 2,500 workers.

41. Hosting a “Fiscal Responsibility Summit” one week after signing the trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill.

42. Railing against “outrageous recklessness and greed” of AIG bonuses that were legally protected in the so-called “stimulus” bill he signed four days after it passed, not five as he promised.

43. Breaking his promise on earmark reform by signing the $410 billion “omnibus” spending bill with billions in earmarks.

44. Proposing a $3.6 trillion budget that doubles the national debt in five years and triples it in ten years.

45. Proposing a “carbon cap and trade” scheme that will raise energy taxes by hundreds of billions, even trillions, of dollars.

46. Burning more than 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to fly to Iowa for Earth Day to promote “wind power.”

47. Proposing $634 billion in higher taxes for socialized health care.

48. Proposing to raise taxes on small business owners.

49. Saying the White House is open to the idea of taxing employer-sponsored health care benefits as income.

50. Signing a massive expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, calling it “a down payment on my commitment to cover every single American.”

51. Establishing the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research to give bureaucrats the power to ration health care and tell your doctors what care you can and cannot have.

52. Signing the 2009 Omnibus Public Land Management Act, which the Sierra Club praised specifically because it “will safeguard millions of acres … from oil and gas leasing.”

53. Suggesting he has found $1.5 trillion in bogus “savings” by not spending money in Iraq that we were not planning to spend years from now.

54. Ordering his Cabinet to “cut” $100 million in spending in 90 days, after proposing nearly $5 trillion in spending in his first 90 days.

55. Proposing to limit tax deductions for home mortgage interest.

56. Proposing to limit tax deductions for charitable donations.

57. Refusing to allow banks to repay TARP money.

58. Bailing out AMTRAK with a 10% increase in its taxpayer subsidies.

59. Bailing out the United Auto Workers Union with billions of taxpayer dollars to GM and Chrysler.

60. Bailing out the United Auto Workers by giving it a majority ownership stake in Chrysler. Yes, the union will own the company.

61. Bailing out Big Labor by issuing an executive order mandating that infrastructure projects paid for with “stimulus” funds must use union labor, guaranteeing higher costs for the taxpayer.

62. Bailing out Big Labor again by repealing regulations requiring the disclosure of how union dues are spent. So much for “transparency.”

63. Saying, “The United States government has no interest in running GM,” then vowing that the government will back auto warranties.

64. Saying, “The United States government has no interest in running GM,” then firing the CEO of General Motors.

65. Allowing states to set their own fuel efficiency and emissions standards, making it harder for struggling auto makers to compete.

Personnel Is Policy

66. Nominating Timothy “The Turbo Tax Evader” Geithner as Treasury Secretary to oversee the IRS.

67. Nominating as attorney general Eric Holder, who urged Bill Clinton to pardon tax evader Marc Rich and 8 FALN terrorists.

68. Nominating David Ogden, a prominent attorney for the pornography industry, to be Deputy Attorney General.

69. Nominating Tom Daschle, who owed more than $140,000 in back taxes, as Health and Human Services Secretary.

70. Nominating Kathleen Sebelius, who is ardently pro-abortion and owed $8,000 in back taxes, to be HHS Secretary.

71. Nominating Janet Napolitano, who said, “crossing the border is not a crime per se,” as Homeland Security Secretary.

72. Nominating Steven Chu as Energy Secretary. Last September, Chu said, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” which at that time were roughly $8.00 a gallon.

73. Nominating Ron Kirk, who owed more than $6,000 in back taxes, as Trade Representative.

74. Nominating Bill Richardson, who was embroiled in an ethics scandal, as Secretary of Commerce.

75. Nominating Nancy Killefer, who also owed back taxes, to be the government’s “Efficiency Czar.”

76. Nominating Rosa Brooks, a leftwing acolyte of George Soros, as an advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.

77. Nominating Harold Koh, an ardent supporter of using international law in the interpretation of our Constitution, to be the top legal advisor to the State Department.

78. Nominating Carol Browner, who was a member of the Socialist International, to be “Climate and Energy Czar.”

79. Nominating John Holdren, an environmental extremist and advocate of population control, as the White House Science Advisor.

80. Nominating Dawn Johnsen, who is so pro-abortion she once compared pregnancy to slavery, to direct the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department.

81. Nominating Charles Freeman, an anti-Israel, pro-Arab apologist, to be head of the National Intelligence Council.

82. Nominating Tony West, who represented American Taliban John Walker Lindh and exposed the Bush Administration’s terrorist surveillance program, to the Justice Department’s Civil Division.

83. Nominating Annette Nazareth to be Deputy Treasury Secretary, who withdrew after a month-long probe into her taxes.

84. Trying to nominate pro-abortion Catholics to be ambassador to the Vatican, a move even John Kerry opposed.

85. Appointing Ellen Moran of the pro-abortion group Emily’s List as his White House communications director.

86. Appointing Melody Barnes, a board member of Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood, as his director of the Domestic Policy Council.

87. Appointing Harry Knox of the Human Rights Campaign (the largest homosexual rights lobbying group) to the White House’s Faith Based Advisory Council.

88. Appointing Adolfo Carrion as Director of White House Office of Urban Affairs, even though he is under investigation for kickbacks in a scandal nearly identical to one that cost GOP Senator Ted Stevens his election.

89. Nominating David Hamilton as his first appointment to a federal appeals court. Judge Hamilton has issued a number of controversial rulings, including prohibiting the Indiana House of Representatives from opening sessions with prayers in the name of Jesus.

Other Obama Outrages

90. Telling congressional Republicans to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.

91. Coordinating attacks on Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer out of the White House.

92. Hosting weekly parties at the White House, serving up $100-a-pound Waygu beef during what Obama called, “the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”

93. Laughing it up on 60 Minutes as the country is mired in a recession.

94. Allowing Air Force One to buzz the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan, creating panic in New York City.

95. Disparaging Special Olympians on the Tonight Show.

96. Allowing his Department of Homeland Security to issue a report accusing pro-life, smaller government conservatives and returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans of being “rightwing extremists.”

97. Promising to push for comprehensive immigration reform, i.e., amnesty.

98. Killing the school voucher program in the District of Columbia, while sending his two daughters to an elite private school, rather than D.C.’s public schools.

99. Moving the Census out of the Department of Commerce and into the White House.

100. Relying too much on his teleprompter.

SOURCE Campaign for Working Families

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